Bojangles’ International / Becajun.commanagement at store 603 winchester, ky

C May 07, 2018

I worked briefly at this store. It was very dirty. I got food poison from my employee meal. I was hired for mid shift, then moved to mornings. Upon telling the manager, Corey, I never heard another word from him. He did not call me back to work. So, I found other employment. My 1st day, Saturday, May 5th, Corey and his partner come to my new place of employment and takes Sarah and Molly off to have a private chat with them. He, nor his partner purchased anything and they left right after the conversation. Sarah, who is the assistant, then sends me home and tells me to call the store manager on Tuesday to sort "it" out. Whatever "it" was came from Corey. This is unprofessional on his part. This is also harassment and slander. Now, I may not have a job because of Corey. I expect something to be done. I expect Corey to apologize to me, my boss and rescind any negative information. I know employment laws have been violated and will file a complaint with the labor board as well. Thank you.

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