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In the paragraphs below I am describing a very intense problem I have had with a RV dealership. They are very unethical, unprofessional and untruthful, as you will hear in my complaint below.
Please, if there is anything that you can do to help us with this problem I would greatly appreciate it?
I’m at the end of my rope and no results in sight.
In October of 2005 my husband and I went to Bankston Motor Homes in Huntsville, Alabama looking for a motor home or camper. We were planning to retire and do some traveling.
We were shown several motor homes & after several visits to the dealership we found one we liked. But the motor home would not start and the salesman Mr. Jim R----- informed us the battery was just run down and insured us that the battery would be replaced with a new one.
We had a business trip planned and we told Jim R----- that we would leave it with them for 3 to 4 weeks. He said that would be fine this would give them time to check everything out to make sure the coach was in good condition, and they would replace the battery and any other corrections that needed to be made. He said he wanted to make sure everything was in save driving condition. We had informed him that this was our first motor home and that we were unfamiliar with motor homes & campers and would place our trust in him and his technicians to make sure everything was in good shape and ready to travel without problems.
Jim called us and told us to come in on a Friday and stay the night in the motor home so they could show us how to use it.
When we arrived on Friday afternoon Mr. Jim R----- gives us a very quick tour of the parked motor home and said everything had been checked and everything was "WORKING GREAT"!
We spend Friday night in the motor home and my husband gets up on Saturday morning and takes a shower. (1) There was NO hot water! (2) Water would not drain! (3) Water back up in shower, sink and toilet!
We informed them of this problem and James; a service tech, worked on it until noon on Saturday and then worked on it again until late Sunday afternoon and at this time we leave Huntsville to return to our home in Scottsboro, AL.
The motor home would only run 30 MPH and could not be held in the road. At the 30 MPH the coach BOUNCED all over the road. We finally got the coach home and my husband called them (Bankston’s) on Monday morning to inform them that there was a BIG PROBLEM with the coach! They had to tow it back because it was too dangerous to drive. They literally placed out lives in danger by allowing us to drive the coach in that condition. We were not aware of the dangerous condition of the coach. We had taken Bankston’s word for it. That everything "WORKED GREAT!’
After a wrecker picked up the motor home they kept it for another 4 to 6 weeks. Which at such time they called and again said "everything is fixed and is working great"!
We picked up the motor home and went on a short 60-mile trip. After the motor home sat overnight, it would not start, would not run 50 MPH, still bounced all over the road, still had water problems and was leaking diesel fuel.

We once again called them back concerning the MAJOR problem. They told us to bring it back and they would work on it again. We did take it back & they kept it for another 2 months.
We go back, drive it home and it still will not start and is still leaking diesel fuel!!!
We called them and told them we are bringing it back. This in July of 2006. (Keep in mind we’ve had the motor home since October 2005 and have been on one 60 mile trip & it broke down again). They ask us to leave it with them for repair yet again. I’m not sure how long they had the coach before we decided to check on it and get some of our personal articles out (some of which were my mother’s hand made quilts)! We discovered that the coach is no longer at Bankston’s. We were told they thought it was in some shop, somewhere. No one seems to know!!!
We informed Mr. Bankston and told him we were sick of this motor home hassle and that after all this time we did not think it could be fixed. We told him that we had owned the motor home for almost a year and that it had been with Bankston more than we had it. We could not even get out of the city limits without something going wrong. We told him that we wanted our money back or something of equal value. He said "I will work with you & make things right."
We looked at several motor homes but all were either too old, too many miles, worn out or too expensive. So we decided to look at the 5th wheels. Mr. Bankston had one on the show room floor that we liked. There was a sticker on the outside that said it was a 2007 and marked down. He said he would not let us have it at the sale price. But we went in and looked at the 5th wheel and decided that it might work for us. I was concerned, but my husband pointed to the sticker on the table of the 5th wheel and said " Brenda, we are getting a 2007 model, that is 10 years newer than the motor home." My husband, his daughter, and I all saw the sticker on the inside & outside that said it was a 2007 model. We told Mr. Bankston that we would trade even if he would make a few changes to it. I’ll go into that in just a minute. He said okay as he was tearing the sticker off the table and sticking it in his pocket. He said it’s a deal.
We had to come back a few days later to sign the papers & pickup the 5th wheel. When I started looking over the papers I noticed that she had down that it was a 2005 model. I tried arguing with her but she informed me that it was manufactured in 10-04 and was a 2005 model. Mr. Bankston knew it was advertised wrong, that’s why he jerked the paper off the table and stuck it in his pocket. We did not think to go around and look at the model number before we made the deal. Even at this point we still had to try to trust Mr. Bankston. TRUSTING AND BELIEVING MR BANKSTON CAUSED US TO LOOSE $15000 ALONG WITH A YEAR OF HEADACHES AND DISAPPOINTMENTS.
Now back to the things that Bankston agreed to do to the 5th wheel. There was no TV in the 5th wheel, there was a spare tire cover but no spare tire, no outside ladder, and the antenna did not work. Now we had left the 5th wheel with them for a few days in order for these things to be fixed just like Mr. Bankston had agreed. THEY DID NOTHING!!!
We took the 5th wheel back and they finally did fix the antenna and got us a spare tire. But informed us that they would not put a TV in it. Mr. Bankston could not be found at this point. They also said a ladder could not be installed on our 5th wheel, because of the way it was made. Why did they not tell us all this up front?

