Menu review: Booksi billing issue

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I made one booking with and then paid them 5/6/2023 $453.93, they overcharge me the first time for $99 which they issued the refund on 5/6/2023.

After I went through the process I found that all commitments and things were lying, I immediately ask them to cancel my service, and they send me confirmation on 5/9/2023 that all services are canceled and they issue me a refund.

However, upon checking they never send me $354.93, and last many days I am trying to recover my payment from them and file a dispute with my bank, Not sure first time the bank refunded the mistake money to them, then I explain that I never took render their services. They file another dispute.

When I called many times their customer service they are keep stating that they issue all the refunds to me whereas one payment of $354.93 was never refunded to me, another personnel said if I cancel the chargeback they going to refund the money to me, and after I was in process to cancellation of my chargeback from the bank, found they lied and they said we will not refund any money to you as we paid everything to you.

My bank is saying they never received the money, neither me nor Bank, so where the money is, the Booksi (Monster Travel Group) forcing me to take their services which I do not want my money back $354.93 which is with them asap refund back via chargeback.