Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Reliance Home Comfort / phone calls

Jan 25, 2019

I am receiving phone calls from some assglo business [protected]. For one thing, I don't have a contract with them. For another I have never had a contract with reliance to whit. I am a human, endowed with legs having no fixed address. I am the executive administrator of bowen daneliak with...

Tim Hortons / quick pay card

Jan 13, 2019

Order a set of NHL teams quickpay card from head office in Oakville in 2013. Each card had a balance of $15. No expiration date & no dormancy fee was stated on the back. Now wanted to give the cards to my son to use. Check the balance...$0. Called head office & was told if any inactivity...

Phil's Towing Inc. Oakville / towed my car by laying a trap and then charged $ almost $350 as ransom money to release car

Dec 03, 2018

These guys are crooks...they tow your car and hold it at ransom. Here is the plot they did- 1. Pkg lot at 157 cross avenue Oakville was lit badly on purpose and no parking sign was made to fall so its hidden. 2. Phils towing comes to grab the prey car and towe it away. 3. They then charged me...

Dollarama / customer service

Oct 29, 2018

So rude to be true, few days ago I was shopping at dollarama located on Cross Avenue in Oakville ON. When I heard a lady referring to the customers as a stupid peoples, I think this Middle East lady is the manager, I was so upset hearing such commenits a customer was there paying, I don't know...

Shoppers Drug Mart / unethical behaviour

Oct 23, 2018

An employee slapped my hand like i was a child today, it was assault. She said it was the store policy but instead of telling me slapped me. I have never been so insulted and embarrassed it was ridiculous. She is incompetent to run the cash and took 20 minutes for 3 people because the...

Petro Canada / retail outlet

Oct 17, 2018

Your retail outlet at 587 Third Line in Oakville, Ontario is definitely one of the worst fuel stations that I have visited, and certainly one of the worst in over 40 years of driving. The pump printers seldom work, card readers don't work and there is virtual NEVER any fluid in the windshield...

Burger King / onion rings

Oct 13, 2018

burger king [protected] Marlborough Ct, Oakville, ON L6H 2R9 paid for some onion rings and upon consuming them discovered that some were quite clearly old and had been mixed in with some new, when i returned them to the counter the girl flatly refused to provide a refund stating that half had...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / chicken fingers

Oct 10, 2018

My friend and I were at Wendy's in Oakville, ON Canada and we received sub-par food. The chicken was clearly raw, and very pink in the middle. Now we are afraid of the obvious repercussions of the under cooked meat, such as salmonella poisoning. This happened on October 10th 2018 and thi...

General Electric Company / c by ge

Sep 28, 2018

I received a hub C by GE as a replacement for the defective Wink Hub. To my dismay, I received a bill from Fed Ex and they told me to contact the shipper (GE) as they should have told me GE should have advised me about the charge, they did not. To make things worse, the hub is also...

Trip Central / agent I worked with did not get my sale!

Sep 28, 2018

I am quite disappointed to hear the agent that I worked with all day September 26th 2018 to select my vacation package lost my sale. Bismark Abreu a gem to work with, based out of Oakville. Went above and beyond to help me find my vacation package. He sent me a link to book my package...

Caribbean Airlines / flight 603,438 aug 04 2018, flight 441, 600 aug 18 2018 from canada to grenada return

Sep 03, 2018

I am filing a complaint about my flight with my husband, daughter and myself from Toronto Canada which stopped at Port Spain, Trinidad, and the final destination was Grenada. The e-ticket numbers are 106-[protected], 106-[protected], and 106-[protected]. The reason I am complaining about the...

WestJet Airlines / life threaten vacation

Aug 21, 2018

I booked a vacation through itravel2000, the resort is ocean they have shooting happened in the resort (beach of the resort) on Aug 20, 2018. Checked with them to change the resort and told this was not allowed. i dont understand???? is this life threaten and westjet is showing...

Sephora / customer service

Aug 19, 2018

I usually never have anyone approach me to help me in a Sephora store because I'm young (19) and I'm sure they figure I won't buy anything so there's no point in helping me so I usually try to shop online to avoid this but I went into the store today and tried to get someone to help me...

