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Brach's - maple nut goodies

I am sending another complaint to the brachs company because I have not heard from them on why the maple nut goodies are so hard!! I am so disappointed in them.. The date on bag states... Best by 06/07/2018, really... We thought we were going to break our teeth, even put one in the microwave to see if that would help I would like my money back... Please fix this problem!!

Update by Dana Sells vest
Mar 26, 2018

I purchased two bags of the maple nut candy at a Big Lots in Laurinburg, NC. This candy has always been a favorite of mine.. but when I opened a bag they were so hard to bite... never had this problem before.. so I opened the other and the same thing!! Can you explain what happened? The date on bags 6/07/2018

Update by Dana Sells vest
Mar 27, 2018

I’v Already sent two complaints!!! Would like an answer please!!

Brach's - maple nut goodies

I received a bag of maple nut goodies for my 66th birthday on 3/24/2018, was so excited to find my favorite candies, and then so disappointed, the last bag of maple nut goodies I purchased was a year a go and found they were not the same as the old ones the outer shell was not the same flavor and the texture of the inside was as hard as a rock, thinking it was just a bad batch I purchased another bag but sadly finding it was just another bag of crap! on 3/24/2018 I purchased from Walmart in Newport Or. another bag checking the expiration date (8a16aa112 B B 10/16/2018) was so disappointed to find that after a year you have not rectified your great screw up of your maple nut goodies. after receiving all the complaints, that you have, not pulling all the bags, or gone back to the old recipe, or fired the [censor] that screwed them up. was just stupid on your part, its not the $ 2.98 that they coast, but the loss of sweet child hood expectation blown to hell along with possible molars and that you ruined my birthday

Brach's - brach's maple nut goodies

I purchased a package of my favorite candy yesterday at the grocery store. The package a freshness date of BEST BY: 6/25/2018. However, these candies taste old. They are hard when I bite into them unlike any Maple Nut Goodies I have purchased before. I am used to a smooth crunch however this bag is hard like an old product. I would like a replacement product or my money back. I paid $2.79 for a 7 ounce bag at "A" St Market.

Brach's - maple nut goodies

I have been purchasing the Maple Nut Goodies for 50+ years, I used to buy them by the pound at a J.C. Penny's store. Recently I bought a bag and they are terrible. Why would you change something that was already perfect. I will not be buying anymore of them until I hear that you have changed back to the original. I am very dissapointed. I don't understand why something that has been so good for so long need to be changed. If there is a reason for this please let me know what it is.

Brach's - maple nut goodies

I just purchased a bag and could not wait to get them open only to find they are so hard I can hardly chew them this has never happened in all the years I have eaten them I am very sad and will throw them out. I would appreciate a refund or coupon. I paid 2.98 plus 7% tax. I buy them in many places, grocery stores, drug stores, airport and convience stores or any where I can find them. Bought at candy counters when I was young. Thank you for your consideration.

Brach's - maple nut goodies

I purchased some maple nut goodies and The outer coating is soft and melted like and slides right off the inner part that is like hard candy. You simply can't even bite into these candies.very disappointed, these are one of my favorites candies, recently purchased saturday, , , 03/24/ fargo nd, my name is jeff taylor.1217 2nd st n fargo nd 58102

Brach's - maple nut goodies

I purchased some maple nut goodies for my mother and took them to her nursing home yesterday. The outer coating is soft and melted like and slides right off the inner part that is like hard candy. You simply can't even bite into these candies. The code on the back is:
Best by: 5/21/2018
I tried sucking on one on my way home and it is impossible. Now that I got the codes off for you I am throwing them away. They are making my office smell god awful.
I purchased them at a Walgreens on Hwy. 16 in Onalaska/La Crosse, WI.
Thanks so much, Susan

Brach's - brach’s classic jelly beans - freshness

I look forward every Easter to buying multiple bags of Brach's Classic Jelly Beans, but to be honest it is always a surprise when I open them. The surprise is in the freshness of the product. It is either hard or just right, chewy. I purchased my first two bags from Drug Mart in Ontario, Ohio on March 11, 2018 and to my delight, they were amazing. I then purchased two more bags yesterday, March 17, 2018 from Menard's in Ontario, Ohio. These were as hard as a rock. Why is it that the freshness of your product is so inconsistent? I am sure it is due to the multiple manufactures that you have producing your product...the suspect locations are in the US, Mexico and China. I am disappointed to say the least, as the Brach's brand for many years has always been the go to brand for me, each year (at least for jelly beans) I am disappointed.

Brach's - maple nut goodies

IF this is a new formula You are Trying it Sucks This will be the biggest mistake since "NEW COKE" That Coke Cola released! On the public. These are Hard Tasteless, & Terrible. This could be a case...

