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I purchased a laptop from Best Buy in Colorado Springs last year and also purchased the store's extended warranty. I was told by the sales guy that if the computer is brought in 4 times, I would get a brand new laptop. A few months later my computer started messing up. I took it to Geek Squad and 2 weeks later I got it back. When we checked it at the service desk, we discovered that it wasn't repaired SO they shipped it off again. They replaced the mother board and 1 week later I got it back. When I got it back I discovered that when you hit the numbers lock, numbers would appear when I typed "jklghf" instead of the actual letters. I didn't want to hand over my laptop again so I waited until something else went wrong so I could get it all taken care of at one time. I didn't have to wait long. It began to over heat within an hour after turning it on. The fan would eventually turn on then computer would shut down without notice. So without any further delays, I went back to Geek Squad and stood in line for 45 minutes. As usual they were rude and not very knowledgeable. They admitted that they had never seen a computer type numbers instead of letters when the numbers lock was on for keys "jklghf" so they sent it out on April 15th, 2009. On May 1st I called to find out if it was repaired and they said yes. I went to pick it up and discovered the computer had been back for 3 days and they hadn't bothered to called & inform me that it was back. I was upset but still happy to get it back. They had replaced the keyboard. I informed them that last time my computer had to be shipped off twice because they didn't fix it the first time. I made it clear to them that they had better fixed it because I would be upset if I discovered it was still messed up. They said to give them an hour & they would run a test on it to see if it was fixed. An hour later I came back & they said the computer had passed the test and all was fixed. I happily took it home and immediately discovered that they had NOT fixed it. The numbers lock was still causing problems. The very next day I took it back and spoke to the manager. I informed him that this was the 4th time I had brought it up & that I wanted a new computer as stated on the warranty. He told me that he wanted to reinstall the hard drive and that they had a right to try and fix it in the store. I was upset and told him that they have had it for 2 weeks and they had their chance to fix it. He said he understood my frustrations but to come back in 4 hours. 4 hours later I went back and found that reinstalling the hard drive it did not correct the problem. No surprise there. By then I was furious. I told them to replace the computer as promised in the warranty. The day manager had already left and I was faced with dealing with another manager. She said that they could not give me a new computer yet. She said that they would have to ship the computer off again to be diagnosed. She also said that once they decide that the computer cannot be fixed without further replacement parts then they would issue a store certificate for CURRENT VALUE of the laptop. I could then use the certificate to buy another laptop or a TV or whatever I wanted. Not once had that ever came up when I purchased the extended warranty. The salesman had told me that they would just give me another laptop if it was determined to be a lemon. He didn't say that although I paid 1, 000 for the laptop, the value amount of the computer at the time it was to be replaced is all that I will get. I was pissed. Beyond upset. I was absolutely without a doubt livid. Sensing my impending fit, the manager gave me her personal cell phone number and said to call in 3 days that she should know something by then. Well 3 days later I call Geek Squad for a progress report. The girl who answered was there the night I threw a fit and she remembered me. She rudely informed me that they had to consult the manufacturer (HP) to see if they have any laptops of comparable value. Another words, they want to replace my laptop with a refurbished one! She said that these things usually take a week and that I need to be patient. A week?? The manager told me 3 days. And she never mentioned the HP would be consulted. All she said was that they would check to see if it could be fixed without replacing any other parts and if not then I would get a certificate. So they lied to me again! The next day I call the manager on her personal cell phone to see what was going on. The manager answers and is angry at me for calling her on her personal cell. Her exact words were "why would I give you my personal number?" She didn't even remember dealing with me 4 days earlier. She said that she has to deal with other people and that she shouldn't be expected to remember everyone. She looked up my file and the lady who I spoke to the day before was standing there. She informed the manager that she spoke to me the previous day which really upsets the manager. She tells me that they are waiting for a response from HP and that I need to stop calling them. HUH??!! She then HANGS UP ON ME!! It has been 12 days since she shipped it off the last time. 12 days ago they said I would know something in 3 days. 2 days ago I called for a progress report. Nothing. Nothing new to report. A lady told me she would call and get it rushed. She said she would call me right back. She never did. I have been without my laptop for a month now (it has been a month since they initially shipped it off for the numbers lock & over heating issue). I don't know what else to do. They are extremely rude when I call or show up. They don't know any details nor are they willing to call and get it figured out. I am simply left to wait it out. I will NEVER buy anything from them again. I don't care how big or little it is, they will not get another dime from me again. EVER...


