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I don't even know where to begin. I have been a client of Banfield, Eagan for over 5yrs now. I have gotten to know all the staff as they have helped care for my 5yr old Weimaraner. I was fairly happy with them so when I finished college to be a vet tech I decided to work for the company~against the advice of every single instructors/vet techs at my school. They all told me I would regret it. Well, they were correct. Not only was the level of animal care incredibly disturbing but the lack of knowledge and compassion by the staff was horrifying. Aside from that nightmare in the midst of the 5 months I lasted there (before I told off the office mgr ~who had NO PRIOR MEDICAL BACKROUND!) I fell in love with a little abandoned dog. The Dr. said that if someone didn't take it he would either be euthanized or sent to the humane society~this dog had spent the first 4yrs of his life locked in a laundry room. I decided to take him. The lead Dr. gave his permission to put him on a wellness plan so we could neuter him. A few weeks prior to me adopting this dog, Banfield had rolled out a new wellness plan that was specifically designed for dogs that had not been spayed/neuter prior to turning 6 months old. So, we neutered him, a few months later I wanted to get him in to have a dental so I upgraded his plan. I talked it over with the csc (receptionist) the morning I brought him in for the dental and also had requested a few additional services that I was happy to pay for. The treatment plan that I signed that morning was for $72.00 but when I came back to pick him up his bill was suddenly $378.00!!! I waited for an hour so they could try to find out what this 250.00 charge was that appeared on my bill and no one knew. The csc even called corporate 3 times and they had no idea what it was either. So knowing me for 5yrs she said that I should go ahead and go home and she would work on finding out what this $250.00 charge was for. TWO weeks later she calls and said I was being charged for his neuter. I have upgraded my other dogs plan to the highest plan which is the optimum and NEVER had this happen. I have argued with them stating that had I known that morning when I signed a treament plan for $72.00 that I was going to have to pay for the neuter I NEVER WOULD'VE UPGRADED HIS PLAN!!! Why should I pay the price for their incompetance? Their policy is that when a client signs a treatment plan they are basically signing a contract agreeing to pay the amount that is listed on the treatment plan and IF there are additional charges they will call you before they proceed. I'm so angry and disappointed in this company. I do not understand why no one informed me that if I were to upgrade his plan I would have to suddenly pay for his neuter. Why has that never happened when I have upgraded my Weims plan? They have now sent me to collections and are destroying my credit. I will never take my pets back there again. I'm so disappointed that my 5yrs of loyalty meant nothing and that this is how they treat their clients. Not only was I traumatized but the horrifying lack of animal care but now this bull!!! As a previous vet tech with Banfield... I BEG ALL OF YOU TO NEVER TAKE YOUR PETS TO ANY BANFIELD!!! You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors!!! And you don't want to know!!!


  • Banfield Pet Hospital Dec 13, 2010

    Thank you for sharing this feedback. The client advocacy team at Banfield would certainly appreciate the opportunity to discuss this experience with you. You can reach a team member by calling 877-500-2288.

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  • Tr
    T. R. Dec 23, 2010

    @ Banfield The Pet Hospital
    The kind of behavior @lukieleenie describes is repeated all over Yelp!, this site and other review sites about *ALL* your branches, not just Egan. I'm impressed that you are reaching out to (lost) customers through this forum, but in reality, what needs to be done is to stop the systematic over-charging and gouging that seems to be policy rather than exception. These plans are all built to encourage new pet owners into an insurance program that they are led to believe will cover their pet's heath needs throughout their lives, but what ends up happening is that anything other than vaccinations and checkup visits ends up costing the pet owner double or more what they'd pay at a private vet's office. I speak from personal experience when a Banfield vet (whom I never met, nor ever offered to meet me) DIAGNOSED MY DOG'S CANCER AS ARTHRITIS and saw fit to charge me $700+ for xrays and meds that she didn't need (and could have been doing more harm than good), all the while with the unspoken but very clear theme that not following their treatment plan was tantamount to abusing my pet since "the doctor knows best." Needless to say, my girl spent her last days under the care of a truly wonderful independent Oncologist who never once tried to pad the bill or lie to me like your doctors did.

    So I suggest you stop trying to silence those of us who have a voice, and start working with your doctors to improve the quality and pricing of your care. This does not reflect on any other Banfield staff as I have found the Nurses and Vet Assistants to be great people who truly care for their furry patients.