We also had and extended warranty on the motor home. We ask that it be cancelled and our money refunded. We had not used the warranty and had the motor home not even a year and had placed only 300 miles on it and most of those miles were going back and forth the Bankston Motor Homes repair shop. But it has been several months and still no refund.
I called the warranty people and they told me it had been cancelled and that Bankston was to refund my money. My husband has called & left Mr. Bankston several messages but his calls have not been returned to this date. 2-2-07
If this is life on the road with a Bankston Motor Home, WHO WANTS IT? NOT US!!!


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    Tad Ritchison Oct 16, 2018
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    Verified customer

    This is amazing as we bought a 2017 40ft Phaeton in May of 2018 with 5000 miles the sale went very smooth however that was the end of the marriage. Le t me add a side note, this was our 2nd dealing with Bankston, the 1st was in 2015 when we ordered a new motor home from Tiffin through Bankston's when we took delivery of the coach we noticed that it was not the counter tops, back splash we picked out along with several other options we had chosen. This was our fist RV so yes this was all new however when we got home the refrigerator was not working along with several other items... they sent someone to fix the refrigerator only because we threw an absolutely fit.. we had planned a vacation and leaving the following day. So we drove to FL from TN when we got to the RV resort and backed the unit in the break lights and back up lights did not work. They also had to recall the RV for the transmission, Bankston had the coach for nearly a month only to bring it back with the lights not fixed... this went on and on so we got so fed up with them we traded the coach for a Entegra Cornerstone Now to my story, we decided to down size and noticed Bankston had what we had been wanting, of course sale went smooth.. and again we get it home only to find some issues, issues that should have been taken care of by Bankston.. such as not back up lights and fogged over fog lights and a few small things... It was at Bankston's for 6 weeks, I had to call after 3 weeks to find out what was going on... week 5 they emailed us and said we needed to pay for the back up lights and fog lights... again we are heading on another trip in a week with having to fight with them, this company can not handle service on big rigs, the shop and staff are not equip to give proper customer service or service the unit. They are good at pull behinds and that is it. We will never work, buy or recommend this Dealership.. I agree with the other posts.. We will go back to NIRV in GA or TX ... total customer service and they have the money and facility to handle class A motor homes..

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  • Ed
    Edmond Bearden Jan 09, 2018
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    New MH. Bad batteries. Said it was my fault. No new batteries!!!

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    Sad from tn Feb 14, 2013

    We couldn't even get waited on, some young dark haired salesman didn't know if the first motorhome was diesel or not. We told him exactly what we wanted 2008 or newer, 2 or 3 slides, 38 to 36 ft. He said how about those across the street. We looked over and all we saw were old junky rvs.
    I guess he didn't know what a diesel and three slides was. We gave him no price limit.
    Apparently they don't need your business . I am standing infront if place now and have been for half hour, not one salesman came out. Just the useless guy that walked back across the street right away.

