Bob's Discount Furniturereturn on unsatisfactory salesman

P Aug 13, 2018

On June 9 of this year my husband and I purchased a mattress and adjustable bed frame.. The purchase was made shortly before closing. The salesperson assured us that if we were not satisfied with the mattress we could return it. We called about 3-5 days later and were told we had to sleep on it 30 days. No mention was made of the frame not being able to be returned when we bought it The putchase was made to relieve edema in my lower legs. I found the foot did not elevate enough to relieve the problem. I certainly would not have made the purchase had I known of the limited feature. When I called the store they then told us that we could not return the frame. The gel feature didn't feel like it worked. We purchased a mattress cover as advised . We were told we had 90 days to make a mattress exchange. That being said we went back to the store and made a selection. My discussion with the store manager further frustrated m and I left the store angry and digusted. My husband agreed to have a new mattress delivered .We were advised to purchae a protective cover due to the industry return policy fof staining not. The new one had the cooling feature but now we discovered The gel cooling is feature is being masked by the cover.. My husband told me the store manager said no further action-.At this point I don't want to any of the merchandise. Paying $1800 for something I totally can't do. I am stuck with. merchandise that doesn't work for me..

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