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Brookdale University HospitalThis hospital abuses and neglects it's patients

I was admitted to the emergency room at Brookdale University Hospital on 6/24 for a drug overdose. Later I was transferred to the first floor psych ward involuntarily. The next day when my mother tried to come to see me they turned her away and told us that patients who are in the first floor holding area are not allowed to have any visitors. I only was able to see her for a moment and exchanged a few words with her before they told her that she had to go.
The next night there was a patient arguing with the staff, claiming that he was not supposed to be here and that this was a big misunderstanding. He said that he only came in to Brookdale for medication, not for hospitalization and demanded to be see the doctor in order to be evaluated for discharge. Another patient got up and started to argue with the staff as well, and for no apparent reason. I talked with the man who claimed that his admission to the psych ward was a mistake, and expressed my sympathy for him and tried to calm him down. I criticized the staff for the way they were treating him. One of the nurses decided to quell the dispute by administering antipsychotic injections to the two men who were arguing with the staff. The patients agreed to be medicated. When the nurse informed me that she had an injection ready for me, I was stunned. I had done nothing wrong, or so I had thought. I merely expressed my concerns about the way they were treating this man. I was respectful, and peaceful, and I never raised my voice against any one. Nonetheless the nurse saw me as being a part of this disturbance, and complained that the staff were not able to do their work, because too many patients were disturbing them. I did not want the injection, and I feared that combined with the toxicity of the drugs already in my system, that this would surely kill me, so I refused, and said that I do not consent to this injection. Without even a warning, four hospital security guards surrounded me and restrained me to the floor. They put me into a position where my face was pressed against the floor, and barely able to breathe. One of them told me to kiss the floor. I gave up and decided to play dead. They restrained me to a bed, and wheeled me into a room and left me for dead. They did not even send a doctor to counsel me or to explain what I did wrong. A half hour later the nurse came in and let me go, but it was a horrifying ordeal, which left me permanently traumatized.
The first floor holding area is a miserable and dreadful place. It looks like a dungeon, the bathroom is filthy and the furniture in the dining area is torn apart. It is a dangerous place where patients seeeking help are not at all cared for. Instead the staff routinely drugs patients, patients are not allowed to freely express themselves, and dissent is violently surpressed, and it must be shut down for good.


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    HOTBEEF Nov 08, 2011

    holy ### when you said kings park i thought mistakenly that you ment kings county asylum witch is closed now i feel smypathy for you i have severe emotional and bipolar issues myself
    and hate places like this why lock me in if im not a threat to soscitiy i come looking for treatment and gods grace and get thedevils wrath instead i do not hear voices and have never harmed anyone i have problems with authority i am sorry about the language but this really f***ing pisses me off f*** me this is bad very bad i hope you got him out ok it makes me so fukin angry that these cows can do this to an innocent 8 yr old i do not know your situation exactly but i fell for you these ### also have the nerve to ask about insurance afterwords and bill me for the supposed "treatment" i hope that head nurse gets shanked in there just my 2cents

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    shanyai rome alford Jan 10, 2011

