Consumer Complaints & Reviews in North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Bath & Body Works North Bay ON Canada / sales person

Dec 09, 2018

Saturday Dec 8th my 13 year old daughter and myself drive to north bay to go and stock up on body lotions, when we got to the cash, my daughter put our items up, my daughter handed the sales person her SPC card and the sales person stated she can't accept it without her student card, I...

La-Z-Boy / still have not received my couch after 13 weeks of waiting

Oct 19, 2018

I purchased a lay z boy sectional, on July 18, 2018. I bought it at our local authorized dealer, Alger's Furniture NOrth Bay ONtario Canada. I was told 6-12 weeks for delivery. I went in after 6 weeks and was told rudely to not come back for a minimum of another 2 weeks. I waited another 6...

Tim Hortons North Bay Cassells Street / business

Aug 28, 2018

I've been a regular to this business for years. Their business has almost become inaccessible for the average person. The parking lot has become filled loud idiots throughout the night, yelling, sitting in around the business (giving it a poor image) fights in the parking lot and a common...

Shoppers Drug Mart / customer service

Aug 13, 2018

To whom it may concern I was in shoppers drug mart on lake shore drive in North Bay Ontario on Sunday, Aug.12, 2018. I went in and wanted to look at foundation in he cosmetics dept. I literally did not have 2 minutes to look when the cosmetics person came to me. I told her I was just looking...

La Senza / customer service

Mar 19, 2018

I encountered a situation while in a lasenza store in North Bay Ontario Canada where I felt unwelcomed unless I bought products from the current sale I picked two pieces of underwear from a 10 for 35 dollar rack as I only wanted two I go to the cash and the cashier asks me if I have 10...

North Bay Computer Doctors / unethical behaviour

Jan 17, 2018

Approximately 6 months ago, I had dropped off my iPad with battery issues, at your establishment. I wasnt sure what was happening with my iPad, that's why I took it to the professionals. I was told it would be ready the next day, this did not happen, you had the unit several weeks as I...

Home Depot / deceive customers/ abuse of power

Jul 19, 2017

Today, July 19, 2017 @ 1230 . I entered my regular garden center in North Bay Ontario. I picked up two pots of plants and enter the cashier. The cashier ring them thru and they came up as $5.00. They were reg.19.99 . I learned that they had been marked down as well, all the other annual...

Tricia Phillips / tricia phillips, grant pearson, north bay ontario

Apr 20, 2017

Tricia Phillips loves playing the autism card as an excuse to condone her ugly kids bratty behaviour. Her kid is a psychotic brat that violently attacks people and she just expects them to put up with it because her autistic babies are special snowflakes. No they're not. They're maniacal...

Shoppers Drug Mart / unethical behaviour

Feb 26, 2017

Yesterday evening my sisters and I were out for dinner celebrating my completion of my nursing program. After dinner we decided to go to shoppers drug mart. It was around 9 pm that we pulled up to the front of the store. Before we had even entered the store the lady at the cash stared at...

Leon's / false advertising...5 year deal no payments or interest.

Jan 11, 2017

Hi I ordered a couch set and Stove on the Final day of the deal. August 23, 2016 was the day. I called and talked to a customer service representative to veryify the deal; before I even ordered the items. I was assured that was the deal. I received the items and the couch, chair set were...

Greco's pizza / Rude employees

Jun 18, 2016

I called Grecos pizza, to order a large pizza, garlic bread, and a Caesar salad on Friday, June, 16, 2016 from 6:38pm to 6:44pm. I called back to change my order twice. The first time was to ask what the price was. The second time I called was to cancel the garlic bread, and the Caesar...

McDonalds / servers don't know how to read and put the right amount of cream sugar or sweetener in coffee

May 01, 2016

I have been ordering coffee from McDonalds for over a year cause I believe it to be the best coffee around. But will be not going back due to poor coffee makers there . Ny orders have been screwed up every time the last 7 times I have gone there. Not enough creamer or none at all, same...

Lagostina Cutlery / Rusting silverware

Jan 12, 2015

Cutlery was purchased at the local Canadian Tire April 2013 and has a lifetime warranty from rusting and pitting. Since my purchase the product has rusted and pitted and due to the period of time I had to deal with the company directly that advised me I would have to ship all my cutlery to...

Fine Line Auto Salon / Terrible service, owner is a liar and a tax evader

Jul 30, 2014

This is a horrible place to take your vehicle. They did an absolutely terrible job and didn't properly clean my truck. They also used a disgusting smelling soap everywhere and now my car reeks. The owner then said "if you give me cash then you don't need to pay tax." I had heard...

home hardware bbq / return policy

Oct 15, 2013

bought a BBQ from home hardware used it once did not like it for several reasons attempted to return it and they would not take it back gave excuses, from now on Im shopping at canadian tire and wallmart, they would take it back no questions asked,

Subaru / body is thiner than pepsi can

Oct 30, 2011

Bought a 2012 outback, after one day I noticed that fender when you lean on car, it makes a dent... The sheet metal is so thin it dents with about 5 lbs pressure.. Front fenders particulitly, no foot heat, car is brand new and i'm stuck with it, its a lease for 687. Monthly.. Tried to...

General Electric / poor customer service

An example of Mediocre Service : January 21st 2009 Stove : We order ordered a GE cook top from arrived dirty finger print all over the stove...we re-ordere the stove a total of 3 times and had simillar problems everytime...we canceled the order. Customer Service : It is very...

Dri*symantec Dell / unauthorized charge


On November 28, 2008, I was charged $51.57 CAD on my VISA (40.45USD). This was unauthorized. On December 14, 2008, I purchased Norton Anti-Virus renewal (authorized). I expect the $51.57CAD charge to be cancelled, not refunded, cancelled asap. There will be foreign currency charges for a refund. I did not request, or authorize this charge.