Barnes & Noble Booksellersthe book "if you give a pig the white house"

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Up until recently, Barnes & Noble has shown increasing antipathy toward the incumbent President. This book goes too far. Had you been equally willing to sell material lampooning Barack Obama to this point, I would be saying nothing. You have a decision to make: Either you sell material that is even handed, which means that this vicious parody would be removed, or you continue to show your contempt for both the incumbent President and the American People. It is your choice. If you decide to continue on the path you are on now, you will find yourself losing business in increasing increments. I for one shall be boycotting your establishment. It is quite a disappointment for me. I used to be quite fond of your book store. Do note the past tense.

Oct 08, 2019
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  •   Oct 08, 2019

    They don’t discriminate against books because some people may not like the content.

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