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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA] Complaints & Reviews

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA] / customer service

Feb 14, 2019

I work at a physician's office and I have to call to verify insurances for bcbs of nc. The wait time is ridiculous. You are on hold for over an hour regardless of what time you call. I cannot hang up, because I have to verify a patients' insurance so they can be seen at the office. The...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA] / surgery needed and denied day before surgery

Nov 10, 2018

Hello, I hope you can help me. I was scheduled for surgery on Wednesday November 7 th for a fusion of the L5S1. My vertebrae is collapsed on my right side and is pinching my nerve causing me excruciating pain, my life is reduced to laying on the couch and taking pain killers, opiate...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA] / will not let me log in to my brothers account

Oct 19, 2018

After calling and finding out I could not get info on my brother his web page was taken down. since then all the papers have been filed with bcbs. I cannot seem to log in. Changed password too. I keep trying to log in . I really would like to log in and see who is billing his account. I...

Medicare Plus Blue / physical therapy

Oct 05, 2017

I had a reverse shoulder replacement on 7-18-17. Finely took off my my huge shoulder brace on 8-31-17 which was my first physical therapy session. PT for the first month is very minor because you can't start weight strengthening till week 11 after surgery. today 10-4-17 I was told I was cut...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA] / insurance coverage

Sep 10, 2017

$357 was never refunded to my mother who was left with no choice but to pay out of pocket for her prescription. At the time she was unemployed due to disability & was waiting for an answer from SS; she just happened to have cash in her pocket that she had borrowed to pay rent. When she...

NC Blue Cross/Blue Shield / health care

Mar 08, 2017

Ha. The local paper just reported that 2 executives at NC Blue Cross/Blue Shield got over one million dollar bonuses. These are the same people who just sent me a revised 'Explanation of Benefits' for a procedure I had done 10 months ago and had paid in full. They pretty much lied to me...

Blue Cross Blue Shield / blue cross blue shield

Feb 03, 2017

Absolutely worst experience of my adult life!! Long and short of it, I have my 8 years old son and myself on an HMO plan. Without notice it went from $525 to $758 without warning and of course its automatic payment so I'm calling day after day to cancel and what do you know, not one of the...

Blue Cross Blue Shield / repeated failure to pay doctors bills

Jan 07, 2017

Initially I was happy with Florida Blue. Early on I wound up having to under go a major procedure. It was all handled well. Everything got done. I was impressed. It was during this time in Feb 2016 that I met my out of pocket max as well. Also good because now my coverage is 100% according...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Florida / reimbursement

Nov 08, 2016

[protected] reference number: 1-[protected] agent: joedie m. In florida 2 years it took after over a dozens phone calls to get reimbursed for eyeglasses. 2 pertinent pieces of information were missing without which the check could not be send out. After asking representatives for the right way to fill...

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia / cobra: medical, dental & vision

May 28, 2016

On April 13, I paid almost $500 using my bank debit card for Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of GA COBRA because the US Government requires insurance coverage. Normally, I would use a credit card in case something happens, however, it required that my payment was in the form of debit card...

Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield / denial of procedure, mri

Feb 20, 2016

In November 2015 I went to my family doctor and complained of left shoulder soreness. Because I had a shoulder manipulation in 2012 my doctor referred me to the orthopedic surgeon. I saw him around the beginning of December. He quickly evaluated my issue as scar tissue forming from the...

Blue Cross Blue Shield / insurance through the affordable care act

Oct 02, 2015

Blue Cross Blue Shield terminated health insurance for hundreds, possibly thousands of patients. They terminated the PPO through the Affordable Care Act. I have a patient on dialysis, who received a letter stating he terminated the insurance and the date it was terminated. He never...

BlueCross BlueShield Florida Insurance / misquoted benefits

Jul 20, 2015

We triple checked our insurance coverage booklets we received, found an in network provider, and had them verify that we would have our specialist visit covered by speaking to a representative from BCBS Florida themselves. She misquoted them. None of the services that we received were...

