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I have been unemployed for 11 months except for low paying temp jobs. I moved 5 hours away where there was a Petsmart. The very next morning one of my dogs broke his foot. We contacted Petsmart for the Banfield information and there was a space for them; however, no one occupied the space. I had to take him to a local vet and pay over $200. I contacted Banfield to cancel since they refuse to provide services in this area and I was told I had to pay for services used. What services I asked and received no detailed response. They told me they would not cancel my plan since I refused to pay for these services. I had to pay each time I visited, so what outstanding balance would I owe? I contacted the credit card to dispute the charge. The credit card company could not find anything on Banfield's website about cancellation policy that would allow them to continue charging my account. I consider it fraud.

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Aug 03, 2013 11:38 pm

The owner who wrote a blog about "Murphy, " named "Cheryl Caliolio" has the same last name as the vet being discussed by the commenter and the previous commenter. Murphy's owner seemed to praise Dr. Caliolio. But is it just a coincidence that her and the vet have the same last name? If you ask me, it can easily be assumed that Murphy's owner is related to Dr. Caliolio, and she wrote a "blog" to put a good name on the vet and devalue the previous commenter's complaints.

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Jan 29, 2011 11:38 pm

I agree, years ago Banfield was great, but now its another story. So sad! It used to be a convenient and affordable place, now they are sales people and the doctors dont seem to know what they are doing. One even pulled out a book in front of me to research what I was describing. BASIC Seizures in LABS!

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Feb 09, 2008 11:38 pm

We enjoyed the Banfield years ago, the hours, the staff, and the convenience. Now the staff is new every time we go there. Minimum wage, incompetent, Middle school education staff, absolute ###s. Every attempt by the staff is incorrect not once but 12 or more times. I knew how to use a fax machine at 6 years old. They are so Lost. Absolute ###S! They require a fee to terminate their *** plan because they know their service will not stand up to their promises. They denied further service to one of my dogs and want to continue to charge me till the plan ends. Pure harassment and their practices should be looked into by fraud services. Below is a letter sent to the Dirtbag Company.

At my pets last visit the Dr. Insulted me horribly verbally to my face she said "I don't know why people don't take their dogs to Aggression training, Its its like someone Bipolar not going to a Psychiatrist" WOW TO MY FACE OUT LOUD, she would not treat my dog anymore if I did not take her for aggression training. She is perfectly mannered and responds instantly to my commands except for when at that unprofessional zoo. She is 4 years old and has never hurt or attempted to hurt anyone. The employees change lately so often, The personnel are different every time I go. The staff consists of people who are minimum wage, no experience, insulting and mainly incompetent. She does get upset at Banfield, so I always muzzle her there, she is only scared to death. It is not a good environment for any animal that is breathing. Please cancel my wellness plan as of today. I have had nothing but hassles with the local pet hospital. My pet is scared to death and they do nothing to try to soothe her or make up to her, no good "bedside manor" offered. Again hugely unprofessional for a Vets office. Besides that point, it took almost 2 months to get them to write a prescription for Heartgard for my dog, Somehow screwing up over a dozen times. I had to call both Banfield and the online company I was ordering from numerous times. The first request (before 1 year from previous test had expired) they said they couldn't find her in their records, "Find employees with brains" and then they waited long enough for her to need to go for a new test before they would write it, so they denied it. Then I got the above mentioned talk about not wanting to see her again. I asked to pick up a prescription this past Monday, left work early to get there in time and prescription wasn't there. They said they would fax it Tuesday, never happened again. Called them again on Thursday and requested fax, they said maybe they would call the company I was ordering from and send it to them. They sent it to the wrong company and the only way I knew that was that company called me to ask if I wanted to place an order. Finally faxed request again today and they faxed me the prescription. The first time it was wrong and I had to request it again. (my hair is turning grey) Now, finally after nearly 2 months I have a prescription in hand. No professionalism. Everything has just been a tremendous nightmare. When we first started going there it was convenient, evening hours, weekend hours, could go anytime great professional staff. Now it is very difficult to get an appointment and they always request that the pet be dropped off for whole day. I'm sure under the circumstances they don't want me to drop off my pet (since they don't even want to see her)! And I wouldn't want her left in a cage for hours being neglected and scared to death! I would not leave my neighbors pet Rat there! I called in to cancel and they said I still had 3 or 4 months left on contract which I would be liable for even though the hospital does not want to take care of my pet. I have been on the plan for almost 4 years and did not sign a 4 year contract! If Banfield was a Professional Vet with professional staff today as they advertise I would be glad to continue to use them as a vet. Please mail me a copy of the 4 year contract with my signature signed.

I will do everything in my power to Distribute this nightmare story to warn people from getting Scammed into their contract just to find out that their pet is lucky to be still alive today. GO TO A REAL VET NOT A PETSHOP.

