Biolife Plasma Servicescenter employees and nurse

D Jul 14, 2019

I was at the Onalaska center today giving my secondcplasma donation. First donation went fine. The needle insert was quite painful this time. I informed the woman who did it (I was in the pink area). She looked at me annoyed and did nothing. I could tell by looking at it that the needle was in quite far. Then my arm started to bulge. No concern from this idiot until the machine signaled a warning. LSS she punched right threw my vein! We had to go with the other arm. For that one she it a nerve! The nurse came over as I asked for the needle to be removed and she says "do you think that is what is bothering you? Do you think it's a nerve" I reminder her that I was not the medical person and she should maybe know the answer, regardless if she didnt remove the darn needle I would! Amazing fact...the pain and tingling went away when they took it out! This was a ridiculous experience with multiple inept people which has caused me a lot of pain and I will NOT be back.

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