Blue Cross Blue Shield / prescription supplies

Oct 24, 2014

My doctor order a prescription for blood monitor because I am on warfarin, after a month they don't process my prescription and I am without blood monitor testing and control, putting my life in risk. I call more than 50 times and spoke with several people and they redirect me to talk...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Florida / fraud

Aug 05, 2014

I began coverage in 02/2014 with BCBSFL. Used their website to locate a Dr. who told me, after several visits, that he did not take my insurance, leaving me with several thousand dollars of bills. I made payments for February, March & April and discovered in April, when I went to refill my...

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield / bad services, don't use them

Feb 27, 2014

I moved to another state and needed to change my insurance provider. I went to Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. I spoke with the representative and he told me that they would help me. I told her all required info and told what the previous insurance covered. But it turned out that the new...

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Of New Jersey / non-payment of claims

Nov 28, 2013

I am writing to inform you of the ongoing difficulty I've encountered with Horizon BCBC of NJ. After ten months of numerous written correspondence and phone calls and promises to call me back, I find myself in a position where nothing has been accomplished regarding several claim...

Bluecross Blueshield / bluecross blueshield rejecting all my dependents medical claims wrongly stating last name is wrong.

Sep 24, 2013

I have account with my health provider Mercy with account number:[protected] and my Insurance provider is Bluecross Blueshield the member-id of the same is WMW-12900337W. I have 2 dependents that Iconsult at Mercy. Mercy has been billing the insurance company Bluecross Blueshield for the insurance...

Blue Shield and Blue Cross / blue shield and blue cross health insurance premioum price fixing probe

Mar 07, 2013

An investigation on behalf of all individuals who, from May 17, 2008 to the present have paid health insurance premiums for individual or small group full-service commercialhealth insurance by Blue Cross and Blue Shield was announced. If you paid health insurance premiums from May 17, 2008...

Blue Cross Blue Shield / they only want your money


I was looking for an individual health policy for my wife, my current policy through work cost over $10, 000 per year. This is the response I got from Blue Cross Blue Shield : From: Marc Dwiel Sent: 09/12/12 04:46 PM To: [protected] Subject: RE: RE: Marc with Blue Cross and Blue...

Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield / refusal to allow a policy change to a lower cost policy


My name is Donald Deschene [protected]) I am a small General Contractor in Little Falls NY. I currently have health insurance coverage through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The policy costs $1371 per month. With the business climate as it is, I can no longer afford this policy. I asked BCBS to change...

BC/BS / overcharge


Bc/bd took 3 months to correct records that I did not have medicare and doctors complained that they were not paid. First doctor's claim they charged me more that copay because I was 65yr old. Instead charged me copay plus 15% of plan allowance. (standard option). Second doctor's claim they...

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Of New Jersey (Horizon) / condoning overcharge


I had health insurance with horizon blue cross blue shield of new jersey (horizon). In network outpatient lab work was provided by laboratory corporation of america holdings (labcorp). Due to the limitations of the policy, there was a limit of $500.00 per year for this benefit. During...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of FL / underwriting time


We filed two applications in early may 2011, one for me, the other for my wife and kids (2 year old and newborn). Bcbs of fl approved late may 2011, they denied coverage for my wife because she hadn't gotten her postpartum check up. Since my wife was denied, so were my two children...

Blue Cross And Blue Shield / denial of needed health appliance


I have a condition called lymphedema and a letter of medical necessity was written via dr. Ellen tedaldi one of temple university hospital top doctor in this city of brotherly love for a medical appliance. The letter was sent to blue cross and blue shield of center city philadelphia. The...

Blue Cross Blue Shield / not paying for routine physical lab fees


I recently visited my doctor’s office for a routine physical. The doctor took a blood sample that day. It all seemed like a very routine check and never was I informed that any out of the ordinary tests would be conducted. Sure enough, two weeks later I get a bill from quest...