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Nov 13, 2007 11:38 pm

This is an actual comment of a grateful client from Banfield --Alexandria.

Murphy's TPLO Surgeries
**First time viewers note: It is best to start from August 2006 and work your way forward**
August 14, 2006
A little about Murphy

Our Introduction

For starters, my first name is Kendra and my husband's name is Rob. We are currently living in Washington DC, as my husband is in the military. This blog is dedicated to our wonderful 2-1/2 year old Yellow Lab named Murphy, who is about to undergo knee surgery in both legs!

Why I choose to create this Blog?

Well for starters, Murphy is an 82 pound Labrador Retriever, one of American’s most popular breeds. I searched the internet and didn’t readily find any documented TPLO surgery accounts that involved Labs (not saying that there may not be any out there).

Secondly, we live in a 3-story apartment and in my searches I didn't find any past recovery cases from TPLO that had this many stairs involved!

Our first level is where Murphy will be confined to during both of his healing processes, it consists of the laundry room and foyer. The second level is where we spend the majority of our time because this is where the kitchen and living room is located. Murphy typically camps out on the couch, but during his recovery he won't be allowed to come upstairs at all. Our third level is where all the bedrooms are located. Murphy is used to sleeping with us as well, so that will be another change that he isn't going to like.

Thirdly, a blog is an easy way for our family and friends to keep track of Murphy’s progress, as well as give anyone who may face a similar situation what to expect during and after a TPLO surgery.

Murphy's Arrival

Murphy became an addition to our family in February of 2004. I drove 5-1/2 hrs to Meridian Mississippi to get him for a surprise for my husband for Valentine's Day. From the moment the two met they have pretty much been inseparable. Their together time consists of wet kisses and playing fetch. We have been blessed with Murphy's temperament and personality. He was no trouble to potty train, and discipline came very easy for him. He has never been a chewer, is trained by hand signals, and even passed puppy kindergarten with flying colors (Except for getting into trouble from flirting with his 'girlfriend' who was a Chocolate Lab).

Past Medical History

Murphy has really only had one minor health problem. He was diagnosed with food allergies after an ear infection sporadically came and went for his first year. We were prescribed Z/D Ultra by Hills by our local Florida vet, and we were told that he could no longer have any normal types of dog treats as well as no table scraps. Taking away the table scraps was easy because he hardly ever got them, we were adamant about him not being a moocher. However, taking away his normal dog bones, and vanilla wafers was a little sad. His treats now consist of carrots and ice cubes. Occasionally Rob will sneak him a tiny piece of pizza crust, and a few pieces of popcorn.

The Final Straw

We noticed about 1 &1/2 years ago that whenever Murphy would wake up from a nap, he would be slow in getting up, and that he often limped for a little while until his muscles warmed up. The first thing we thought of was hip displacia, however his hips were guaranteed as a puppy, and he didn't do it all the time. With that in mind, we literally chalked it up to him just getting older. We did however make sure to question two different vets about it, the last being this past March. We were told that he was over weight (95 lbs at the time) and that it was probably putting a strain on his joints. This really wasn't any NEW news to us. We have been told since Murphy was six months old that he was over weight, but we had a hard time believing it. Labs are supposed to be big and bulky, have thick necks, and broad shoulders. It was also hard to believe because the only thing he ever really gets is his dog food. We took the recommendation to heart and decided it was time to be proactive about his future. We cut his food back to 4 cups a day, and began the use of a measuring cup.

Fast forward to a few days after the Fourth of July this year. We were in the middle of our move, and were staying at a local hotel that accepted pets until we got housing. We tried to take advantage of Alexandria's many dog parks, and about 3-4 times a week we would walk him to the nearby parks in an attempt to give him some normality, as well as continue with his daily fetch routine.

One day, after waking up from a nap he was slow in getting up, and refused to put any weight on his back right leg. He continued to do this for two days. It was then that we decided that it was time to have x-rays done so that we could finally get some answers.

Since Rob is military and we move often, we decided that it would be best to start using Banfield Pet Hospitals as our primary vet. They are attached to most PetSmarts which makes them easy to find, and they have a Pet Wellness Plan that carries from state to state.

On July 19th, Murphy was seen by Dr. Caliolio at Banfield and by that afternoon we had our answers. Murphy’s hips and spine were picture perfect, however, both of his knees were cause for concern. Based on the X-rays Dr. Caliolio diagnosed Murphy with a possible cranial cruciate rupture and joint effusion with apparent bilateral stifles. I didn’t quite understand what all of that meant, but Dr. Caliolio was wonderful in explaining it to me and even went as far at to pull out a text book to help. He advised me that he was going to refer me to a local orthopedic specialist for confirmation.