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    Adamswoods Aug 06, 2010

    I could not believe what I was reading. It sounded almost identical to the experience we are having with Bankston's.

    -There is an irresolvable electrical problem with this RV.
    -Repetitive problems not getting repaired

    The reason I bought an RV was to start a business producing hunting videos. This would give me the ability to travel to different locations with all my equipment needed to hunt, film and edit videos.
    10-5-09 When I first purchased the Brand New but 2006 model RV from, Bankston Motor Homes Inc. 2191 Jordon Lane N.W. Huntsville Al. they kept the RV to do the services and conduct a Pre Delivery Inspection on the complete RV’s equipment functionality. I relayed to my salesman what I had plan on doing with the RV and that I had a trip scheduled and I wanted to take the RV to Ohio for this upcoming hunt. It ended up to take from 10-5-09 until 10-14-09 before I was able to pick it up. I had to make the inquiry about picking it up because I hadn’t heard anymore from Bankston’s. Due to us not knowing if we would get the RV back for the trip I changed my hunting trip date to happen from 28 Oct to 5 Nov 09 instead of the week prior.
    10-14-09 I went to pick up the brand new RV from Bankston’s. Martin, an employee of Bankston, gave me the courtesy tour showing me where things were and how they worked. Martin noticed that the slide outs were not properly working. Martin checked the house batteries and determined they were not good. The house batteries were changed. As I got in the RV I went to start the RV to take it home the motor battery had died. Martin replaced the motor battery that same day.
    After picking up the RV on 10-14-09 and was able to take it home. Thinking all services and the RV check out was complete my wife and I started familiarizing ourselves with the RV. We noticed that the slide outs were still not working properly. The slide outs would not go out. After several attempts we were able to get them out. As we tried to retract them we ran into the same problem except they wouldn’t go back in. Again after several attempts I got them to go back in. We continued to look over the RV and noticed few minor things that needed to be done before we went on out trip. I called Bankston’s and told them about the issue with the slide outs. I also reminded them that I needed it for my hunting trip and could I bring it down for them to check out the slide out issue. I was able to get it down on 24 Oct 09 the Saturday before I left on my trip. Martin looked at the slide out problem and we both realized again something was wrong. The slide outs did not respond properly. He decided to change the house batteries for the second time.
    I also wanted them to look at the main door piston. It was falling off and not working right. They had to order the piston so I had to be careful not to let the wind catch the door or open it too hard to avoid the door from hitting the RV and denting it all up. They did all they could that day and told me that the house batteries were new and everything should be OK. Ricky the maintenance manager at Bankston’s and Fred Jackson, my salesman at Bankston’s told me that when anyone takes a new RV out they usually experience problems so make a list of things that are not functioning properly or missing and let us know when you get back from your trip.
    I took the RV home attempted the slides and had the same problem. I call them immediately and Bankston was going to send a repairman named James to my house to look at it. I was talking to James on the phone and tried the slides. They started to work. I slid them out and in with no problem. I felt as if they would work now so I relayed that to James and he didn’t come out to my house. My wife and I packed up our RV and prepared for our trip.
    28 Nov 09 As we were driving to Ohio one of my windshield wipers fell off in a down pour just before Nashville. I called Fred Jackson (my salesman) and asked him if he could have one of his guys from the Nashville office meet me on the highway and fix my windshield wiper. He said that they didn’t have anybody in Nashville that could do that and left me to fix it on my own. I happen to have a needle nosed pliers from a small tool kit I bought for the RV and used it to halfway tighten it down until I hit a truck stop. There I asked a mechanic if I could use a wrench and fixed it myself. Continuing on to Ohio we had no other problems that night.
    Arriving at our campsite in Ohio at 1 am on 29 Oct 09 we just went into the back and climbed in bed. The next morning I was setting up when the slides wouldn’t go out again. I called Fred and told him my problem but again just so they know there was more slide out problems. I kept being persistent with the slide outs until they went out. I got it all set up and we spent our week in Ohio. We had things like inside lights burning out, the refrigerator not getting cool, the icemaker not making ice. Minor things, but we noted them.
    When we decided to pack up and head for home on 5 Nov 09 after my hunting trip, we experienced more slide out issues. They would not come in. Again persistence was the key.
    We got back home to Alabama from our trip. I called Banston’s to see about getting the RV back in the shop. I was able to get it in on 30 Nov 09 I had made a list of issues that we found while on our trip and passed that on to Ricky at Bankston’s. I didn’t see the RV for 3 weeks nor did I receive any calls from Bankston’s giving me a status update.