  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Sep 02, 2010


    Sounds like when you brought the computer in the first time it wouldn't POST. POST stands for Power On Self Test which tests individual pieces of hardware prior to attempting to boot your computer up. (When you see the computer MFG logo on your screen after turning it on, that is the POST.) Since you said it's a laptop it's likely an issue with your motherboard. It can also be a problem your LCD inverter. They probably misdiagnosed a motherboard issue (thinking it was the LCD inverter). I've seen missing screws / bad workmanship too many times when a computer comes back from the service center that this case isn't remotely surprising. The technician probably cut the wireless antennae with a wrong size screw and didn't connect the keyboard cable all the way. (All of which I've seen before). So they sent it back out only to disassemble the chassis again and probably forgot to connect the speaker cables or, again, cut them with the wrong size screw.

    Everything of course is speculation based on the symptoms you have provided online. But replacing the motherboard of a laptop isn't an easy task. There are many screws, (50+ usually), and they are all sorts of sizes (meaning they have to be put back in the precise location they were taken from). This sounds like it shouldn't be a problem but there are usually 4 different layers of screws and the holes aren't normally marked (making it a bit more difficult).

    Anyways call their consumer relations department 1800BestBuy. If you tell any personnel in store or on the phone that you are threatening to sue, they are forced to hang up on you. So if it's an empty threat don't say it because it won't get you anywhere with them.


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  • Jh
    Jhae3650 Aug 19, 2010

    Have the same problem with you guys. I brought my laptop to best buy Geek Squad last July 29, 2010.The problem of my laptop was I can't see the screen when I turn it on.So they said they will fix it.Geek Squad called me after a week and told me the estimate price of the laptop to be fix.On top of that I already paid them $84.95 for just doing diagnostics on my laptop.The customer service from Geek Squad were asking if we want to fix the laptop and if we agree to the price.Ofcourse I have some questions and my wife have some questions to ask.Then this person from Geek Squad rudely answered us "Do you want to fix it or not"?What a rude person.So I finally said yes go ahead and fix it.After another week this time name christine called from Geek squad and saying that it wasn't the screen that has the problem it was the mother board and it will cost me more money than the firs estimate.So to make my story short I told them to go ahead and just fix it.After another week they called me and told me that my laptop is fix and ready to be pick up.So when I pick up my lapotop when I got home and type jkl;''' etc..etc..the right side of my keyboard was not working and my wireless internet wasn't functioning right either.So I returned it to them so they can fix it again.The guy from geek squad said that the reason why my laptop is like that maybe because of the virus.That is bs.I haven't seen anything like it.I told him, I ask him to show me a proof that it was a virus that did that to my laptop and this is the next day after I picked up my laptop from them so he can never lie to me.Then I waited for another 2 weeks and they called me and said my laptop is ready to be pick up.Guess what everything looks fine until I tried to play the music there's no sound.I was really very upset..very's 8-19-10 now and I have to return it back to them today after work.It's a hussle going back and forth.Do best buy really have a legit computer technicians?or they are what they are called the GEEKS?????
    I hope somebody can help us with this mess, I hope there is a lawyer out there that will step up and put a stop on this best buy scam and speaking to everybody that posted their problems against best buy and the geeks...

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  • Su
    Subdolus Jun 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "The people at these stores know their fellow associates and what types of things they would and would not say to a customer."

    This is not necessarily true; I can recount dozens of times when I overheard sales associates say, verbatim:

    - "This service plan covers anything that might happen to your camera, even spills and drops." - prior to Best Buy offering ADP coverage on digital cameras.

    - "If it has to be sent out four times, you get a replacement." - Untrue if you read the fine print in the brochure; another commenter here explained the "no lemon" policy more clearly.

    - "Your PSP will cover OS reloads." - Only true if the OS reload is due to a piece of failed hardware, such as the HDD.

