Budget Suites of Americamy air has not been working

C Aug 18, 2018

My air went out around 5 I called the front office he said that the maintenance man had left for the day and he would call somebody back out 30 minutes later someone knocks on the door and it's the courtesy Patrol he tells me my air is working he even admitted that it was hot in here and said that it was blowing cold air and we're sweating in the house he was rude to me then I called the front office back and he lied and said that he did not tell me that someone was coming out there gone for the day and since I kept on calling next time I had a problem he wouldn't do anything about it they are very rude you're paying way too much money a week for this this is not Section 8 this is not government home I'm paying cash. Hard-earned money I deserve better my kids two of them have asthma and it's hard for them to breathe in the house we had to walk to the store spend money on two fans money I did not have to spend.

my air has not been working

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