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  • Tr
    T. R. Dec 23, 2010

    And yes, I AGREE with @lukieleenie

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  • Banfield Pet Hospital Dec 23, 2010

    In no way are we trying to silence our clients, or anyone with feedback about Banfield. We encourage feedback and, frankly, we need it to continue to improve our service. We cannot speak to your specific situation in this forum, but we always welcome the opportunity to speak with clients, like yourself, who have had a negative experience at a Banfield hospital. We extend the same invitation to you to speak to our client advocacy team to discuss your experience, on a location-specific basis, so we can do the most with your feedback. Again, that number is 877-500-2288.

    For the exact reason you mentioned, regarding negative reviews, we want to reach out to learn and make improvements. Of course, we get a lot of positive feedback as well, but it's the negative reviews that we see the most opportunity to improve. As you said, people put a significant amount of trust in their vets, and we value that trust. All procedures and charges, as policy, are agreed upon between the vet and client. If a client feels that this did not happen, then we absolutely want to hear about that. Your relationship with your Banfield vet should be a partnership, and that is what we strive for at all hospitals.

    Thank you for your valuable feedback, and please accept our sympathies for the loss of your dog.

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  • Tr
    T. R. Dec 24, 2010

    Thanks @Zachary S. and thanks for responding, @Banfield The Pet Hospital. I dealt with the issues I described with the assistance of the client advocacy team. While I do feel the monetary aspect of my case was handled well, the doctor's practice of poor pet owner treatment and lack of accountability was never addressed. According to the recent critical reviews of the Banfield branch I took my pet to, the same doctor is still operating in the same manner... in other words, nothing has changed. If this were the only branch that had complaints about the practice of under-estimating then over-billing outside of the Wellness plan I would excuse it as an anomaly, but since I see the same kind of treatment is described at Banfield branches nationwide, I have to believe that this kind of practice is systemic and possibly even policy (or at least reinforced by the likelihood that a Banfield doctor's performance is measured by the quantity "outside-of-plan-charges" and not customer satisfaction, as it should be). This preys on the emotions and desire to "do the best thing" that most pet owners have, and it destroys the very trust you desire between patient and caregiver.

    Like I said before, I applaud your efforts to remedy individual client cases but if the widespread practices described repeatedly do not change, you will lose many more clients than you already have.

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  • Jo
    joe-y Dec 27, 2010

    A little over a year ago, I had a similar experience with my dog. Not only was I patronized by the Vet of Banfield in front of her staff, she blatanly lied and I was told to call the 1 800 number. There is no "corporate" office to handle these claims and they refer you back to the original location you brought your pet to. The vet lied about my dog's treatments as well as not following SOP of the clinic as I was told they follow which is how my dog was mis-diagnosed and suffered permanent facial scarring as a result. I realize that I am overly protective of my pet as pet owners are, but I could not believe the inhumanity expressed by this vet and to this day there has been no closure from the client advocacy center. I have told this story to all my pet owner friends and implore those other pet owners not to subject their loved one to Banfield.

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  • Az
    azspots Dec 29, 2010

    So, because you have a plan with them, that makes it okay to continue taking your animals there to be basically abused and you be overcharged. To heck with the plan...

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  • Bo
    booobanfield Dec 20, 2011

    Worst pet hospital EVER. They focus on making money instead of what the pets really need and their employees are like car salesmen when it comes to recommendations. In Las Vegas I had the worst experience ever and spoke to many people waiting to bee seen who all ageed that the female doctor is extremely rude and reccomended the exact same things for each one of their pets, "anal gland expression and pedicures etc". Everytime i had to see her instead of the other vet she reccomended the exact same thing. I even went and had the anal glands and nails cut the orning before bringing my puppy in, and guess what, she still recommended the anal glands and nails needed to be done. HA what kind of professional is this. do they even examine our pets or just reccomend the usuall????

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  • Banfield Pet Hospital Dec 20, 2011

    @booobanfield We apologize if a visit to one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way. We appreciate your feedback and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly to gather more information and to help us continue to improve our services. We strive to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. Please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288, thank you.

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  • Tw
    Twinmom08 Jul 26, 2012

    The advocate team WILL not help either! I have been waiting for a call back for 6 days from them after 4 calls to them for the SAME issue!!!

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