Boost Mobilereturn policy


I ordered a iPhone and it was delivered Oct 2nd. On that day my wife and I were on a flight to Minneapolis, Mn with a return date of Oct 10th. We have our boarding passes available to view. The first I saw of the phone was Oct 12th. We tried to activate the phone with no luck. We called AT & T and they said we need a sim card. So we took it to an A T & T store and they told us it had a sprint card and was locked out. I called mobile boost to get it unlocked and they refused saying we had to use it under their company. We said that nothing online said anything about company specific, it just advertised SE6 iPhone, , no sprint mentioned at all. I asked boost mobile customer service if we could return the phone...the answer was bluntly no..."sell it to some else, you are passed the 7 day return. This is Friday the 13th (for real) and I have only been in contact with the phone for 2 days. After several calls to sprint and boost mobile I gave up.

I am very upset over this. The phone is in the box it came in and the packing slip is with it. I cannot get ahold of any one up the ladder with boostmobile who has the compassion to understand or authority to approve the return. Or possibly unlock the sim card so I could used the phone with my provider. I would send it to their return center in Indiana, but without an authorized number it is doubtful that a refund will happen.

Please help me,
Sincerely, Gerald Wells phone [protected] or email..[protected]

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