Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Aurora, Ontario, Canada

LA Fitness International / customer service and cleanliness

Jan 19, 2019

Firstly, I've complained numerous times to management about the women's washroom and women's workout section being neglected. Two months later and I see the same dirtiness and nothing is done about the washrooms. It's disgusting. Secondly, Kids Club has an employee who yelled and scared my...

General Motors Corporation / throttle chip

Dec 24, 2018

Im having an issue with the computer chip for the foot throttle first time it happened was about 2 years ago [ cost ME 900:00 to FIX ] which was replacement of the chip the problem resurfaced again just after your warranty of one year it has kept happening off and on since then and until...

Postmaster, Aurora Shoppers....Name ASHA / rude, unprofessional dealings by your employee

Sep 17, 2018

Asha, was calling about renewal of a Postal Box for our Non-Profit Baseball League...During which she told my wife to "Be Quiet" and listen...This without any previous calls or messages at my number. I should not be the contact as I left the organization...but her rudeness left my wife in...

Norwegian Cruise Line / NCL Corporation / deal that I found on travelzoo

Aug 08, 2018

Here is the deal I found in March, of course the link no longer works, but the title says it all...10 day cruise in Caribbean out of Port Canaveral leaves December 5th with a drink package included for 799.00 Canadian...I looked it up separately on Norwegian and this was 599 US but no...

East Side Mario’s in Aurora / spaghetti primavera with goat cheese

Jun 25, 2018

I am disappointed with the product since its not as shown as in the picture on your menu. There was no feta cheese and the vegetables in the dish were a few! I had only 2 florets of broccoli and three snow peas. I had to Devine the snow peas since it was tough to chew! Don't the cooks prep...

Canadian Tire / garden or leaf 5 bag bundle

May 20, 2018

Saw price match sign over 5 bag bundle of leaf bags . Posted price $2.99. Exact same bundle (as confirmed by Service Desk) $2.47 at Home Depot. Manager said "no", so no sale. Why the price match sign over the leaf bags if you will only match with other Canadian Tire Stores? I assume you...

Tim Hortons / the staff information about prize

Mar 14, 2018

Hello customer service, I bought a coffee last night from Tim Horton and won 50$ when I show staff they told me the manager in a store can give me 50$. they didn't mention to me I have to keep the number in a cup, this was my first time and I cut the prize part in the cup. Today manager refused...

Shoppers Drug Mart / horrible "customer service"

Jan 16, 2018

Today, I went to the Aurora location on Bayview Ave and Hollandview Trail. I walked in with my son in the cart. I made eye contact with the lady at the beauty department as I was going to ask her for help. She looked my way and walked away to help another customer. We didn't even get...

Samsung Electronics / range

Sep 22, 2017

I bought a Samsung range just two years ago. On Monday September 18, 2017 we left home, every thing was fine, and fortunately nobody was home. When we came back around 5:30 pm. We saw that the range glass cook top burner was melted and broken. I called customer service, sent them pictures. They...

Bell Canada / internet, cable tv and home phone

Jul 04, 2017

Ryan Delongs and his co-worker Mitch from Bell who came into my house @ 122 Degraaf Crescent aurora L4G0X2 and offered me internet service 1 gigabyte Fiberoptics and 275 channels (Better Package) and home phone service for 99.85 cent a month with no installation fee for two years. I...

Aurora Era Banner Newspaper / Flyers / No superstore flyer in aurora

Apr 25, 2017

Hope all is well, it been 5 weeks with no flyers from the aurora era banner on our street abbott ave and a number of streets in the aurora area l4g 7v7. The customer service personal from metroland media calls me every tuesday to follow up to see, if I received a paper/ flyers for that...

Tim Hortons / employment - racism

Mar 25, 2017

On 23rd -March-2017, my supervisor (Reyhane) harassed me by asking rude questions and forced me to Punch-out and go home right away. She is one week old supervisor. Incident was, why you went to the washroom, Permission should be asked to go to the washroom. After I came from the washroom...

Canadian Tire / automotive service area

Feb 28, 2017

We came in with a Cadillac for an E-Test and it took them over 2hrs and on top of it they left the car lights on, killed the battery and tried to have us pay for a new battery when we have been here and watched them leave the lights on the whole time. Then they proceeded on blaming us for...

