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Arts & Humanities Complaints | Page 5

3Rd Party Use / 8 ball pool

Irfan Rehman on May 8, 2018

3Rd Party UseI see a pic on facebook that some one use the 3rd party app on his account and i have also profe about it are this is allowed to use this app if it is allowed this is not fair with us and some one share it on fb and say this app is unbaned app buy it form me is this fair tell me if it'...

E.Paul Julien / a work of art that is not original & contains copyrighted images created by another artist

L.Burnside on May 3, 2018

On a trip to New Orleans last spring we purchased a work of art at Jazz Fest that was supposedly created by E.Paul Julien. It was a mixed media collage panel that had several images of New Orleans French Quarter & a Mississippi River bridge all combined with some over painting. We had the...

My Self / diamonds

Asma azher on Apr 30, 2018

I am a very old and regular costumer of pure gold.. but never availd their cash back offer on gold or diamonds.. Around 3 months before i givn my diamonds for the cash back in Sahara center but I am v disappointed that now it's been 3 months until now noooo response... They have to give me...

88840901133 / parcel didn't send

Massimcaden on Apr 19, 2018

88840901133I called to the center in the morning 11:30 They said parcel had been sent out and ask me to wait. Until 2:30 the posman didn't came yet, so I call back to center and they ask me to call cheras center! I have call to the center five time And ask them to inform the posman must sent the...

Rosie Soberanes / energy protector charm

Rosie Soberanes on Apr 17, 2018

Just a lil note here to inform you all out there, to have an open mind and be positive. We can also very much with our minds fight off negativity and God our Father has given us all the Gift of Discernment to know when something is wrong or right and no need to blame others but, ourselve...

Hunters Craig hospital Port Elizabeth / the worst thing that they did to my friend.

Grethe Maria Bartlett on Apr 16, 2018

Hunters Craig hospital Port ElizabethMy dearest friend had cancer she pulled through but started getting anxious depressed etc with the chemo therapy. She was finished. Anyway she became very confused repeating herself crying just could not function at all. Admitted to Hunters Craig. Now for years she has been on ten bloka...

Ssence / what happened to polyvore

Juliafeldhaus on Apr 9, 2018

I am making one more complaint because I am furious. Remeber when I say that I will never, ever, ever buy anyone of there horrible, cheaply made, but expensive, products. When sighing up /logging on this website it's so confusing. What does it mean by old password new password change? My...

Studio 26 / thief of my artwork

Brigitte Messali on Apr 3, 2018

The owner Maria Reiter of the gallery Studio 26 never give me back my mosaic artwork.It seems to be in a storage at this address 1125 Wykckoff Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385. Some one call me from this number this morning [protected], but he has a terrible accent and was not clear about hi...

Kitty Couture / unprofessional

BarbaraHan on Apr 1, 2018

I am looking for someone in my general area to do small paintings for my granddaughter's upcoming birthday party. I thought it would be nice to have someone do 30 small paintings to give out as gifts to our granddaughter's guests. My son had given me a link to a website recommended by a...

Claire Hanouna / camera bag

Desapointed on Mar 31, 2018

Hi! I ordered two items on your website (ref bn18c24o4609-rxd79h and bn18c24o4725-ihrtu2) and my account was debited but I received a mail one week later (after a long long chat with someone of the custumer service named alisa [protected] ) that eventually told to me that my...

I am complaining about / interrupted classical music for advertising

Wayne B in AZ on Mar 27, 2018

March 27 2018 Hey guys, I was trying to follow the Debussy Sonata for violin and piano — which is about 15 minutes long. About halfway through some sort of ad for a health care product was played over the music. Look, I understand you want to make money. Please put all the ads you want in...

The Forge Yoga Centre Totnes / adrian freedman visiting musician death threats scandal

totnes4 on Mar 20, 2018

The Forge Yoga Centre TotnesHomosexual Peodophile insult still not apologized for by adrian freedman, visiting musician at The Forge Yoga Totnes 0 it was made by one of his organizers importing the santo daime illegally, without permission, out of pure hatred. The wording of the letter still to be signed says:- In...

Adrian Freedman Noriko Moonbird Takahashi Santo Daime UK Portugal / supplying daime to criminals involved in death threats against guru's

fires217 on Mar 14, 2018

Adrian Freedman of the Daime movement made a bad blunder by giving large amounts of the Santo Daime to someone with alcohol and violence issues, who was then caught by the police with sacks of home grown cannabis. His name was Johannes Maasland who set up a publicly advertised Ayahuasca...

Santo Daime Portugal UK Adrian Freedman Noriko Moonbird Takahashi / firestorm destroys daime family centres retribution for guru death threats

firesdy118 on Mar 13, 2018

Santo Daime Portugal UK Adrian Freedman Noriko Moonbird TakahashiA firestorm destroyed Santo Daime Centres run by brothers and sisters of the Santo Daime family. In October 2017 in one day many centres were burned down in prophecied fires as an act of Divine Retribution. It was karma for threatening to kill a Guru, friends of these people Adrian Freedman...

Noriko Moonbird Takahashi Adrian Freedman / involvement in criminal activity death threats scandal - profiting from illegal activity

N1650 on Mar 8, 2018

Noriko Moonbird Takahashi is the partner of a Mr Adrian Freedman, both of whom believe jet-setting around the world on the donations made from illegal activities is a moral thing to do, when persons involved in their group the Santo Daime church, importing Santo Daime in ways to avoid...

Store Manager Store #3825 / treatment of customers and employees

Vicki Nutter on Mar 4, 2018

Our new manager does not treat the public or employees very well. We have tried to complain thru our chain of command to no avail. We would like someone to contact us please so we can all tell our story. Thanks Vicki Nutter #[protected] The site said my complaint was too short so here is some...

US Apprel & Textile Lahore Unit 2 / levis exporters

Rjraza on Feb 18, 2018

Sir/mam Please must take notice on this That k hurt your brand image in the market and we all are also suffering from this unethical behavior. As you know in pakistan due to developed country not so good infrastructure or political system thats means not implications of law. " I am...

Astrid Wirthl / supporting criminal behaviour, daughter busted with 14 kilos of cannabis by police, 2 houses destroyed in prophecized fires, abuse of spiritual mentor

LAB7106 on Jan 26, 2018

Astrid WirthlAstrid Wirthl is the mother of Alexandra Akat and Daniela Markert (also known as Daniela Mar) and lives in Portugal. She was involved in supporting serious abuse of a spiritual mentor, including death threats. Astrid claimed that the work of Daniela and Johannes was a good contribution to...

Kaoru Kobayashi / unethical behaviour

kaorukobayashi on Jan 24, 2018

January 24, 2018 Dear Sir and Madam, My name is Kaoru Kobayashi, living in Victoria for 38 years. I've just been to Canadian Tire store at 9:35am. on #366 - West shore town Town Centre, Langford, BC. and bought a lighter for my fireplace. When I walked into the store, there were two other...

United States Military Academy / recognition of alumnus

sailin on Jan 17, 2018

Philip M Verges has created numerous businesses and/or held a key position in untold companies. There has been no consideration of any sort by West Point for his unsurpassed achievements. Some companies to name a few: Alternet Systems, Inc. Beachhead Limited Partnership Brunetti, LLC China...