Belle Tirecaution


4 mins ago by bcrefl 0 Votes
I use to work for belle. theres a lot that goes on. be careful when you go for anything, they like to "upsell" i.e., bg flushes that you do not necessarily need-coolant power steer, fuel system and brake system. also the free alignment check--what ajoke, if the printout says its in align the techs "bump" the heads on the tires to make it read out of spec, you buy the alignmnt, company and techs make money and consumer is out. if its free dont buy it! they donothing but bump the head to the spot it was and presto its done. the mechanics are under a lot of pressure by mgt to get the car out fast, sometimes not fixed right, but deal when it comes back later. mgt is under pressure to sell-their bonus and pay is tied directly to that. however think of this, belle has the best pay around--they pay mechanics up to 23% of labor and PARTS-think of it, the more parts u sell the more you make, be careful

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