    17 Dec 09 The third week was all I could take. I called Bankston’s and asked the status of the RV. The answer I got was “You’re all fixed up, you can pick it up anytime. “ How long has it been ready? No one knows. I took off work that Friday (18 Dec 09) and went to get the RV. When I arrived a repairman named Gary was to show me what they had repaired. Gary introduced himself. I asked Gary where the list was that I had provided to Ricky (This is the attachment list that is proving the dates I took it there and there were slide out issues were noted) we could go over the things that were wrong and he and I could check them off as being fixed. The list could not be found. I had a copy at home on my computer but not with me. I tried to go off memory and not everything that I brought it in for was corrected. That day I sat at Bankston’s from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm waiting for them to finish fixing the problems with my RV. When they were working on the RV Gary attempted to put the levelers down and check out the slides once more. One of the levelers failed. It wouldn’t go down. Then he checked the house batters and noticed one was overflowing acid. They changed the house batteries for the 3rd time. I was frustrated by 3:00pm and went into Bankston’s and asked for the manager. I talked to a man named Tim. I relayed my frustration to him, very calmly I might add. I wanted to use the RV over New Years. Tim called Ricky in his office and told Ricky of my frustration. They basically said “sorry” but still never got everything fixed. Ricky and Tim told me that I should take the RV and use it then bring it back at my convenience and then they will fix the remaining issues. I took the RV home. When I got home I e-mailed the list of things that weren’t finished to Ricky, as requested in our short meeting.
    15 March 2010 I took the RV back to Bankston’s to get the remaining issues fixed and have the services (oil changed generator oil changed, chassis greased) done because it was one of the things that wasn’t done the last time it was in there for 3 weeks. At least they didn’t charge me.
    On 26 March at 11:30 am I called and asked if it was ready. Ricky said yes come and pick it up. I asked Ricky if they got the front end aligned and steering wheel straightened out, which was on the list from day one. Ricky said let me double check and I’ll get right back with you. 4 hours later at 3:30 I had called back to Bankston’s and talked to a lady there. I told her about what happened with Ricky and she said she would get on Ricky and have him call me right back. He did call me about 15 minutes later and said come get it. Why did it take 4 hours for him to call me and tell me come get it?
    At this same time Ricky had made a fabricated piston for the door (the door piston was mentioned earlier) because Forrest River didn’t make that part anymore. He fabricated a piston to fit the door. It wasn’t the greatest looking. But Ricky and I discussed having the piston body painted to match the RV and he would call me when he got it in. He left the old one on for the time being and I never heard anything about the new one after that.
    2 Apr 2010 my wife and I decide to take an RV trip. We wanted somewhere local to check out the RV again, so we decided Monte Sano State Park. I drove the RV up to the state park around noon on Friday 2 Apr 10. My wife went to the grocery store so I sat up camp without her. It was warm that day (high 70 to low 80) so when I got to the site, leveled and put out the slides. I plugged into the 30 amp breaker and turned on the AC. Within 5 minutes the pole breaker, of the camp ground, tripped. I shut off the AC and reset the breaker. This happened 3 times in a row. I then went to the camp office and asked if they could have a maintenance man check out the breaker. He changed the breaker and put a brand new 30 amp breaker in the box. I turned on the AC and it tripped again. I shut the AC down and just let it sit for 15 minutes. I was thinking maybe the cord was hot. That should give it a chance to cool down a little and then I will try it again. I turned it back on and it tripped again. I reset the breaker one more time. The AC finally continued to run without tripping the breaker. I went in the RV to eat dinner but my food was cold by that time. I put it in the microwave and the breaker problems started all over.
    3 Apr 10 This morning we were not happy campers so we packed up and headed home. My wife had my pickup truck and departed before I did. I finished packing up the RV. I started my trek home. Driving down the curvy Monte Sano Mountain I was coming up to one of the sharp curves when the RV lost all power. Everything went dead. I had no power beside not having any breaks or steering. I wrestled the RV around the corner on the wrong side of the road hoping no one was coming up the other side. Thank goodness no one was. I got the RV stopped. Once stopped, I noticed the gages were unresposive as if I had shut off the vehicle completely. I tried to start the RV and nothing happened. I tried several more times and it finally started. I started the RV put of the flashers and crawled the RV back to my house. Why did I drive it all the way home? Because it was 7:00am and I didn’t have no other way home and Bankston wasn’t open yet. I had no choice.
    3 Apr 09, 8:20 am, I called Bankston’s and talked to Tim the manager. I told him what had just happened. I wanted to inquire about turning this RV in and getting my money back. I will not feel safe in that vehicle anymore and I think it should be taken off the road before someone gets hurt or killed. I was lucky. Tim said that Mr.Harrison Bankston would be the only one to approve that and Tim would talk to him as soon as he came in. At 12:30 I called Bankston’s back and talk to Tim. I asked him if he talked to Mr. Bankston. He said that he was with a customer and then went to get parts.
    Knowing the past history of my experience with Bankston not communicating, my wife and I went to Bankston’s and personally talked to Mr.Bankston. He acted very sincere. He wanted me to bring the RV back to the RV center so they could look at it again. I told him I wasn’t comfortable driving it. He said he would send someone out to my house to get it. I told him that he would be responsible for his driver because if something happened I wasn’t going to be at fault. He agreed.
    5 Apr 09 Mr. Bankston said that if he didn’t call me by 10:00 am that Monday to call him and he would arrange for the pickup of the RV. A guy from Bankston’s came and got the RV, I’m not sure of who or the time, they came when I was at work. We haven’t heard anything at all from Bankston’s until I called them to give them a new phone number where I could be reached and that was 2 weeks later on 20 Apr 10.
    In this time frame, we even asked Bankston’s to call the manufacturer and see if any electrical problems were being reported on these type vehicles. The answer we got was “no” but Bankston got authorization from Forest River’s John Armstrong to replace the fuel filter. This is on WO5037.
    Not sure what that has to do with electrical problems but nonetheless it was changed. Didn’t help out with the slide out/ electrical issues I can tell you that.

