Biggerbooks.comordered new book, was sent old - 2+ weeks after returning & still no refund!!

T Sep 12, 2018

Update 9/12/18 received the return of my college algebra book on 8/27/18. It has been 16 days and they still have not refunded my credit card! Two days ago, on 9/10, I called & waited on hold 29 min before a rep finally answered & told me she is sorry but there has been a delay at the warehouse. I asked to escalate to management, she put me on hold, then came back & apologized again & said there was nothing that could be done. This is absolutely ridiculous! If this was even partially my fault, I would be a bit more understanding, but this is not my fault at all. I ordered a new book & was sent a used book without the access code that was needed for the class, & it would have cost me another $100 to buy just the access code alone! I had no choice but to return the book & go to my local bookstore to pay way more for the correct book! The order was initially placed 8/07, so for a month & a half has been holding $179 of my money ransom! Yes, they did put a $30 credit on my account as a courtesy for future orders, but after this fiasco, there is no way I am ordering from them again. This has been nothing short of a nightmare. Meanwhile, my husband & I just found $700 of fraudulent charges on the credit card we used to purchase from, so we had to cancel the card. I'm not sure how that's going to work when biggerbooks finally decides to refund my credit card! :- (

Original review:
On 8/07/18 I placed an order with (order # 2586374). One of the books I ordered was "college algebra, books a la carte edition plus mylab math with etext — access card package by blitzer, robert f. (isbn isbn [protected]).

Included in that package was supposed to be the following:
• [protected] / [protected] college algebra, books a la carte edition
• [protected] / [protected] mylab math with pearson etext - standalone access card - for college algebra

I received the college algebra book, but I did not receive the standalone access card!

I contacted the company and was told my only option was to send the book back in for a refund, as they did not have any other books available to send me. So, I am sending the book back to them and going to my local bookstore to pay more money for the book so that I can receive the access card that is supposed to come with it.

Meanwhile, I contacted, as they are the ones who mailed me the book with the missing access code. They informed me that had purchased the book from on 8/15, which is a used book marketplace that sellyourbookback is a seller on. Sellyourbookback said they only sell used books. So, the fault is not with them, but with for having someone send me a used book when I paid for new!

The other 2 new books I ordered from them showed up within a reasonable timeframe and were the correct books, so i'm not sure why they sent me a used book! As a first time customer who already referred several people to their website, I am now concerned that this may happen again with any future orders. That being said, I will be very leery about purchasing new books from them in the future, and if I do refer people to their business, I will give the disclaimer that they may not want to purchase new books. It is not a gamble worth risking. I ordered the book from them the very day my daughter found out what book she needed for class, so this is not my fault for waiting last minute, as I did not.

Her class starts 5 days from today (mon, 8/27), and I was supposed to leave on vacation today through sunday. Now, instead of heading to the beach right after work, I will be heading to my local bookstore to purchase the book with the access code, as well as having to repackage and return the used book that was sent to me. To say I am both frustrated and disappointed in's error is an understatement. :- (

ordered new book, was sent old - 2+ weeks after returning & still no refund!!
ordered new book, was sent old - 2+ weeks after returning & still no refund!!
ordered new book, was sent old - 2+ weeks after returning & still no refund!!
ordered new book, was sent old - 2+ weeks after returning & still no refund!!
ordered new book, was sent old - 2+ weeks after returning & still no refund!!
ordered new book, was sent old - 2+ weeks after returning & still no refund!!

  • Updated by Tiffany Jones Dixon · Oct 05, 2018

    On 9/12/18 I opened a case against the company with the BBB and requested that if they could not refund my credit card that they send me a refund check priority mail with tracking.

    UPDATE 9/18/18:
    I contacted via email again on 9/12/18 regarding my refund and on 9/14/18 they sent me a response stating "I do apologize and understand your frustration. However the check in process can take up to 3-6 weeks and there is nothing we can do to speed this along. We are not holding your refund from you. As soon as it checks in you will receive a full refund." So now the check in time frame has changed from 10 business days to 3-6 weeks! This is highly unacceptable & needs to be added as a disclaimer to their website so future customers can be aware of what they may be up against. Today makes 3 weeks & 1 day since they have had my returned book & I still do not have a refund.

    Later this same day, I received a phone call from Andrea from, who stated my credit card had been refunded & would take 3-5 business days to reflect back on my card. However, that is not what actually happened. My card was NOT refunded.

    On 9/20/18 I noticed that on the BBB complaint I had sent against the company, a rep commented that a check was going to be mailed to me.

    On 9/24/18, I contacted the company & spoke with Kacie. She stated they mailed me a check on 9/20/18. I asked her what the amount of the check was, as well as the tracking number. She said she would get with Andrea and call me back. I told her my credit card company told me that if they refund my card back, I will indeed receive the refund, even though the card is cancelled.

    On 9/26/18, after never hearing back from anyone, I called back and spoke with Kacie again. She said there was no tracking number because it was sent regular mail & that it would take 1-2 weeks to get to me. I told her that was not acceptable & that I had specifically stated in my BBB complaint that the check needed to be sent to me priority mail with tracking. I told her I have already waited long enough and there is no excuse for this & asked to have a manager contact me. I remained polite, just stated my frustration is understandable. She said a manager named Kara would be calling me back.

    On 9/28/18 I received a voice message from Kara stating a full refund was issued to my credit card that day and that it would take 3-5 business days to reflect on my card. (This is the second person who told me my card had been refunded when it had not been. I'm sure they were seeing on their end that it was going to be attempted, but I would have appreciated to not get the run around & been told something unless they were 100% sure it were true.)

    On 10/01/18 I FINALLY received a refund check in the mail!! Again, it was not sent priority or with tracking as I had requested. Frankly, I shouldn't have even had to request it, I would think customer service would have done that automatically.


    Just to reiterate, I ordered this book on 8/07/18. It arrived 8/21/18 (2 weeks later!!) & was the WRONG BOOK! This was NO FAULT of my own. I immediately contacted the company & was told to mail it back to receive a refund. They received my returned book on 8/27/18. I did not receive a refund until 10/01/18, almost 2 months after they order had been placed! This is highly unacceptable! Granted, yes, there was an issue with my credit card that they needed to refund back, but, in that case, the company should have immediately overnighted me a check due to all the hassle they had caused. Furthermore, it still took a good 3-4 weeks from the date of my return before they were even considering refunding my card.

    This company needs to get their act together & figure out how to avoid this kind of issue in the future. I hate leaving negative reviews - I always want to see the best in other companies - but I want to spare others from all the issues I have been through!

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