Billion Stars Expressbus from kuala lumpur, malaysia to singapore

A Nov 28, 2017

Billion Stars Express (Transtar Group) Bus Plate No AGW 6755

On the 17th of November 2017 at 12.15am, we took a Billion Stars bus from One Utama to Singapore, with an estimated time of arrival between 5 to 6 hours.

The web site we booked on advertised Wi-Fi, refreshments in-seat computer power and in- seat entertainment with a 4.5 star rating being one if the highest in the list. Arriving on the bus there was no Wi-Fi, no in seat entertainment, charging socket or refreshments. The bus was old and filthy. The start of many disappointments to follow.

The bus made a quick stop at BTS and then onto another station. Here, the driver annouced for some passangers to get down and fill up the next coach, also a Billion bus. As our tickets had numbered seats, some passangers who were foreigners wanted to clarify whether the other bus was going to the same place and whether they would get the same seats were treated rudely by the second driver because they spoke in English. He yeld at them and ask them to move their belongings to the next coach in a hurry. After all that commotion, we had to wait for almost an hour because there was no driver to drive the bus. Either the driver went missing or there isnt a driver for the bus?! Gets me to wonder what kind of bus management is this?! We only left KL sometime between 2.15am to 2.40am.

Then at some point, we made a pit stop at Kulai. The second driver took over the wheel. I was in the toilet when the samseng bus driver decided to drive off purposely making at least 4 passangers run after the bus because we weren't fast enough up on the bus. When he finally stopped and we got onto the bus, he looked justified. We were all stunned by the sheer bully attitude the second driver displayed. Mind you, the entire stop didn't go past 15 mins.

That wasn't all, throughout the journey the second bus driver not only received calls on his mobile phone but made them while on the wheel, putting all passangers safety at RISK!

Finally, after going through Singapore immigration, the bus driver loaded more passangers onto the bus. These passangers stood in the aisle of our seat going into Singapore.

We were glad to get off the bus when we finally reached our destination.

This has been the worst bus experience for me and my friend thus far. I am very disappointed at the false advertising on the website and service this company provided. We arrived at our destination at 10.30am, making it almost double the estimated travel time.

Billion Stars Express
Billion Stars Express
Billion Stars Express
Billion Stars Express

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