    today is sunday 1/9/11 and i also have a complaint againt brookdale hospital which is going on right now as we speak i am a mother of an 8yr old boy that is hearing voices when he admitted this to me on 1/5/11 while we laid in bed because i was trying to put him to sleep he was breathing very hard biteing on his nails and i had asked him what was wrong because he said to me mommy i have something to tell you but i dont know how i let him know that it was ok and he can tell me anything and he said ok hear it goes mommy i hear voices and they have been telling me not to tell you because you wont understand i assured him that it was ok because i have the same illness and his farther did to and as i said earlier i was trying to put him to sleep because he does not sleep at night he only sleeps in the day and misses school alot and he told me that it was because he bad dreams and hears voices and he told me this has been going on since birth or should i say since can remember all i wanted to do is hug my son and let him know every thing was ok then on 1/6/11 me and my 16 yr old did everything we could to wake him up to go to school and when we got him up he went to his dresser to look for his shirt while he had a shirt right next to him me and my 16yr old was telling him to wear that one and then he just broke down crying saying the voices was telling him not to wear that one i just got so scared and called 911 and emergency came to my house i had asked emergency what hospital they were going to take him to they said either brookdale or kingscounty and from experience with both hospital not being A rated i told them brookdale because i thought it changed because of my experienced and all the complaints but boy am i wrong and when he first got admitted everything was fine at first i was seeing him through visiting hours and he seemed of from what i can see but we are talking about the same little boy that held this secreat for basically seven or eight years but then yesterday every this changed i came to the hospital on 1/8/11 with my oldest son who is 16yrs old and when we got to the locked door of the psych ward and i started to knock my son pointed out a sign to me on the door that said under 18 not allowed and my oldest son was getting ready to break down when i told him to say he was 18 yrs for god sake i was just trying to let him see his little brother when the nurse came to open the door she asked right away how old is he and i said 18 when we went inside i saw my son sitting as a table and as we sat next to him my oldest started to play with him then the head nurse came in and snap at my oldest son HOW OLD ARE YOU! very aggresive to my son when she should of been talking to me and my oldest said 18 my youngest who did not know any better said no you are not your 16 i got shock and put my finger on his mouth and then the another nurse snap at me saying DONT SLAP HIM which i did not. And oldest son is my witness and then the two nurses started going off at me about how i lied which i did out of the goodness of my heart and they started saying all of this in front all the kids in the room including my kids and then they said they would let my oldest stay but that was not the end they sat there listening to everything i was saying to my kids and i told my 8yr old i was going to try and get him out in 72hours and boy did that struck a nerve in one of the nurses and the head nurses snap at my 16yr old YOU GET OUT RIGHT NOW YOU DONT BELONG IN HERE! i did not say anything i just told my son to go wait for me in the hallway and because i did not get mad the nurse that was mad saying things to me while im trying to spend time with my son like "i did not even report that you slaped your son" which i did not and then i turned to her and told her what am i doing wrong but trying to spend time with my son i havent even said anything to no body then the head nurse asked the nurse are you ok and she said i dont know then the head nurse said she would take her place and sit there watching me like i was a criminal and my 8yr old commited a crime and then my youngest son asked her if he could eat his snack that i had brought him and the head nurse said no after he take his shower and told me how hungry he was because he and the other kids did not eat there dinner because one of the patients spit in there food and they got grossed out which was not there fault then the head nurse told him while i was there visiting him to go take his shower i told my son at that moment to wait because i really wanted to be with him then the head nurse told me that was there rules and he had to follow the rules then my son asked can he please spend time with his mom and she looked at him and said no then he went to his room to get his clothes which i thought it was going to be a gown but it was his street clothes which i thought was weird then when he went in to take his shower i went a male nurse to unlock the door to the hallway then i can check on my oldest and he did when i went out in the hallway my youngest was in tears he asked me to past my youngest a note saying that he loved him and would see him when he gets home so then nocked on the door and went back inside and my son was out of the shower and had on his street clothes which still puzzeled me i past him the note and the head nurse snap again saying WHAT DID SHE JUST HAND HIM! very loud and another nurse said a number and the head nurse said oh and did not say anything then the nurse that got mad because i said i was getting him out in 72hours said to to the head nurse very loud then i can hear and i believe to spite me YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE NOT GETTING SNACK BECAUSE THEY DID NOT EAT THERE DINNER so in other words the kids would just have to starve know matter what they saw a dinner time which was not there fault then i turned to my son and asked why he had on street clothes if it was bed time and he told me the staff said he could not have a gown because he had street clothes and that was the rules then the nurse that got mad about the 72hours said to the head nurse i cant wait for my food to get here in front of the kids who were hungry and me as a parent. then there food came and the kids just watched as the head nurse ate right infront of them and the smell feeled the are as a parent i truly felt horrible my poor baby and the look on my childs face i still cant get over. The visiting hours were 5:30 to 7:30 and it had reached my time to go actually it was 7:20 but i had said my goodbyes and preyed for his safety because if i stayed any longer and they tried to escort me out at 7:30 i would be in jail so because i know myself i left then me and my oldest son left and walked our long walk home from brownsville to canarsie because i did not have the carfare and social service in the hospital could not help me but on our long walk i had time to think how i would get my son out of there when i finally got home i called 311 and they told me to call the hospital management which i did which called the ward and asked for the covering doctor to be paged then put me on the phone with the head nurse who took down my phone number and had the nerve to ask why i wanted to speak to the doctor obviously to cover her butt i told her it was private and then she asked was it because they hadent put him on his medication and a i thats one of the things when the doctor finally called my house you could tell he did have the backbone that god gave him and was whispering on the phone he did not know how to help me like true punk like why was he even a covering doctor so then i asked is there any body i can speak to and they gave me the number to nurse management i believe her name was mrs lawrence she let me talk for a minute and then said she knows all about me and said which i could not believe that the nurse told him after i tapped my son for saying my oldest son was 16 i hauled off and smaked him infront of everybody and god is my witness i never did and the camaras can prove it but when she said that that was it i snapped and let her know they were lying and for all i know she could be the one saying this to save her staff from looking stupid and after i wailed on her and then she told me she was putting someone on the phone to explain something to me and then she made the wrong move she put the head nurse on to explain the medication to me which was the wrong move to make the head nurse got on the phone and said because i wanted to know i was talking to EXCUUSE ME and i excused her allright i read her up and down and she got off the phone in 1 minute and did not explain anything to me because i was not hearing it whic left me back on the phone with nurse managment who was trying to calm me down and saying that my oldest son was hearing everything so i put my oldest on the phone so he can tell her i never slapped my son which he did and he hung up the phone on him which brings me to today 1/9/11 which is sunday i just knew i was going to go there and dare anybody to say something to me then by Gods grace my boyfriend called me this mourning and told me not to go because i could be put in jail or a mental institution my self so i did not go today and thats why am sitting saying why Brookdale needs to be burned down because there are so many good people looking for work and these hefers are in here running things like this like where do they get these people from i really dont know but i do know i am calling the insurance company in the mourning and getting it stopped and getting my son discharged i am not playing and these nurses that need medication to treat people like this! I am warning you dont ever go to brookdale

