Breitlingbrand new defective breitling watch

K Jul 11, 2019

Reviewing the brand I have never seen worst customer service from any of manafacture or retailer, I bought a watch from Breitling Boutique in Mirdif City Center Dubai, which turned out to be defected I returned it to the store within 2 weeks whereas they promised to repair it in no more than 10 days after a month I have not recieved any response from there end. when I started to follow up they first agreed to take the watch and reemburse me, which later they said they are unable to refund and could only replace the watch. When I escallated the matter to the manafacuture in Switzerland off course a very nice courtesy call was made by the account manager on 6th May who promised will refund the cost of the watch and then he dissapeared no place to be found or heard from again. Now with a brand like this a customer expects a much better approach from the manafacture to protect the image of the brand which they dont care about the service is way below a star and the brand has no commitment to its products which is not expected out off such a brand name. so if you piurchase a watch from Breitling please do not expect that you are trowing your money out the company and its employees uncommitted and no relaible which is the least expected. dont be fooled by the image the rest in breitling is just a big lie

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