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BeBe Complaints & Reviews

BeBe / non refunded for 2 months!!!

Jun 26, 2019

My name is Amira Khozaim, bought a dress from bebe mall of egypt on 2nd May 2019 via visa card was costing 5000 LE, two days later i returned the dress because of a flaw in the material and the shop said that they will refund, but now after two months while i am paying my visa, i...

BeBe / dye bleeding off of underwear

May 30, 2019

I hand washed the underwear as written on the tag. All of the underwear had problems with the dye bleeding. The red was the worst. It bled onto other underwear that I had hang drying nearby. Then onto my new washing machine. Same with the black pairs. The pair that was a combo of pink with...

BeBe / not receiving items I paid for a month ago... disappointing I like this store

May 28, 2019

order number BEBE-74232 Adrea Ortuno 14089 red river dr centrevile va 20121 Order made on May 7th 10:55am for 3 items i understand during this time period orders placed between 4/22 - 5/8 there will be a temporary shipping delays due to relocating inventory but delayed 7-10 business days. On...

BeBe / paid for an order from bebe and never received order / horrible customer service

Apr 03, 2019

On Saturday, March 30th 2019, I placed an order for merchandise. (Order No. BEBE-48715) I ordered said merchandise with Express 2 day shipping for an event I am to attend on Friday, 4/5/2019. According to the website, BEBE asks for 1 business day to process an order; therefore, my order...

BeBe / dress

Feb 25, 2019

My issue is since 15/2/2019 when I returned black dress to avenue. Branch in kuwait, the supervisor told me after she check the dress that it is ok but we don't have cash money today 43 kd come tomorrow and get the money. Second day I approached her she told me sorry we can't change the...

BeBe / this short paragraph does not explain in detail in which the manner I was treated but it gets directly to the point

Jan 04, 2019

On january 1, 2019 I visited new york time square I was so excited because I hadn't been in a bebe store in quite a while since they closed the one in norfolk virginia at mcarthur mall I enjoyed shopping in the store the associate was very helpful and I end up purchasing a sweater, a pair...

BeBe / poor online service. cancelled orders with no explanation

Nov 20, 2017

I've been a Bebe member since 2004 and today I experienced the worst online serve since I joined. I placed 2 separate orders on Nov 19th 2017. I spent hours browsing the site and selecting items, only to find out the next day both my orders were cancelled. The 1st Bebe representative I talked...

BeBe / I want my money back

Oct 11, 2017

I have read all the reviews about you on this website and must say I am not the only one who suffered from absolutely same actions. Just like many others I ordered clothes, received it and after trying it just once I returned those that didn't fit me. The shipping was at my expense, took...

BeBe / $153.14 merchandise credit deactivated

Apr 10, 2017

On 3/25/17, was in Northpark, Dallas Texas. Was checking out, mgr Aubrey said my merch credit deactivated, she called corporate c.s., stated would replace immediately. I asked why they did that, response was, after a year they do that. Well, I was dealing with my mom's passing, shopping...

BeBe / don't count on being able to return your item to them if you don't want it!

Nov 04, 2016

Bought their 'Ottoman and Mesh' dress online. Opened the package, but did not try on because it obviously was too small. Packed it back up, tags intact and in the same new condition it arrived in, and shipped it back. Got an email from them stating that the dress had "scent and stains"...

BeBe / these guys are the worst

Oct 28, 2016

I have ordered a dress from website and paid some extra for 2 day delivery. Mt order did not arrive and I contacted Bebe customer service to ask what was going on. They said they had some difficulties with the delivery and asked me to wait. I did not want to wait any longer...

Bebe. / my money no product

Sep 09, 2016

I purchased a coat online they said there were 4 available I paid $209 the next day I got an email stating my order was canceled so I then called my card the money was gone but no product I have been going back & forth between Bebe and Rushcard still nothing this happened 8/30/16 it is now...