Canadian Tire - Aurora / auto service incompetence

Dec 03, 2016

I took my car in on Saturday Nov 26 to change over to winter tires. I purchased 4 Good Year Nordic winter tires + rims. This is what was on the work order [protected]). After keeping my car for 2 days, they called me on Monday to tell me that they were short two tires. Either the person...

Shoppers Drug Mart / clear care contact solution

Dec 01, 2016

2 weeks ago i purchased the new clear care contact solution from your aurora branch at golf links and yonge st. This new product was on sale and i thought i would give it a try. For some reason after wearing my contacts. my vision became very foggy. At the store i was told i could not...

Popeyes Chicken / poor service

May 07, 2016

My dog is recognized under the town of aurora as a service dog. They didn't clarify if my dog is a service animal or not and spoke to me and warned me, I shouldn't bring the dog in. I reserved the rights to file a complaint to this store. By laws, service animals can go to public with the...

DELL / inspiron 13

Dec 02, 2015

We bought the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series a year ago. It has been nothing but issues. We have had a technician into the house because the WiFi was so slow that most of the time it could not connect. It crashed because of a Windows 8 issue (came with computer). Mulitiple times, now too...

Home Depot Canada Installation Services / installation services misrepresentation

Jun 08, 2015

I am purchasing a hot water tank from Home Depot Canada and wanted to get it installed. The web site says that they will install same day if you order before 12 noon. It's not until you are ordering it that they tell you it's not available on weekends. Then the price wasn't...

Petro Canada In Aurora, On / unlawfull gas charges

Feb 21, 2015

There îs a scam going on in Aurora, ON which I encountered at two Petro Canada stations located on Yonge street where after filling my tank with Regular Gasoline I ended up being charged for Premium Gasoline. When I asked the attendant what is going on, he just started to become rude...

ACN / dragging feet on refund after cancelled

Dec 12, 2013

I decided to replace my Bell service - phone and Internet - with the digital service provided by ACN. I spoke with 3 separate people to confirm that no home visit was required. I've handled computers for years so I don't need anyone plugging in a box and saying, "oh, there is it...

Acm* / Acct [protected] NJ

Oct 03, 2013

I replied to an ad for a free sample...then they started charging my Visa card for shipments without my authorization. How do I stop this from happening and how can I get the money back that they fraudulently charged my credit card for?

Dakota 400 8 / Defective soul and constant risk of injury

Jul 01, 2011

My name is Carson Johnson. I hav purchased over three pairs of this product and have had nothing but problems. The Dakota quad comfort work boots are a comfortable pair of boots however, they have a defective soul which has caused me to almost fall off of rooftops, trip on re-bar, and have...

Bell Canada / suspension of e-mail service


Details of the service delivery problem: Today (9/12/10), I sent two e-mail to friends notifying them of my new e-mail address (service was just connected on 4/12/10 as we just moved from Ottawa to Aurora). The first e-mail went out at 7:18 pm. The second was attempted at 9:02 pm...

Reliance Home Comfort / rental boiler


Numerous complaints towards water leaking of this rental boiler unit since day one – Jan 2008 – when I moved in to this town house complex. All along the same technician named “Scott” – a sub-contractor through “Fannair” came each and every time...

Aurora Fine Foods / telemarketing not being removed after several requests


I have asked and asked to be taken off their telemarketing list. Every, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I get a recording message...Please, I have filed complaints before to you about them, as well as contacting them and told them to not contact me. I do not wish them to call me or...

Dollarama / no bathrooms


Every store that does not offer bathrooms to their customers should not be allowed to operate. If someone needs a bathroom, it is never a matter "oh yippee, I've been waiting to use the bathroom at Dollarama". It's a matter of health and necessity, depending on the person'...

sympatico / technical service


On Nov. 14th I could not make an internet connection so I called your service center. I spoke to a man with a strong accent who spoke rapidly and was difficult to understand even after asking him to slow down several times. I told him that I had a Mac computer and a router and was told...

Cedarvale Tile / Sonny is a con artist


Sonny came highly recommended for our bathroom renovation. At first, he was super nice. Then he did our countertop wrong, instead of wall to wall, he decided he would leave each end 3 inches short!!! Who the heck does that. Then he blamed me for that... Then the subcontractors he got for...