Barnes & Nobleunethical behavior


I am not the type to complain at all, but today, January 12th around 5pm, my daughter and I came to read and get a few books. I have been a member for a while, I love coming to the Antioch, CA location. As we went to check out, being the only ones in line and not many people shopping on this rainy day, our cashier from the start seemed very agitated. I asked her how to change my phone number on my account, telling me I needed to go to customer service. Finally, she told us our total was $42.95, I was confused, I am a member and also had a coupon for an additional 15% off, but it seemed as though it was all full price, I asked about it, she said no it is right. As my 3 year old was starting to get fussy, and our cashier, Tyleasi, seemed very rude or maybe having a tough day, I just let it go and decided to deal with it later, if I needed to. After putting my daughter in the car and looking at my receipt I noticed that she didn't put my membership or my coupon in, as I asked her from the beginning. I debated on getting my daughter back out of the car in the rain and being late for dinner. I decided to go back in, she seemed even more frustrated that I noticed her mistake. Tyleasi proceeded to tell me it would be a lot easier if I went out and got the books, so she could refund then re-ring. In the end, she still did not put my 15% on my final purchase and told me that if I wanted to change my telephone number I needed to go online or she could write it down and do it later. All in all, I felt disappointed with the way I was treated and in some way ruined my experience in coming to this location.


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