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My husband and I have a big problem that Banggood company is responsible for and Banggood doesn't want to be cooperative whatsoever. The problem is the following. Somebody purchased something on Banggood using a stolen card (our card number). We don't know who this was and what he/she/they ordered. All we have is the date where the order was made and the sum of the purchase. All we know that the money from our credit card is gone. We found that out by logging into our bank online.
As soon as we found out that the money was stolen from the card, we contacted our bank (the Russian Federation, "Saint-Petersburg Bank") and terminated our card. When we came to our bank they told us it was a scam and unfortunately they cannot help us with it. However, they gave us the following information: the purchase had been made on September, 3rd, 2018, place: [protected] through PayPal to the site of Banggood, the sum of the purchase was 32509 roubles.
We contacted Banggood and asked them to track the purchase that was made on their site in order to cancel it and give us the money that had been stolen back to our bank. My husband sent them a couple of emails. I contacted the Banggood group on Facebook on a live chat with one of the employees by the name of Charlotte. She didn't tell me her full name. I explained the full situation to her. I told her that we had not ordered anything on their site, that the person who did this purchase used the stolen data of our card and paid this purchase through the third side - PayPal site. It is obviously a scam. Charlotte said that she needed the number of the order which we cannot give her because it wasn't us who made this order. Probably, by now, this person has already got this purchase. I don't know. All we have is - some number (we don't know it was a phone number or a user's number), the time of purchase and the sum. We asked the company to track this order using this information but they told this is not enough. When I asked them to speak to the person-in-charge, namely, a senior manager, they told us to contact them by email, which we had already done with a zero result. Basically, they don't want to take charges and help us with this situation. I wonder if anything can be done in this situation?
Elena Novikova,
Stephen Green
email to [protected]
phone in Russia +[protected]


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    Samantha Jane Tobias Aug 12, 2019

    I have just had the same happen to me!!! Two different transactions for two different currencies. Never heard of them before, until I was noticed of the withdrawls from my account in South Africa!

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