Biolife Plasma Servicescontinuous problems

K Oct 28, 2018
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I am so over biolife every other time I go they come up with different reasons to not accept me during the larger payments. Ive had issues with them over 3 times in october alone. The first issue they ended up not paying me the right amount. Fortunately, that time the issue was corrected and I was paid the full amount. Then I go to a new biolife and was accepted for the small amount but was turned away when it was time for my larger amount because of an address issue. I then showed the employee my rental receipt but she refused to accept it. She then informs me that I need a lease. So I simply asked if the house is not mine and I am paying for a section of the house. And showing you the homeowners contract agreement then why wouldn't I be able to use that? Everyone in the world does not have a house of their own so because I do not own a house im not eligible? Thats absurd! I would strongly suggest that no one do business with them. This is just out right wrong and judgemental. On top of that I was 2 donations away from receiving my extra $60 bonus and it just completely disappeared. They are unprofessional and im tired of dealing with them. Ive donated at other plasma centers in the past and new had this many issues in just one month its ridiculous. Signed an angry client.

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