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These people are crooks! They misrepresent their prices and then on top of that, they never return your deposit they say they will "mail" to you. My wife and I stayed there when she was visiting from England. They said it was $209 for one week but when it was all said and done, we ended up paying $309.66!!! Then to top that off, they never returned our $30 deposit, even though we left the room cleaner that it was when we moved in. The manager there, some guy named Dan, was so rude to me on the phone that I finally hung up. He gave me a number and told me to call "corporate" course the number he gave me was nothing more than a dummy number with a computer message that says, "enter your code". I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney Generals Office, as should anyone else who has had this type of treatment or been ripped off like we have been. These people who run this hotel need to be held accountable for their shady business dealings and rip off scams. DO NOT STAY THERE!!!


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    Fred314 Jun 01, 2014

    Prices are normally quoted as + tax. You are entitled to an itemized list of all charges. It is common now days to charge fees such as key charge, phone charge, pet charge, or whatever, that you would think included in advertised price. Yes, $209 + tax + miscellaneous charges can be $309 at any hotel/motel. I would stay there, because good accommodations at $300 a week is a real bargain.

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