Bell Canada / tv

Aug 17, 2018

We've been having issues with our PVR recording box for a while now, it pauses & then resumes playing but then jumps ahead. Spoke to a customer service representative by the name of Mac..which is debatable, she was extremely rude, constantly spoke over the top of us & was not able to help...

Burger King / nippy sauce strong drink

Jul 06, 2018

We went to get a whopper combo with regular coke and asked for a 2 zesty sauce to dip the Frye in the manager told me it would be an extra 25 cents each I have never been charged before She said they don't give sauce for that order When we to eat we found the drink was diet The next time we...

Tim Hortons / customer service line & app

Jul 04, 2018

Cannot delete account within app, and company prevents you from doing so. (Facebook-esque) You cannot delete your account within the app, so I call customer service. They told twice I had to email their appsupport to delete my account, that I cannot do it within the app. They don't have the...

Shoppers Drug Mart / shoppers drug mart store employee (third line and dundas location) oakville

Jul 04, 2018

This is the Shoppers Drug Mart located right by my house and now I'm choosing to go else where because of the inappropriate treatment I received from some of your employees there one specific named Alex, a male individual who has been rude and accusatory. I am a couponer and I am proud to...

Kumon / the lead representative at the sixth line oakville location is extremely rude and should not be working with children

Jun 18, 2018

My daughter, who volunteered with this location for 25 hours, had been in email correspondence with the lead rep at this location by the name of Indra. Indra did not respond to my daughter's email back in January asking if she would be able to come in to pick up her volunteer hour...

IKEA / refund

Jun 12, 2018

We have bought our couch from Ikea, they delivered wrong colour, we returned the couch within 2 days back to Ikea We have asked for refund, it's been 3.5 weeks and have been fed that next 5 days you will receive your refund and still nothing We want our money back! And they are not giving...

Cogeco / internet "upgrade"

May 29, 2018

Called regarding a billing error, sat on hold 2+ hours, billing issue "resolved". Next bill arrives, billing error not "resolved". Call back, no record of previous call, 2.5hrs total call time more people than I care to count, "resolved" again. 10 minute restart to activate additional data...

Cogeco / unethical behaviour

May 24, 2018

Cogeco doesn't value customer's time. I had 2 installations appointment with no show up. first one was a Sunday. I stayed home the whole day and no one showed up, neither called. I got rescheduled when I called with so many blah blah that we are going through customer management system...

Esso / offensive behavior of the employees

May 16, 2018

I was a regular customer for Esso and I consume around $250 per month in average On Sunday May 13th at 8:45pm I went to Esso station at the Upper Middle & Third Line in Oakville, I paid at the pump & filled up my tank then pressed the button for the option to print a receipt but that receipt...

Cogeco / cogeco for setup internet and cable

May 13, 2018

Terrible customer service I've been waiting over 3 weeks to reschedule my setup that they cancel the day with no show never call and now they will not give me a specific date to set my new setupday. they they suggest I should call them back and been calling them back every week twice a...

Real Canadian Superstore / click & collect

May 11, 2018

I ordered online for the convenience, but at the end of the day it was not all that convenient. The service seems extremely disorganised and not very customer service oriented. When I got home and unpacked my order, one of the items was missing, and it was only a small order (9) items. So...

Foot Locker / nike classic cortez women

May 02, 2018

I purchased a pair of size 6 nike classic cortez women shoes from footlocker website and got the item delivered on may 1, 2018. When I open the package I noticed the shoes are in different sizes. I got a size 7 for the left foot and a size 6 for the right foot. I called the customer...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacists

Apr 25, 2018

On the morning of Wednesday, April 25th, I attended my local Shoppers at Kerr/Speers in Oakville, Ontario to have a prescription filled. I handed the script to the assistant and she informed me that the item comes in 3ml sizes. I made no comment and she explained no further. I picked up...

Tim Hortons / roll up the rim

Apr 25, 2018

On the roll up the rim promo I won a $50.00 Tim card. I was out of town I just got back and was told that what I won was no longer valid. This is a scam Tim Horton is a company that does not care about there customers, to them its just money. The way they treat there customers is the way...