    - "It covers anything that might go wrong with the computer." - Great, except the ADP service plan only covers HARDWARE, not viruses, backups, data loss due to hardware/software failure, OS corruption, or anything software related. This was before the "black tie" PSP was offered.

    Just because policy and training says one thing doesn't mean that the staff always follow it.
    Management tends not to care in many cases as long as a sale is made, as they know they can fall back to the written contract to say, in effect, "I'm sorry our employee didn't explain it clearly/that you misunderstood the employee."

    As you said, however, written policy is what matters and it DOESN'T matter if the sales guy told you one thing, if that's not what's written, it's not covered.

    I can recall being told by several managers to "sell like you're on commission, especially on site", but if confronted later, would deny having said it as it was against policy.

    What management at many BBY stores says and what's actually enforced are two very different stories.
    SOP is loosely, at best, enforced by corporate and even when it is, the worst that usually happens is the offending manager gets written up (i.e. slap on the wrist).

    I'm still in awe that, in all her trips in, nobody explained to her how numlock on a laptop works.

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  • Ke
    kevinj319 Jun 10, 2009

    Take some personal responsibility.

    The salesperson said this... the salesperson said that... blah blah. Do you have it in writing?

    The contracts for the service agreements are available in every store. If you had bothered to read the contract that you were entering into, you would not be surprised later by the terms.

    Yes, it takes four repairs. Yes, you get current value, not original value. Yes, you may get a refurbished one. Your use of exclamation points seems to indicate that you are somehow surprised about these things, although they are clearly written in black and white in the contract.

    Was the salesperson misleading? Maybe, but I doubt it. It's also possible that you don't have a perfect memory of what was said. You probably view the salespeople as jerks who will say anything to sell a contract. I can tell you, as someone who used to sell these contracts, there are very few of them who would purposely lie. Why? Because we know that 99% of people are like you and choose to remain ignorant about the terms of the contract and not read it. Because of this, you will inevitably get mad and blame the store out of ignorance and frankly, no one wants to be the one you scream at because you were "lied" to. As a result of this, we were always very careful what we said.

    This is why you are treated badly by management... they know you are lying. Any customer who claims "your employee told me x, y, and z" gives themselves away as a liar right away. The people at these stores know their fellow associates and what types of things they would and would not say to a customer.

    Either way, the *written* contract determines the terms. By demanding things that aren't in the contract, YOU are the one breaking the agreement, not the store. You are demanding from them things that they are not empowered or obligated to do, because your demands are outside of the contract.

    Sorry to burst your bubble. It's probably best to read the contract.

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  • Al
    Allen Botha Jun 10, 2018

    @kevinj319 WOW - you sure do stick up for the store and staff - ever sat down and pondered it from the other sides perspective !!

    Most people buy an extended warranty in good faith - and most of us are not aware of the misleading jargon and terminology used in these contracts, never mind the multitude of interpretations that can be applied.

    The law should be changed - if you buy a service / repair contact, it should be honored without any obfuscated clauses to let the insurance company off the hook. Al the purchaser wants is to have a reliable piece of equipment, and does not buy an extended warrant to be messed around.

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  • Su
    Subdolus Jun 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "Now when you brought it in for the number lock issue an agent should have known that it was currently functioning to its manufacturer's intentions and should have shown you how / why it does this and then sent you on your way a happy customer."

    ^ A thousand times this.
    I worked as an in store and in home agent for Geek Squad from [protected], and I would have been mortified if one of the agents we had had not known something this basic.

    For an end user, it's not something I'd expect them to know.
    For a computer repair tech, it should be basic, common knowledge.

    By the time I left the company, computer repair knowledge was not looked at as a primary factory in hiring new agents as far as management at my store was concerned: Sales experience/success was the main attribute, and the quality of GS as a whole has suffered because of that.

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Jun 10, 2009


    Subdolus is correct. Laptops use different levels of "function keys" to essentially convert a 2 foot keyboard into 14 inches (that's why when you look at your keyboard in the 'jkl' area you will see a number pad, usually in a blue or any other off color and you will also see a key between the left control and alt buttons called "Fn" which means function).

