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My 1 1/2 year old cat was acting lethargic, not really eating and a cough. After a few days I realized she wasn't getting any better and she should be seen before things turn worse. I called and they were able to see her later that day. I have worked for animal hospitals before, so I was a little confused how they weighed her while she was still in the carrier. Then I waited 25 minutes in a little examination room. The vet tech came in and did a pre exam, took information from me about her, since she had never been their before. She put all this information in the computer, but seemed more concerned with the exact date of when she had her vaccines. To me 7 or 8 months ago was enough information to show she wasn't behind on innoculations. Another 10 -15 minutes goes by before the vet finally came in. I had to repeat all the same information to her that I told the vet tech, the vet examined her and couldn't find anything wrong. No temperature and the lungs sounded clear. She suggested we run some bloodwork to see what is going on with her, so she had the vet tech run an estimate and come back in to go over it with me. I just about died! Almost $300. just for a blood test, urine test and to check her for ear mites. Yeah, like ear mites would make he sick and lethargic. I literally asked her how much to put her down. I was informed they wouldn't put her down for a cough. I took my cat and left. I would not bring any animal there even if their life depended on it. I decided to bring her back to her regular vet even if they couldn't get her in for 2 days. So I picked up some homeopathic and herbal remedies and she started improving in 24 hours. I cancelled her appointment as she was back to normal in 48 hours. I would suggest that everyone stay a way as far as possible from these money hungry, ignorant tools, but that's just my opinion.


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    slertzbe Jan 22, 2010

    I don't understand why your mad at Banfield. I can certainly understand about the long wait time and improperly weighing your cat, but when the veterinarian can find anything wrong after she does a physical exam, what is she suppose to do? They need to do internal tests. Vets aren't psychic and at least she didn't say, "I don't find anything, so she should be fine. Just take her home and see what happens." Every place has different pricing for lab tests, just needed to call around a couple places. Also, it sounds like the Vet asked you all the same questions the tech maybe thats how they double check that they are getting all of the symptoms correct for your pet's medical record. Sounds like they were thorough to me. I think its sad that you were just about ready to put down your 1.5 year-old cat so quickly.

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