The Diagnosis

On August 3rd, I brought Murphy to South Paws Veterinary Specialists for his referral appointment. I met with Dr. Daniel Brehm, who looked at Murphy’s X-rays and did several tests. He determined that Murphy indeed had partial Cruciate Ligament tears in both legs.

The following is a link to South Paws website for an explanation of a Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture

After careful consideration, we decided that the TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) surgery would be the best choice for Murphy. The main reason is because we still don’t know exactly how he injured himself to begin with, neither of us can recall any events within the past 2 & 1/2 years where he may have hurt himself. Unlike other surgeries that rely on scar tissue, TPLO uses pins to fuse the bone together and eliminates the need for the ligaments. It is our theory that with the TPLO it will be harder for him hurt himself again, and that it will be worth doing it right the first time. The TPLO surgery is relatively more expensive than other types of surgeries, the cost being $3000 per leg (* However, that price includes everything, including his follow-up visits). The TPLO has a healing period of 6-8 weeks, and history has shown that dogs that have it will typically develop arthritis the same as any other normal dog. The plan is to do one leg, go through the 8 week recovery, and then do the second leg.

Current Activity Level

Murphy isn’t what we would consider a very active dog. His days consist of lying on the couch until we come home from work. Then he wants to go straight outside to take care of business and do what he loves the most... play fetch!

Since the Diagnosis we have had to cut back on his play time which has made him a very unhappy camper. There have been several days where he has been vocal about 'what time it is' and has even gone as far as to go pout in the corner for an hour when he didn't get his way. As you can probably tell, he is our only child!

Winter is coming, and Murphy has spent all of his winters up until now in Florida. This winter will mark his first snowfall, and we are hoping that if we get started on the surgeries ASAP that he will be able to enjoy the snowfalls like a normal dog, and spend the rest of his years happily running and playing fetch like any other dog!

The Date for Surgery No. 1

We broke down and scheduled the surgery for this Friday, August 18th. We decided to start on his right leg first since this is the one that bothered him last. Since he has partial ACL tears in BOTH legs, there is a chance that he could further injure his left leg during his recovery simply because it will be bearing the brunt of his weight for at least the first few weeks. We are hoping that there will be no complications and that his left leg will hold out.

Other Helpful Links

The following are some GREAT links that I found of other people who have had success stories with TPLO:

posted by Murphy TPLO 2006 at 09:47

Anonymous said...
I am sure "The Murph" will do fine and I hope that for his sake he will have a speedy recovery on both knee's. (Otherwise you two will pay!)
I'm glad that you created this blog and included us! Thank you! I will be checking in occasionally. Talk to ya soon.

6:36 AM

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Jun 25, 2007 11:38 pm

My dog was sick and i took her to the Banfileds hospital in Yorba Linda Ca and she had to be hospitalized. She had boody dieria and vomiting. she was given the IV Fluid and Ampicilline. I was told that she will be given three kinds of Antibiotic and Blood work, Dewarm, all kind of test that I could not believe how they came with this long list and they wanted to charge me for 790.00 $. My dog is only 6.6 ponds and she is a little pamaranian and very healthy dog. I knew she can get better with IV Fluid and Antibiotic. So, I declined all of the unrelated list that they were suggesting to make money out of my dog. plus when I purchased the Wellness plan the visit and hospital fee were supposed to be included but they denied that no the hospitalization fee is th pet nurse care, doctor care and hospitaliziation fee. They charged me for 80.00 $ only for that and 76.26 $ for IV because they had to add another extension for my small dog and they had to use special needles and on and on and on. Addition to all of the above they kept changing the price and charges on me based on my decline. I am so angry, upset, and outraged that the new doctor whose introduced himself as a lead doctor and his name was not found any where kept adding charges and new procedure. His name is "INGRAMAR CALIOLIO". I am complaining not only because he keep diagnosing my dog for things that no other doctor did and they are charging me beyond and above of what i was told. I am sending this complaint not only for letting other people know how Banfield hospital is and also I am asking to get all my money back if not I keep sending my complaint to some place that eventually i get respond back from some one. I will remove my two dogs from wellness plan from Banfield and I will let any one who I know the outrages charges so they wont even consider this place for their pets.

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Jun 26, 2021 11:38 pm

Dr. Caliolio saved my cat. Please don't defame this great doctor. Don't blame him for the company.

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Jun 12, 2007 11:38 pm

Banfield Hospitals should be the "last" place pet owners should consider taking their pets for pet care. I've read many complaints regarding this company and I and shocked that there has not been a law suit filed against them. You would think the corporate office or main headquarters would look into these complaints being that so many of their customers are taking time to tell their story, surely "all" of them (if any) are telling a faulthood regarding Banfield. It boils down to "not caring" as long as money is being brought into the company. What about the customer is always right... I guess this doesn't apply here.

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