Bath & Body Works Directdoor greeter/management

S Nov 09, 2019

We came in Friday evening 11/8/2019 to purchase some Aromatherapy products. To begin with we did NOT get greeted by the FOUR door greeters... Apparently a worker knocked bottles down as we came in (who was laughing uncontrollably). These FOUR workers were super snotty, did NOT offer us any help. The FOUR workers were all crammed into the aromatherapy area SO much people could barely move or even attempt to shop. They would not move. It felt like they were on top of us. We were incredibly claustrophobic. ONE worker (who was apparently the manager older woman, blonde hair, caucasian and no glasses) I asked if they had the new Joyful aromatherapy product in the store...? This lady immediately snapped at us saying "they didn't ship any in to us"!! I asked if they do any type of holds for customers for when the shipment comes in and she rudely shook her head at me and said "NO"!! (like I was a idiot for asking). Now I remember why I prefer ordering online instead. We cannot believe how rude and snotty these woman were! I really think it would benefit Bath & Body Works to train workers in customer service, people skills and common decency. This was a horrible experience.

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