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    sparklemama Dec 26, 2009

    I was recently sent to the Brookdale emergency psych ward unit because I was having suicidal thoughts.Big mistake I think if ever I truly felt suicidal in my life it was while sitting in this holding cell for psychiatric patients.
    I agree with you the conditions are very disgusting with a dirty bathroom and the waiting area had pull out chairs that smelled very foul.You have to ask the nurses for everything from hand soap(since they don't have any in the bathroom) to help with calling a family member or friend.The nurses and staff are not helpful at all.They refused to help me with the simplest of tasks and every time I went up to the window to ask for something I was told to sit down and wait and hours would go by and I would not receive the help that I needed.People where being medicated against there will through the use of needles just for asking about information on there situation.The doctors did not even inform the patients of why they where being held there for so long against their will.I sat in that psych ER room for 4 days before I was admitted upstairs.By the time I got upstairs I had no energy, I was extremely sick from being in such a dirty area for four days and feeling worse than when I came in.These people have no respect for their patients and they assume that every patient that comes through there doors is just another wacko who can't speak of for themselves and who doesn't deserve to be treated as a human being.I feel sorry for those patients who truly cant speak up for themselves and truly where stuck there with no one to speak up for them.I witness a mentally unstable young man who obviously belongs in an institution get abused physically and emotionally by the staff.They allowed him to walk around in a diaper that gave him a really disgusting rash.They allowed him to eat from the garbage can, scratch his butt and touch others and also left him there smelling very foul all the while laughing at him through there protected room and glass while the rest of us suffered.I think this place needs to either be shut down or needs a complete overhaul.Either way something needs to change and if we as people don't speak up then more people will continue to suffer and it is just not right.I will forever be traumatized by my experience in that hospital and will most likely need therapy just for that situation alone.

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