Brach'sbrach*s maple nut goodies

M Aug 13, 2018

August 10, 2018 I purchased two 4 oz. bags of Brach*s Maple Nut Goodies (8D25BB182 best by 01/23/2019) from a store in Odessa, Texas. These candies were so hard I could not bite into them. I have purchased Maple Nut Candies for years and have never had this problem. Please rectify the making of these candies that I like so well. Thank you
I submitted this complaint in a concise and informative manner as possible but was advised that this would not receive any attention as complaint was to short so I will add to it. The candy drop are way to hard probably cooked to long at to high a heat. The entire candy was hard, both the outside and inside layers. Package indicates freshness guaranteed so don't fell that is the problem. Your 100 years slogan of finest quality is being tested.

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