Bestcanvascanvas prints (per high-quality photo)

L Dec 23, 2019

URGENT COMPLAINT NOTICE - 12/23/2019 Shipment over 12 days late!
Order date: 12/10/19 Payment date: 12/10/19
Email shipment#/confirmation date: 12/11/19

Lost prints from CANVASPRINT??? YOU HAVE FAILED!!!

The website has false information. A very slow process - false emails with status of shipment & delivery that is far overdue and has cost me alot more that i can afford to lose!
Is there no quality in your works??
What is the problem??
I have no tracking information for my shipment, I have called and received no customer service- i expect the shipment by thursday 12/26/19, and a refund for the total amt paid!
You will be reported to the appropriate authorities to stop this nonsense!

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