BeBe / handbags

Sep 07, 2016

I ordered 3 handbags..Same purse in three colors his website was very nice.. sent a message to him to confirm what i wanted . He confirmed the order. It took over 45 days to recieve my order wrong items very poor quality..i contacted i offer... they just said said try to work with...

BeBe / return process

Aug 29, 2016

Bebe return process is a total nightmare! Wanted to return two items because the ones I received were too small. So I contacted customer service and they said that I had only 21 days to return and since there was only 5 days left they were not able to refund me. They said that I can go to...

BeBe / absolutely terrible experience

Aug 04, 2016

Made an order and purchased some clothing from Bebe company. When I received my order I immediately contacted Bebe customer service and said that I wanted to get a refund. I decided to return everything because things were too small and did not fit. They said that they cannot accept the...

BeBe / did not allow to return the defective item

Jun 10, 2016

Ordered one item which was on sale and it arrived damaged! I immediately contacted Bebe support and asked for a refund and they said that they can't give me one since the item I bought was on final sale. Then they gave me a run around and in the end said that they can offer me a discount on my...

BeBe / don't shop here!

Jun 01, 2016

Ordered an item from and it arrived damaged! I immediately emailed their customer service and said that I want to return the damaged one and get a refund. They said that their policy does not allow them to do refunds and offered me a discount on my next order! I said that I...

BeBe / cancelled orders

May 23, 2016

I love Be be stores. I have ordered online a couple of times with no problems. I have long time been a club bebe member. This time, I ordered 2 dresses. They took the money out of my checking account, then emailed me saying that my information did not match and they cancelled the order. I...

BeBe / not refundable

Oct 11, 2015

This is my worst purchasing experience. I bought a dress for $72 last week. It has 60% discount and it was a good deal. But later I changed my mind since I could not wear that long dress for the outdoor event I am planning to join. So I went into that store -- Bebe in Great Mall, Milpita...

BeBe / manager evening of 4/24/15

Apr 25, 2015

On 4/24/15 there were two people working. The manager and another young lady. The young lady was more than helpful but the manager was rude and had a major attitude. She refused to use a coupon or even suggest offers that were available. She put my clothes back on the rack before I made my...

BeBe / rude

Dec 14, 2012

i had gone in a 2b bebe store in a mall called stonewood in paramount. i took two blouses to the register lady andshe charged me for them, but then i told her in that same moment as she was charging them that if she could cancel one of them because i forgot i didnt have as much money as i...

BeBe / gift card returns/exchanges

Aug 10, 2012

I was given a $50 Bebe gift card for Valentine's Day 2012. I used the card to make a purchase in early March. I received the item and it was nothing like the photographs or the description so I returned it. It's now mid-August and I still have not received a replacement gift...

BeBe / return policy

Aug 03, 2012

Purchased what I thought was a new dress. When I returned home, I found the dress had a hole in it and it had been worn. I called the Wellington Mall Store and explained. I also stated I was leaving for a week and wanted to know my options. They assured me I could return the item within 21... / return policy is do not take returns

Jan 03, 2012

Having worked at Bebe (and having run away from there in 2 weeks), I know that their return policy is pretty much to avoid returns at all costs. I took the risk anyway and placed 2 separate orders on their website. One order was for 2 dresses - when I took them back to the store, the store...

BeBe / false advertising/customer service


I was a frequent customer at Bebe in Chinook Centre, until one day when I was shopping at Bebe and they had advertised for "Buy one get one half off". I went to make my purchase and the sales associate/manager told me the sale had ended yesterday. After I showed her the sign that wa...

BeBe / does not honor own exchange policy


Bebe does not honor thier own return policy. If you make a purchase with a coupon, you can not exchange that item for a different size unless you pay full price for the exchanged item. They have also shipped damaged items.

BeBe / bad service


I had made a $1000 purchase at a BeBe store a week and a half ago at the NY ShortHills Mall store. After taking all merchandise home, I then realized Some of the clothing did not fit well. Since I live in NY, I decided then to return at the Fifth Avenue store instead. Not only did the...