Bank Mobile Vibeall


each month when i get a refund from the school, bankmobile gets the file/money but says they did not get it, takes 3 or more weeks after the school sent the funds for bankmobile to place in my account.
Every time i call the customer service is down right capital "S" overtaking me, not answering the question i ask, placed on hold for over 10min at a time.
i filed a ATM transaction despite, ATM did not issue the money but bankmobile still took the amount out of my account. two ATM transactions for $62 each. i sent bankmobile the ATM receipt showing "Transaction canceled amount dispensed $0.00". but still took bankmobile over 15 days to issue the money back after days of me calling and asking to speak to higher. the same day i got the funds back bankmobile CLOSED my account, closed the card and sent a email " we will no longer have you as a customer" giving no reason as to why . so now im having to wait for them send a check in the mail . EVERY CENT in the account is now being sent in the mail. i have no way to get any money now to support my family's needs. this bank should be investigated on how they conduct things, and schools should find a different bank to work with.

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