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Don't waste time selling here. Your Competitors will lie to get your account closed and stupid bonanza customer service believes the lies.


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      Nov 09, 2012

    I agree..
    I had same experience just like you.
    My account is suspended without notification and explanation. I pay extra to be gold member for a year and they suspend my account.
    They steal my money, thief!

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      Dec 05, 2012

    Agreed. These people post lies and Bonanza does nothing to investigate on it, instead they just close it without hesitation. They are full of shiz and garbage. Stay away from these frauds.

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      Dec 06, 2012

    We are sorry for the not so good experience you have had on our site. We are dedicated to doing our utmost to assist you in anyway that we can. If we can be of further assistance to you, please contact us at [protected] so we can properly assist.


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      Jan 13, 2013

    Mark, I hope you're reading some of these comments. I had a store long ago that I closed due to moving away for medical treatment. Any shipping issues from when I was quite ill were resolved satisfactorily. I now have staff working for my store, have a very successful eBay business, and went back to Bonanza. After entering credit card info and paying $$$ was immediately suspended with no explanation and given no opportunity to respond or appeal. This is nonsense. My newest hire has just been tasked with pursuing the matter with the Better Business Bureau and legal counsel. What a shame that Bonanza has come to this. As a totally legitimate seller with a glowing reputation, I didn't try to mask my identity. Bonanza staff long ago were aware that I was closing shop due to serious medical issues and had indicated they looked forward to having me back. Not so, apparently. As there is nowhere to appeal unjustified "immediate suspensions, " we are forced to pursue other routes.

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      Feb 11, 2015

    I make about 6, 000 sales on ebay and about 3, 000 on amazon every month. I listed 8, 000 items on bonanza, spent about $2, 000 paying for some extra help and have a nice store on Bonanza. First, I had to paid for a pro membership because they were hiding my items from their searching engine. Later, that " Bonanza Mark" emailed me saying I had too many items on my booth and I was required to upgrade to their $300.00 monthly membership, otherwise, I would be suspended immediately. I told him I didn't think $300.00 was worth on bonanza since I was not making that many sales. I refused to pay $300.00 a month plus seller fees so Mark suspended one booth. At that time, we had two booths on Bonanza. A customer filled a case through the resolution center, I never got any notification about that specific case. One day, one of my employees tried to add more items when he find out our booth was on Hold. I emailed the customer ( I had to use his paypal email address ) and apologized for any inconvenience cause and we would send him the item for free and he would be getting a full refund. I even sent the customer a thank you note with a $25.00 start bucks card. For my surprise, that customer told me he never filed any case against me so who filled it then? Answer : Bonanza Bonanza resolution center is a joke, I refunded the customer, and I had to email Bonanza support asking why the case was still open ? They accused me of lying and saying I didn't have any intentions of refunding the customer. three days later, I send them a screen shot with the refund information. hahaha Bonanza Judy didn't beleive me again and wanted to have access to my paypal account. Omg I guess she was really high that day, there is not way, I will provide my paypal email address and password to a random person ( my PP had about $14, 000 at that time) They didn't want to close the case for two weeks and my account was suspended. After my account was suspended they charged me $98.00 on each card ( each booth had to different credit cards) I sent a email to [protected] and it went unanswered. I see mark is always saying email us attttt blah blah @bs.asss but they don't care. I had to file a complaint with my credit card issuer and a few weeks later, I got my money back .

    Bonanza runs illegal business practices. People talk crap about ebay but they provide sales every day.

    Another good site is Ioffer, they have a decent traffic every month as well and their fees are low. Customer service is not bad at all.

    Thank you for reading my review, hope it helps. Do not waste your time and money on Bonanza. Worthless site for selling your items.


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