    To get the "extended warranty" issue straightened out. It isn't a warranty at all, it's a service contract with best buy geeksquad. So it is treated differently than a manufacturer's warranty. There are different types of this service contract that BB offers. (Since you bought it last year, that was before BB made all laptop Service plans ADH [Accidental Handling]). But we can assume you purchased the ADH plan, which is the most expensive and covers if you drop the laptop and so on and so forth. *Remember these service plans have to go through an insurance company for payment of repairs, so we are dealing with that type of lingo. Which brings me to my next point, the "NO LEMON" clause, which sounds like it was mixed up between either you or the salesman. The NO LEMON clause states that BB will replace your laptop if the unit has undergone four QUALIFIED repairs. So what constitutes a "qualified repair"? This is a gray area but a good rule of thumb is hardware replacement (excluding batteries). The store cannot process a no lemon exchange, the service center does.

    With this basic knowledge of the service plan the store should have done what they did and ship out the laptop to have a service center team decide what hardware they need to replace / fix which they did.

    Now when you brought it in for the number lock issue an agent should have known that it was currently functioning to its manufacturer's intentions and should have shown you how / why it does this and then sent you on your way a happy customer.

    I can't speak for everything that happened after because the store was trying to handle it per your request without having to follow SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and ship it back to the service center.

    ***Bottom Line*** --> A computer tech to your computer is like a mechanic to your car. Do your research, find someone you trust, and stick with that person. You will find out very easily that they know what they are doing if you ask questions and stay on top of your repair.

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  • Su
    Subdolus Jun 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "When I got it back I discovered that when you hit the numbers lock, numbers would appear when I typed "jklghf" instead of the actual letters."

    You do realize that that's what's supposed to happen on a laptop keyboard when numlock is pressed, right?

    I'm guessing not, since you go on and on about it being a "problem".

    Most laptop keys don't have a number pad on the right side (though some 17" models do), and in order to give a 'number pad' of sorts, you'll notice that the keys that you're thinking are "malfunctioning" likely have numbers on them in a smaller font (the laptop I'm on shows them in blue squares).

    Pressing numlock is SUPPOSED to make those keys type numbers.
    It's quite sad that nobody at Geek Squad was able to tell you that, as it's pretty basic tech stuff.

    While I don't disagree that you were treated very rudely by the store in question, the reason the numlock "problem" wasn't ever fixed is because it's NOT a problem, it's designed to have that behavior.

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  • I, too, bought the extended warranty. After my HP laptop was returned 3 times for motherboard issues - only once was I allowed to even touch the returned machine - Geek Squad reps couldn't get the machine to boot and sent it right back, I was told the Geek Squad was "branding" my motherboard so they could tell if it had been swapped out.

    I do NOT like ANY insinuation that I am committing FRAUD. When I pointed it out to the service tech that his own department is the culprit who'd returned the machine, he showed me the logs where it said it wouldn't boot upon delivery. But I'm still insulted - you insinuated *I* was swapping out the board. Unacceptable, and no, I didn't get an apology, just the "here, it's in the records, see?"

    I, too, was told I'd get a new laptop with the "lemon law" applied. Brought it back with an HP update turned the machine into a brick, and the Geek Squad techie plugged it in... and proceeded to tell me right there that it was a memory issue because "blue light didn't come on." OMG!! The machine didn't even POST! I was desperately wanting to snatch up my machine and run for the hills.

    That time, the machine stayed away for 3 weeks. I asked for a new computer per the lemon law. NOPE. I asked for store credit (I paid $2500 for the then-top-of-the-line laptop) and was denied.

    I asked for a refund of difference between the service agreement I'd purchased and the basic, as it said CLEARLY in my agreement that if service kept my laptop for over 7 days, that was the process, and I was told it wasn't the service agreement I'd purchased. I HAD THE BLOOMING RECEIPT AND CONTRACT.

    Lie, lie, lie... I am shocked Circuit City (who'd always was cheerful, even went not helpful) went belly up while these yellow bellies, er, thieves continue to suck the life from customers.

    No more BB for me!! Stay away from buying any service agreement or product that needs one from Best Buy.

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