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I place an order with China Wok in Hamden CT, 06514 on June 29,2023. I got an error message stating that I put the wrong zip code in. So I redid the order over with the right zip code and now it says insufficient funds. I was puzzled because I know I have the money in my account enough for the order. So I log into my bank account and I was charged still even though the order was declined. All the items were still the the cart didn’t checkout because it was declined. So why did beyond menu still take the money if it was a declined transaction? Now I call and spoke to two different people and they’re telling it’s nothing they can do, I have to wait until the pending charge go back in my account. There shouldn’t be a pending at all. My transaction didn’t go through. I will be contacting the better business bureau and filing a complaint. Since nobody at beyond menu seem to have an answer or solution as to why I was still charged for a declined transaction. I asked to speak to a manager and the customer service rep didn’t let me speak to one. So beyond menu will be contacted by the Better Business Bureau.


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