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Brach's - marshmallow chicks & bunnies

My name is Patricia Moore [protected] or [protected]
Yesterday, 3-13-18, I purchased a bag of Brachs marshmallow chicks & bunnies. I look forward to them coming out each spring. They are hard as a rock. I don't intend to take them back to the store because there could be countless bags that are hard. I want you to send me a bag that you are certain is fresh. This is a big disappointment! If you replace them with a fresh bag I will be satisfied.

Brach's - star brites peppermint candy

Love the peppermint candy always buy the 50 oz bag. tonight as usual I had some watching telelvision. But as I was sucking on a piece of the candy I felt something pointed, as I rolled it around in my mouth. I finally spit it out of my mouth and I'm so glad I didn't bite down and chew up the piece. I couldn't believe there was a metal piece lodged in the candy. I think your company should recall all those large bags, someone could get seriously hurt if I had chewed or even swallowed that piece it would have been awfull. Not sure who I should report this to someone in the government. So they recall the candy so no one gets hurt. please respond to me about this, I have the piece with the metal lodged in it I can take a picture and send it to you??? Laura Wanner

Brach's - brach's spiced jelly beans

March 11 2018, Jeff Caniglia -4901 S.78th St.-Ralston, Ne request repair We purched spiced Jelly Beans. The two packages Had hard unchewable candy in them. The children love Brach's jelly bean...

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Brach's - malted milk eggs

I haven't been able to find them in a couple years and I finally found them this year! They are my favorite! I was so excited until I ate some. Too much chocolate. Before, the chocolate was thin like the candy shell. That's how it should be, that's why I always bought Brachs brand. Now all I taste is chocolate and not the malted milk. Just wanted to let you know. Maybe next year y'all will consider the previous recipe.

Brach's - candy coated fiesta malted eggs

I have been buying these for years. I am not happy with the changes you have made. The center malted part used to be white and melt in your mouth. Now it is light brown and tastes like the cheap knockoffs I leave in the stores. I bought four bags, do not want them replaced, and am sending my opinion so that maybe you will consider going back to the old recipe. They used to be my favorite Easter candy. Doubt if I will purchase any again.

Brach's - sea salt cocoa fudge

the fudge i purchased was Stale n hard lot #6l223k10200 bought today. Saw best buy of 12/22/17 after I purchased n opened bag. Bought at dollar general store in south Euclid Ohio for 1.00 Usually brachs has been good but this was terrible . read the freshness guaranteed, on package. What can be dione about this, i love candy corn n bridge mix was looking forward to trying this fudge. Not happy

Update by Claramae Newson
Mar 07, 2018

looking forward to a way of making this right.

Brach's - marshmallow chicks and rabbits

Chicks and rabbits are one of my favorites I purchased a bag at Major's in Schumburg Il.when I opened them they were very hard, I was so dissapointed.Ibought them on Sunday March 4th and opened them the next day. I would really liked them replaced.My grandson is 3 and really likes them and he doesnt even want to eat them. I was so excited when I found them because they were out at the store I usually shop at. Thanks

Brach's - black jelly beans

The only jelly beans I like are Spiced. SO, last week at the store I purchased 2 bags of "spiced" jelly beans for work. In my delicious bag were some of those AWFUL BLACK JELLY BEANS...YUK!!...

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Brach's - marshmallow chickens and rabbits

The texture is very hard, dense, and tasteless. They were purchased last week at Fareway, Pella, Iowa. Expiration date is 10/8/2018. Just opened today. Is this product a new recipe? Please go back to the old recipe. We can't eat these nor would I treat anyone else to any. Refund? Also purchased a bag of maple nut goodies a few weeks ago. They are hard, tasteless, and just plain BAD. Another recipe change. Please return old recipe r quit making them!

Brach's - maple nut goodies

Sometimes it's best to just leave a good thing alone and not try and improve it. Been addicted to these forever. But not anymore.. Too hard to eat, outside coating is NOT the same..Don't have a fresh taste and these were not expired. Bring the oldies but goodies back please. Just bought at Walgreens yesterday 3/3/18 best by is 6/11/18 . Original recipes that are a success should be left alone.

Brach's - maple nut goodies

I received these as a gift for Christmas. My daughter buys all my favorite candies, cookies I've grown up with and makes me a large goodie box. We even went to Sears and purchased them for yrs. And bought by the pound. After reading that you'd changed the recipe I fear loosing a filling or a crown so I will have to give up the favorite long time favorite. I didn't think this was meant to be a hard candy. I think when you have a long time winning product the only reason to change it would be to cut cost. Maybe you should check sales verses cost of product!! I believe you will continue to loose long time customers of this candy. Please contact me for a refund at [protected] I fear a toothache from eating the few I just had. I will have to throw the rest of the bag away. I can't have them around for fear our grandchildren will try to eat them. We don't need dental bills. The exp. Date is 07/06/2018. The number above that date is 7J06AA112 and the letters in front of the date is BB. I believe you will get alot more complaints about this candy being changed and over time your sales may drop drastically. I'm one of many very unhappy about your change of the Maple Nut Goodies. If it's not broken why fix it!

I agree 100% so disappointed

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