Resolved Banfieldovercharges and gave vaccines when told not to

Signed up for this plan for my st bernard puppy.

They gave her several vaccinations at age 4 months and wanted us to come back for more. I did an online study of the corona vaccination and could not find a single vet site that recommended this (They all recommend against this shot!). Told my vet I don't want this vaccination for the dog.

Went back a month later for her "spay" and was charged an extra $40 fee for the dog being larger than 50 lbs. They said they told me this when we signed up for the plan. They did not. They tried to get me to ok extra services (Anal expression, toe nail clip, etc). I told them no... Only the spay

Got back the details of the surgery... They gave her 3 more vaccinations without my approval... Including the corona virus! Extra services they charged for included a neurological exam ($25), fecal exams ($36), and eye exam (Tonomitry - $23).

I am very angry. I need a vet that I can trust... I am not against vaccinations... But I am against tests and vaccinations that are not pre-approved, and that are actually shown by other vets to be wrong. I don't want to pay for a one year plan with a vet that I can't trust.

I called their customer complaint line. Let's see what happens!


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    vettechinheart May 04, 2010

    Hmm you seem to me to be one of the many careless and uneducated owners out there that hospitals have to put up with. First off, Corona is a reccommended vaccine, while it mostly occurs in puppies, it acts just like the parvo disease. So preventing your pet from getting it is better than just hoping they dont. The menigoccal vaccine is not covered my by most health insurances at the human doctor, but your doctor still reccommends it, even if it is rare. Secondly, The hospital is just doing its job when they reccommend nail trims/anal gland expressions, its your decision to turn those services down (just like you did...) however, they are recommended to you for the health of the pet, I don't think you realize how many dogs end up tearing off their nails because they are too long. And I don't understand why you are being charged for neurological exams, fecals, and tonometery** not tomitry(<---really?) when you just said yourself that the puppy is on a wp, which covers those services, and it says in the fine print that it covers those services, there is no way that the computer will pull up a charge in the first place if you puppy is on a wp...and thirdly, it does say in the fine print that if your pet is over 40lbs, there will be additional charge, because lets be realistic here, the bigger the dog, the harder the spay...duh? If your not happy with you current vet care, then go find a vet (you can trust) we dont want people like you anyways if all your going to do is ### and moan about the preventative care your dog needs, go see if you can find a vet thats cheaper.

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    Mshugge Jan 28, 2011

    Absolutely not a careless pet owner. Shame on you. I am a very educated pet owner, and when I clearly tell the vet I don't want a particular shot, I don't expect to find it added to my dog any way. And when you purchase the service over the telephone, the agent doesnt' go over the fine print ... or forgets the detail. YOU must work for the company.

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  • Av
    Aveterinarian Mar 12, 2011

    To Mshugge: You are actually right in this instance, the Corona virus vaccine is not recommended. Banfield just gives it so they can charge for it. Here is my usual spiel about Banfield:

    Do you know that Banfield has over 700 hospitals and is owned by Mars? Yes, the same company that makes M&M's and Royal Canin pet food? The same company that earns 27 billions dollars every year?

    Do you know that the only pet food that Banfield sells is Royal Canine? This is a quote taken directly from their website: "Many years of experience have led us to select Royal Canin as our preferred dog food."

    After reading these few facts, do you think that Banfield cares more about giving great medical care or making money?

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