Banfield Pet Hospitalfraud and intentional misrepresentation

J Sep 13, 2018

I took my dog in because he was limping, i authorized an x ray of his leg, when i checked out I signed the credit card keypad electronically, the girl told me she was new and I would have to come back for my paperwork because she didn't know what she was doing yet as she was new and everyone else was busy, so I left I came in a week later to get my paperwork Katie was there again and could not find it so I came back the next day, when I got my paperwork it had a wellness contract in it that I never agreed to, so I called them and told them that, I told them I never saw that contract nor did I sign it and they said oh yes you signed it electronically on the cc keypad, I was like "WHAT?!!!" no I did not, I thought I was signing authorization for my cc bill, I never saw the contract, they still are billing me and I have called many many times and they just blow me off saying yeah, and keep billing it! TOTAL SCAMMERS!!!

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