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Horrible, horrible company. No business ethics whatsoever, or any ethics for that matter. After purchasing a website template from them and hosting services, I was told I was going to get my website by a specific time that day. I never got any e-mails containing the links to my template, so I e-mailed their customer service center. I was told they e-mailed it again, but, of course, I never got any other e-mails. I checked every e-mail account I own and all the spam folders with it. The only e-mails I got were from their employee, aundrea, who I bet has hard time sleeping at night, because based on the amount she lied to me, she must lie a whole lot to a whole lot of other people. After about a week of trying to contact them, they never got back to me and I felt like I got ripped off. I was sure that I got ripped off when I filed a dispute and claim with paypal, and bludomain told paypal they sent it. It really pisses me off when a company, or anyone really, belligerently lies to get money out of regular people. I urge anyone considering bludomain not to buy anything from their company. They're dishonest and I look at them the same way I look at any other scam artist, because that's what they are, nothing more than a scam.


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      Sep 17, 2015

    Actual email sent to Andrea,
    "I actually spoke with the registrar at GoDaddy. I do not want to redeem the name. I just want what I paid for to be in my GoDaddy account so I can have control over it when it is due in the future. This will not happen again. I paid for a domain name. They said they can do a transfer free of charge. My mistake was letting you guys get the domain and put it in your account. Legally you do not own my name. As for the site I will continue to use it until my term is over this year and will seek business elsewhere. GoDaddy said they send out courtesy notices to customers and since my name was not on the account I did not get a notice. You failed to forward that information to me. No one on your staff could give me dates that you sent emails or a supposed Paypal invoice. That is because they didn't send it.

    I actually contacted BluDomain on August 3rd, ticket MaEv-[protected]
    stating that I was getting an error code. They claimed everything was fixed and it looks as if I had a bill due as a courtesy they would have told me. I would have been glad to pay and not have to go through this whole ordeal. Until now your service has been satisfactory. It seems as though you don't have your systems in place. In fact when I contacted you about this issue on 9/11 I was told that I needed to pay my yearly hosting fee of $100.00. I am sure glad that I did my research and didn't pay it because it wasn't due until December. I will not be hosting with you for another year. No wonder you are not BBB accredited and and have an F. I have filed a domain renewal complaint from against your company and reported you to the BBB."


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      Oct 19, 2016

    Hi, I'm from Canada and I gave Bludomain access to purchasing my domain and hosting. I too had issues when I went to login to my website and found an asian hotel at my domain. I have been messaging them for 2 years about where my information is and never once received an apology. Aundrea claims to be the owner and wants me to pay again now that the domain no longer has asian company on it anymore...$100 or I dont get my

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