    22 Apr 10-Today we asked for a refund from Mr. Bankston. Because of all the problems we have had and the time they have had to repair the RV. Mr. Bankston said to me that “I would be gray headed before he would give my money back.” Mr. Bankston said he had been through this before and it will a long time before or if anything will be done. I then though my best interest would be to leave. I was very frustrated and decided I needed to do this through the legal system.
    Mr. Bankston and I even discussed trading the RV for another. He showed us one that was in poor shape, but a new 08 model nonetheless. My wife and I didn’t care for it because it had dirty and stained furniture in it. Mr.Bankston said he would look for something else that would be compatible. I called Mr. Bankston back several days later so he had time to look for some other RV’s. When I talked to him he said he wasn’t looking no more because he didn’t have anything in that price range.
    I then contacted several lawyers and none of them specialized in this sort of thing so no one would take this case. I actually had one lawyer tell me that there is no money to be made in a case like this so he couldn’t help me.
    10 May 10 – After Bankstons said they tested everything and couldn’t reenact the problems. Reluctantly I finally told them to just deliver the RV back to my house. Ray brought it to my house pulling his jeep behind the RV.
    19 May 10 My wife’s birthday, I decided to take the RV to a local RV park that could accommodate the Class A RV with 50 amp hook up. We wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and check out the RV again, because everything was suppose to be fine according to Bankston’s . That night set up started off with the TV distribution box not working again. It had no power and never worked since day one.

    21 May 10 I noticed that the icemaker wasn’t producing ice. It would make one tray then stop working. That was also supposed to have been fixed when they had it the first three weeks. Got video of this.
    Next the outside main awning had a little water on it from a drizzling rain so I tried to wind it up and it wouldn’t retract. This is a new problem, Got video of this.