Tim Hortons / dirty and small donut variety

Mar 28, 2018

Store offers little variety and the store and grounds outside are filthy. If this is the flag ship store then it sets a poor example of the brand. Floors and walls are stained and look like they've never been cleaned or cleaned properly. And where are all the different donuts that we...

Sleep Country Canada / lavender pillows

Jan 16, 2018

I received these lavender pillows for Christmas and do not like them, they were very hard and uncomfortable, I would wake up with a terrible headache, I tried one and the other was left in its plastic, my husband tried to take them back to the store and was told they were "all sale...

Sears Canada / kenmore vacuum cleaner - failed to repair, no response, no help to solve issue

Jan 09, 2018

I bought a Kenmore vacuum cleaner from Sears Canada at Oakville Place store ( Closed now ) about 2, 5 months ago.It is partially broken after 1 month of purchase, for one month I'm trying to get it repaired but no support or response from Sears. Kenmore is just a brand name and supported...

Sunwing Travel Group / resort package and people here are racist

Jan 08, 2018

Hi. Iam a single mother with two kid! Everything I saw on site was not my expectation! My daughter was sick and I want to leave 2 days after my stay at grand princess sunset. They said all inclusive and lot of thing to do but everything is extra charge. This resort is rated customer service...

Panera Bread / panera restaurant on hyde park drive in oakville, ontario

Jan 03, 2018

I was in this Panera meeting a friend for lunch on January 2nd at 12:00 noon. When I got there I went up and ordered my food. It was freezing but I thought it was because the front door kept opening. After ordering my food I went to get a table and wait for my friend. The whole restaurant...

Mr. Lube / refusing to fix what they screw up

Dec 14, 2017

Took my 2007 Honda Accord into the Mr. Lube at Speers Rd. and Dorval Dr. in Oakville, Ontario today for an oil change and to have my winter tires put on. Oil change went fine, but when the guy was finished changing the tires on the passenger side he let my car drop roughly (with me in it...

Esso / service at counter

Dec 11, 2017

On December 10th at approx. 955 pm I purchased gas and windshield washer fluid at the Esso station on Dorval Drive in Oakville Ontario. As i left i forgot to take the washer fluid. I returned to the station at approx. 1240am and explained the situation to the attendant as it was not the...

Structube / store service appalling! they have lost my custom of $4000!!

Nov 28, 2017

Been into store a few times to look at furniture and spent considerable amount of time in there working out what furniture we want in our new home. Spoke to Gabriel and Chris at Oakville stores, and been waiting for them to call us back with regards to a bed that they have on sale in the...

Cogeco / internet

Nov 22, 2017

We recently reported an outage to our internet, we were promised there would be a service technician the next day and we had to be home from 8-4, after 4pm the next day no service rep had come we called only to be told someone had moved the appointment to the following day -No notice to u...

Canadian Tire / automotive service

Nov 17, 2017

Oct 31, 2017. Invoice #[protected] Canadian Tire #424 - Automotive Service Center 2510 Hyde Park Gate, Oakville Purchased new rims for winter tires. Requested to have rims mounted to vehicle. After installation, heavy vibrations when travelling high speeds. Inspected rims when I...

Tim Hortons / tim hortons original blend

Oct 19, 2017

Dear Tim Horton's Canada good day, I am writing to bring to your attention, and express my dissatisfaction & concern, about the quality, or freshness, of your unique Original blend, tasty coffee, that is world renowned, for its freshness and quality. Three months ago, I had mailed you the...

Real Canadian Superstore / naturally imperfect bagged peppers

Oct 03, 2017

I'm pretty disappointed, I always shop at the real canafian superstore, I bought the bag of peppers friday October 30, 2017, brought it home to make stir fry and to my surprise 4 peppers (2 red and 1 yellow and 1 orange) all looked great from outer flesh but I cut them open and inside wa...

GoodLife Fitness / gym locked during scheduled business hours

Sep 12, 2017

On Sunday September 3rd the GL at 2395 Trafalgar Road in Oakville was suppose to be opened at 7am. At 8:15 it was still locked. I got beyond fed up and went across the street to the GL at 201 Oak Walk Drive. This location was to be opened at 8am and it too was locked! This was beyond...