Blue Cross / dogs death


I took my dog to the blue cross vet cause she was having trouble breathing the vet examined her but took no blood or x. Rays said she had a bit of chest infection so gave me antibiotics and sent her home 4 days later she was worse so we returned her to the same vet they kept her in doing...

Blue Cross Blueshield / lies


I should have known better, than to trust this crummy, lying, sack of a company! Before I go to see any physician, other than my primary care doc, I call this company. I don't care if it's something like a hospital procedure, or an office visit, I call to make sure that they are indeed...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Mass. / bill fandrich


On 2/9 bill fandrich and his challenged henchman ted marsh presided over yet another layoff in it. The purpose: structural re-alignment. The truth is that nothing has aligned since he arrived there with ol' ted at his side and nothing will align after he leaves. Bill wants for much...

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ / unethical practice from a not-for-profit organization


Unethical practice from a not-for-profit organization On 6/24/2010 I and the entire group of developers I work with at horizon blue cross-blue shield of new jersey were laid off from. So my 18 month contract with this large insurance company located in newark nj was cut short by about a...

Empire Bluecross Blueshield / terrible service


Empire bluecross blueshield is the worst insurance provider I have ever had. My employer (a very large health care organization) reports that they pay over $ 13, 000 on insurance coverage for each employee every year. For this amount, I would assume that I would be provided with...

Blue Cross / rip off company


I have had bluecross blueshield for over 2 years. I had my wife on the policy and they never paid a claim on her by saying everything was preexisting after a year I had her taken off because why pay for something that don't work. Last year I had a surgery and they wouldn't pay for that I...

Blue Cross / Blue Shield / fraud


Hello, For the last 10 years I have been living in los angeles, and I have had medical insurance through blue shield. Since I never get sick I chose a high deductible plan that only costs $76/month. I am now moving to clearwater florida. I called blue shield who informed me that blue...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Florida / policy stupidity


A month ago I visited my dermatologist. He wrote me 3 prescriptions to use with one another or his treatment would not help. Well, one of my prescriptions need pre authorization from the doctor because I was over the age of 25. Yes, I did say I was too old. This was for a wash, a soap but...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of IL / health insurance


"bait and switch" — long story short. My husband applied for insurance through bcbsil. He answered all of the questions on the application truthfully and had 4 recorded conversations with nurses prior to signing the amendatory endorsement. No pre-existing conditions were applied nor was a... / I have ppo and still cannot get the medical treatment I need


I have a medical condition where I need sclerotherapy. I have a venous disease. I need to know where I could go to file a complaint against Blue Cross-Blue Sheild for denying me coverage. This is serious. Left untreated could lead to disability, embolisms, painful skin ulcers(which I...

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Of New Jersey Basic & Essential Epo Plan / horizon ignores my claim and won't pay bill


Horizon blue cross blue shield of new jersey refuses to answer my letters and pay a claim that is now over 6 months old. I was aware of the preexisting condition limitation when I signed up for the policy in march 2008. I went to the doctor for a condition I developed after the policy...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Michigan / if I were rich, I still couldn't get the coverage I have now!


I currently have health insurance coverage with blue cross blue shield of michigan through the cobra law. It expires january 1st of 2009... I have less than 2 months to find new health care. I contacted bcbsm and was told that, even if I could pay $1, 000, 000.00 per month out-of-pocket, I...

Blue Cross Blueshield / scam and cheating

I'm so tired of the paper chasing/denial of claims/long button pushing waits for customer service only to get the same answer — "well, that's what your plan covers — sucker". We pay nearly $800/month for a coverage that essentially doesn't even help with preventative care. Anthem finds every...

Bluecross Blueshield of Alabama / bad business practice

We just recieved (each adult in the house got a separate one) a huge heavy envelope full of unwanted paper advertising which claimed that we had requested. I see this as an attempt to bludgeon us into accepting this unwanted service. We would like to protest the killing of trees for this specious purpose.