    23 May 10 Packing up to leave the campground the slides would not retract. I tried them for several HOURS. Then the levelers won’t go up. I also tried them for several hours too.
    I called Mr. Bankston and he had repair guys call me. For the record I was close enough for them to come and look at it firsthand but they didn’t. I had left the leveler activated hoping they would retract. As I was talking to Ray from Bankston’s one of the levelers released then they all started to retract. So then I tried the slide outs again and nothing. I just kept on trying them and then all of a sudden they started to work. Now everything is up/in and the RV can be moved. I took it home this day.

    5-25 10 I took back to Bankston’s to let them look at it again.

    27 May 10 I had left my cell phone charger in the RV so I went to get it. The guy who was working on the TV (Jason) looked at me and asked, In a real sarcastic tone, if I was the guy who disconnected these cables. I told him yes and why I did it. I didn’t say anything more to him but I let Ray know I wasn’t real fond of getting disrespected every time I come to Bankston’s. I been pretty patient and didn’t need to be treated like I am a burden every time I come there.

    1 Jun 10 3:30 pm. I had to call Bankston because no one ever calls me, as usual. Ray was supposed to look at the RV again this morning and call me back. According to Ray, he had left the RV plugged in over the weekend and had everything running. After talking to Greg at 3:30 pm, Ray called me back at 3:35 and said he couldn’t find anything wrong electrically, as usual.

    2 Jun 10 4:00 pm I went to pick up the RV and asked Ray for all the work orders that have been made since I’ve owned it. As I reviewed the paperwork there was never any mention annotated about the slide problem on any of the paperwork except for the last time it was in the shop. The slide is the whole issue beside the power cutting completely off. I asked Ray why there was no mention on the slide issue and he said he didn’t know anything about it until just then. I produced the paperwork again where I had given Bankston’s a list of items to be repaired on 30 Nov 09 and the slide out issue is on the list.

    4 Jun 10 Took the RV to Little River campground near Langston, Al. Got everything set up fine. As the camping progressed the TV audio went out. It started going a little at a time then went totally out. This was the first time we have gotten to use the TV since we have owned the RV because of all the times the TV distribution box wasn’t working after being repaired supposedly by Bankston’s. We started noticing more things wrong. A heater vent fin on the floor got broken. The flooring is coming loose from the kitchen floor. The slide out on the fireplace side acted up again taking numerous times before retracting when ready to leave. The gray water holding tank emptying handle is very hard to pull out.

    8 Jun I called Ray at Bankstons and told him about the issues. He asked when I wanted to bring it in. I told him when he gets the icemaker I will bring it in so they can work on it some more.

    9 Jun-10 I filed a complaint with BBB against Bankston Motor Home Inc. 2191 Jordon Lane N.W. Huntsville Al.

    15 Jun 10 I called Forest River to see if they would do anything to possibly help me with my electrical problem. I left a message for Mr. John Armstrong at [protected].
    I got home today and decided to see if the RV may have straightened itself out. I expanded the slide outs but again have problems getting then to retract. I called Ray at Bankstons and told him the problem again. Ray had me go through a series of trying one slide then the other and trying to sequence the way the slides should be expanded and retracted. This sounds good but is just another BS answer.
    Ray was not at work so I told him I would try it a few more times and call him in the morning with the results. I still had the same results, not working properly.

    16 Jun 10 08:30 I called Ray at Bankston’s and told him it acted the same. He told me to bring it down to Bankston’s.
    John Armstrong from Forest River returned my call. I asked him if there was anything that he could do to get this RV fixed. I explained all the details mentioned above and he also was wondering why Bankston’s didn’t contact him about the electrical issue. Bankston’s had talked to him before about other repairs but never mentioned the electrical. John said he would talk to Ray at Bankston’s. After I talked to Ray again John told Ray to do whatever it takes to repair the RV. I asked Ray why he didn’t call John. No answer.

    16 Jun I started looking for lawyers again, not much luck so far.

    17 Jun I contacted the Alabama state bar lawyer referral. They gave me a name of an attorney named Brian Robertson [protected] out of Birmingham, Al. I e-mailed Brian the log I have been keeping, the paperwork from Bankston’s and the issues list since this fiasco began. He is now reviewing my case.

    18 Jun 10 Took the RV back to Bankston’s. Ray said he would contact me and give me a status. Never heard from Bankston’s.

