Best Westernroom service, noise and stolen money


We stayed with the Best Western in Fallon, Nevada. There were several construction workers that made noise all night and early morning. We check in on Wednesday evening and were able to use the safe, on Thursday it also worked fine . Friday morning the safe gave an error code so we read the instruction and waited to try it again, after several failure we called the office and they said they would have someone fix it. We have a family event that evening when we came back it still did not work. So we reported it again. Finally we were able to open it and discover a large amount of cash missing from my wife's wallet. We then reported it to management who supposedly filled out an indecent report. Lon story short when we checked out the manager said they could not refund the cash, but would credit us a substantial amount from our hotel charges. They only credited one night which is totally unacceptable. My plan is to put this on Facebook for all to see. and send this information to Expedia .com who we booked through

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