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S Dec 24, 2019

To Whom It May Concern,
On December 21 I was going to cook dinner for a friend. As always I would have to put a piece of french bread into the microwave as I have been doing for over 40 years. I would take out a frozen piece of bread and wrap it in a one piece of paper towel and it would come out perfect.
I have Never used Bounty paper towel I always use Brawny. Well I put it in the microwave for 20 seconds as I always have done and I was in my office and all of a sudden I smelt smoke. I thought maybe it was my oven but NO, I get out of my office and my house is filled with smoke so bad I could not even see my furniture it happened so quickly. I ran in the kitchen and my microwave was on FIRE! and the bread is on fire took a wet towel drenched in water and threw it on the bread and the flames went out. I have never in my life had this happen so someone said is there metal at all in the paper towels and I said I don't know I have always done a piece of frozen french bread the same way.

The flames were coming out of every part of my microwave I took out the bread and it was black and crumbled in my hand. This has to be from the Bounty towel because as I said I do this every night with my own dinner and Never and I mean Never has this happened with any other paper towels I have use. My microwave is burnt so bad I can't use it and was told to unplug it as I did.

Now I have to go and buy a new GE SPECTRUM MICROWAVE which at this time I really can't afford to do with christmas and all. I am attaching pictures of what this small piece of bread in YOUR paper towel did my microwave is destroyed and I am extremely upset. The glass was fried, the top was fried and sides everything I am hoping you will take this into consideration since it was your paper towels. I went to lowes and said can I fix this and they said no its gone. So now I have to spend over $200 to buy a new one and pay to have someone put it in for me. Everything is my house is white so now everything smells like smoke. Please look at the photo's I have taken. The black ones are the piece of bread that was wrapped in your Bounty Towel which I will never buy again. I will make this public since I live in a 55+ community and do not want to see this ever happen to anyone here or anywhere. I am asking you for some help here. As for my Christmas its been ruined due to I need the microwave for dishes I was going to prepare.
I would appreciate a call back on this matter if you would please.

Cathy Dallara
You can contact me at [protected] I am in California.

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