    21 Jun 10 I e-mailed the attorney Brian Robertson to see if he had a chance to look the case over . Brian said he did and would be contacting me real soon.
    Still no word from Bankston’s.

    22 Jun 10 Brian Robertson e-mailed me. See printed e-mail. It sounds like there is no lemon law and not much to protect me as the consumer. Brian said the Mangnussen-Moss Act doesn’t seem to apply.
    6-29-10 I heard from Karen Reeves at the Better Business Bureau of Huntsville, Al. See printed e-mail.
    She says she has been having e-mail problems and hasn’t received e-mails in the past 10 days but now has all my information.
    I then talked to Karen on the phone and asked her when we can get the arbitrator scheduled. She said BBB has to send Bankston’s a letter and give Bankston’s 2 weeks to reply. If a settlement cannot be reached then we can schedule an arbitrator.

    6-30-10 I went to Bankston’s at 0945 am to get some personal items out of the RV that we need for the 4th of July weekend. I went into Bankston’s and told Ray Cope that I needed to get the items from the RV. He escorted me to the RV. As we were walking to the RV he told me that they have tested the RV several times and still can’t re-enact the slide out issue. After entering the RV Ray went over to the control panel and extended the slides to the out position. He then directed me to let the levelers down. Everything went fine. As Ray was telling me how Bankston’s did everything possible to fix the RV I walked over to the control panel and pushed the center button to retract the slide. You could hear the motor of the slide winding but no movement of the slide. Ray got to see the problem first hand. Ray then said well at least there is a new 32“ flat panel TV going in this RV. I asked how they were going to mount it. Ray said he would rebuild the cabinet. That scared me but, I just retrieved the items I needed and went on my way and left Bankston’s.

    7-19-10 Talked to BBB, Karen Reeves who I initially spoke with was not in the office so I spoke with Belinda McCormack. She is going to call Bankston and then e-mail me with the results of the conversation. Belinda actually called me. We had a long conversation discussing Bankstons inability to correct the RV slide out issue. Basically BBB can’t do anything that the seller doesn’t want to do. Belinda is going to try to set up a meeting with the RV manufacturer, Bankston and myself.
    *Note: I didn’t really find her very supporting, I would have rather had Kathy Reeve.

    7-23-10 Received a voice message from John Armstrong at Forest River. He said he had talked to Ray at Bankston’s. The message said “… everything is on the up and up and you’re good to go. I called John back and told him that Bankston’s wasn’t on the up and up and what about the electrical issue? I then asked when this slide out issue happens again who is refunding my money, the manufacturer or Bankston’s ? John and I had a lengthy discussion about Banston’s. The discussion was basically going over the same old things as before. John asked if there was another RV sales and service in the area and if so I have permission to take it to them and have the other RV place re-check the charging system at Forest River’s expense. I am now waiting to hear from Bankston’s to tell me to pick up my RV. FYI: it’s been at Bankston’s another 39 straight days.

    27 Jul-10 On my way to work this morning I decided to see if the RV was on the outside of Bankston’s lot. I wanted to see if the new TV was installed. It wasn’t. It looked like the old TV was taken out but nothing in its place. I continued on to work.
    This afternoon I called the BBB and asked Belinda to call me. She called later that day. I asked her to contact Bankston’s and have them install the TV and bring the RV to my house along with the work order paperwork. I asked her if she ever set up the meeting with the manufacturer, Bankston and myself. Belinda said she called them and asked if they had contacted me. They have not. Belinda said to me, well I can’t make them. Belinda acted like I was the bad guy. I found out why after we talked a little more. Bankston’s and John Armstrong were acting like they didn’t know what she was talking about when she asked both of them how they could correct the electrical problem. According to Belinda Banskston and John Armstrong both stated that an electrical problem was never mentioned. I called and left a message with John Armstrong asking him what he told Belinda because what Belinda told me wasn’t matching up with what John and I discussed the day before. I asked John to call me because now I think he is just blowing me off until the warranty runs out and he can wash his hand to it also and leave me stuck with a unuseable RV. The day prior John told me to take it to Madison RV and see if they can put a tester on it and find out if the charging unit is bad. Now I am afraid to do that because I’m not sure I‘ll get my money back.

