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I was contacted by an energy search broker company. (Strangely located in the same region as BES utilities) although they claim to be unconnected.
I was promised far cheaper rates than I was paying Npower my current supplier.
My first bill arrived 10 times higher than I'd been quoted.?

What followed was 3 yrs of stress and disbelief eventually it resulted in my buisness going bust.

The modus operandi is simply this.. The buisness energy market is not regulated enough. Brokers are not regulated at all.
So when I call BES they simply say we accepted your buisness in good faith. We had no idea what you were promised and regardless that's between you and them we just want your money. They doctor front end calls. They refuse to deal with complaints adequately. They do not even know we had a smart meter and were not even using the readings it should have been transmitting. Asking me to get it fixed at my expense. Expecting me to get pictures emailed over. Asking me to take daily readings. I'm supposed to be running a buisness?
The owners of all these brokers are proven friends of the owner of BES utilities

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