Resolved Buckmasterstrying to force a 5 year membership on me. I did not order and I will never order

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from a young lady who attempted to sell me a 5 year membership. She expected me to pay over the phone with a check or by credit card. I explained that I never pay for anything over the phone. She told me that I had to because the money went for guided hunting trips for disabled veterans. I told her that I was a 100% Disabled Veteran and they had never invited me on a hunt. I told her they could send me the information in the mail. She got her supervisor on the phone. He sounded like a young gentleman. He also attempted to push me to make a payment on the phone for something Im not even sure I want yet. I told them they could send the info to me in the mail. I did not order anything. On 10/22/2014 I received a bill for a 5 year subscription for buckmasters. I still dont understand the program. They didnt send me any information about the guided hunts for Disabled Veterans. I called the member services and the first young man didnt want to listen to what I had to say so he just kept saying over and over "credit or debit, credit or debit etc..." I told him I didnt order anything and I will not pay anything. He hung up on me. I called back and contacted the same person. I ask him if he had a supervisor hanging around? He said he didnt have a supervisor, then hung up on me again. I had to call the very nice lady at the home office to get in touch with someone else. The phone answered then went straight to a dial tone. I called the Lady at the home office back and she transferred me to Mark, she stated he was the supervisor of the whole branch. I got a answering machine. I left a message on his machine with my contact information. I called the lady back at the home office and she put me in touch with another young man that kept referring to me as bud! I told him I didnt like being called bud so he could refer to me as MR. Hestand from here on. He kept saying over and over, "we have you on tape, we have you on tape etc..." I told him he didnt have me on tape agreeing to buy anything on line or anywhere else. He sad "you will pay the bill and thats the way it is Bud". I told him he could send all the bills to me for ever but he would not get any money from me. He threatened to turn me over to collections! I ask who, so I could give them the address to my attorney. He said he didnt know who it would be until he turned all my personnel information over to them. Then they would contact me. He also stated "you mean you would spend the money and time to hire an attorney rather than paying this small amount for the 5 year subscription? I said yes! Because you are doing a dirty underhanded service to Disabled Veterans and other dedicated hunters in this Country

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