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I purchased a card on September 14 in the summer of $4.75, however my account was charged 3 times at $4.75 with one confirmation number. After checking my online account on September 15, I called customer service who advised that the credit would be returned to the account on September 28 (14 days later). I checked 21 days later and the credit was not re-added to my account.
I spoke with a supervisor by the name of Anthony on October 5, who assured me that a report will be sent and he gave me the report number advising me that the agent with whom I spoke didn't prepare one, and that I should call back in 24 hours. I called back 72 hours after on October 8 and was told by another agent that the report was still open and I should call again in 24 hours.
My final call was on October 11, where I spoke with an agent for 23 minutes and 34 secs who decided to be rude and route the call to the automated system. I called back and that was repeated by another agent William after 2 minutes and 35 secs into the call. I called a third time and this time a female who didn't provide her name but kept asking how may I help you? Until that call was also routed to the automated system after 55 seconds.
Can someone help me please into bringing boss revolution to justice?


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    dayea nb Apr 04, 2017

    i have my card set up with this company boss revolution for $10 automatic each time run out
    i tried to make a call and answering machine says that's my account is in use, it racked up $70 and over drawn my account hit by $70 fee, i called customer service for the issue all i get is run arround .
    i gave up and called my bank to solve the issue, this boss thing is scam and crooks and no customer service

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