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D Sep 03, 2018

So i initially went to body logic in Connecticut (there are several through out the country) with the intention of getting my hormones balanced. I bought into the idea that i would need a great deal of blood work and extensive physical exam and interview on my first visit. First of all, the lab work is not covered by any health insurance because they use a lab out of Florida. I'm not sure why and if they get any kickback from this lab, but it is contracted out. Then the office visit that I paid +/- $300 for was just a talk that included very benign questions. I had to bring in a copy of my mammogram and pap smear that I had already had from a previous doctor. They weighed me and took a blood pressure. If I wanted to know my fat percent, I would have to actually pay MORE money. Then the therapy began. I was prescribe a hormone; again, through a company in Florida. Then I was told that I would need a phone consultation in a month to see how the medication is working which cost me another +/- $200 for less than 15 minutes. Then of course came the pellets. I needed testosterone pellet. So in between the appointments, i had a pellet treatment. The insertion was a cost, the med was a cost, the kit was a cost. Then I was slapped with a consultation cost. So what was the insertion cost???? The nurse said it was because the doctor had to "talk to me" about the procedure. Well I was given a hand out for the procedure so I guess they just wanted to slap another cost on me. So a year has passed and I have tolerated this over charging. Then I had new labs drawn to check how my levels are currently. I get a charge from the lab for $200 and then from the office for $200. I was told that the office had to charge me an "administrative charge" which is merely just for ordering the lab work. Oh so I still need to go back and pay an office visit of $300 for the interpretation of the labs. HIGHWAY ROBBERY. This is truly unethical. I work in healthcare and know that this is NOT the way things operate. So I found another office where the actual doctor visit is paid by insurance. These physicians at Bodylogic do not want to be in network just to be able to charge obscene amounts. This doctor who is covered under insurance only charges $170 per visit which is the usual charge of a doctor's visit. The labs are all ordered here in state to be covered by insurance and they use a local pharmacy. They are transparent about what is a "pay out of pocket" charge. So my advice to you is do your research before getting your money stolen by these physicians who are not practicing out of caring for their patients, but merely for the purpose of capitalizing on their need to find relief from illness. So very disappointed.

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