    28 Jul 10 My wife Aleta talked with John Armstrong today.
    Aleta’s comments: I called Mr. Armstrong on 26 Jul and left a message for him to call me. After Mark and I spoke with the BBB, I became very upset to hear that Mr. Armstrong had made statements to the BBB that he felt Mark and Ray had problems between them and that Bankston had assured him that the RV was fixed. Mr. Armstrong returned my call on 28 Jul. I expressed to Mr. Armstrong I wanted to address the statements he had made to the BBB. To clarify what the issues between the “Adams and Bankston” really are. I explained to Mr. Armstrong that the reason we have an issue with Bankston is because they have had our RV on and off for 145 days and have yet to resolve the electrical issues. They have been caught in numerous lies and that we do not have any faith or trust in them. I explained to Mr. Armstrong about the RV losing power coming down a mountain, the RV batteries not staying charged, the batteries being replaced, oozing acid, the camp ground breakers blowing and having to be replaced and even then the we could not turn on anything but the air conditioner. I also told him that Ray has seen some of the issues himself and now denied it. I asked him to put himself in our situation, we have paid $9, 000.00 + so far and have nothing to show for it and to add to that frustration, be lied to and told that the problem could be you are not being fair to Bankston. I went on to explain to him the things that Mr. Bankston told us when we tried to talk to him about our situation. He told us “If we “meaning Bankston” have your RV for three weeks, it’s not because we are working on it”. He said he would get to the bottom of it and would help us. The situation did not improve. Once when we call them to get an update on the status after not hearing from them in over two weeks, we were told “Oh yeah, it’s ready, come get it”, I asked if they have found out the root cause for the power failure? Mr. Bankston said “No”. I said I was not comfortable putting my family in the RV not knowing if it would happen again. He said “You would be better prepared for it next time”. I asked “what is that suppose to mean”? I told him that in my business we do not fly unverified failures and we don’t even have human’s aboard. I told him there was no way we were taking a chance on our families lives. I also explained to Mr. Armstrong that later in a conversation with Mr. Bankston he said “I don’t have any money, you might get your money back but you will be gray headed by the time you do”. Mr. Armstrong said that he was not aware of these issues and asked that we work with him. He asked if we would take the RV to Ford and have them hook it up for diagnostics. I explained to him that Mr. Bankston said they had already done this and that they couldn’t find anything wrong. Mr. Armstrong said that his records did not show that it had ever been to Ford. I replied “see the lies and deceit we are dealing with”. I told Mr. Armstrong that we would give him one month to fix this or replace our RV. He said that he thinks that it may be the PCM (main computer) and that he would do what ever it takes to help us. If Ford and Madison RV can not find anything, he will bring the RV to Indiana and have their shop look at it. He stated that he felt confident that the Ford Diagnosis would show what the problem is. He asked that we get an appointment with Ford as soon as possible.

    I Mark called Bankston later this afternoon and talked to Ray Cope to see when I could pick up the RV. Ray said he was going to have it delivered to the house. Greg Reese and James (not sure of his last name) delivered it to the house with no paperwork. I asked Greg to fax me the paperwork and I would call and provide him a fax number on 29 Jul 10. The TV is replaced and it seems like a new ice make was installed, will try to check out in the next few days. Bankston claims no problem with slide outs. I will check them again also.

    29 Jul 10 I called Greg Reese at [protected] and told him he could send the paperwork by fax to [protected] which is my work fax. I found out from my IT person at work that they were having problems with that fax machine. I called Greg back and asked him to just have Bankston’s send me the paperwork in the mail.

    The RV has been in the shop 145 days as of 27 Jul 10. I feel we have given Bankston Motor Homes Inc. 2191 Jordon Lane N.W. Huntsville Al. ample time to repair the RV issues with no results. Forest River seems to be back peddling also.
    -Irresolvable electrical problems.
    -Repetitive problems not being fixed or taking way too long to repair. Door cylinder, ice maker, and TV distribution box.
    -Inconvenience, taking up my time running it to Bankston’s continually.
    -Unability to use the RV for what I intended.
    -Lost all faith in the trustworthiness of this RV. Dangerous vehicle.
    - Rude treatment and continuous lies.

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