Banfield Wellness Plancancellation process

Y Aug 13, 2018

my mother passed away a month and a half ago. i see recurring charges for this banfield wellness so i call to cancel. first the lady tells me if i stay on the phone my wait time is over 2 hours. she said i could send an email however payment should be taken today. she cant guarantee money would be given back! i get the email then ask her to connect me ill wait...
the first this the automated system says is " one second while i verify your account" . then it proceeds to tell me they've saved my place in line and if id just like a call back to just hang up now. wtf, i don't even have an account. and the system sure did not repeat any phone number back to me. so here i sit on hold still. it sounds as though someone keeps turning on my linee then putting me back on hold.

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