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I tried to order cap and gown on line and Balfour has a monopoly and is the only place I can get a cap and gown for my daughter's graduation. The website is completely useless. The graduation page "cannot be found". They also have no place on the website to write and complain.


  • De
    Debra McCay Apr 28, 2008

    My son Bruce Lee McCay ordered his cap and gown from you all.He had a $8.00 balance owed and when you all came back to the school in Feburary he paid it.When his cap and gown was delivered on April23 he was charged the $8.00 again.On 1 paper it showed it was paid and on another it showed he still owed the $8.00.Besides that I had sent a money order for $4.30. Do you all not make enough money off these kids.I need to know what you intend to do about this matter.I will be looking for a reply.

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  • Be
    becki clamp May 19, 2008

    I paid for my sons cap and gown in october, sadley he will not need it.Trying to get a refund from these people is useless.My son Brent Donaldsons order was paid in full by me on line, why will no one reply?

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  • Di
    Dianne Aug 22, 2008

    My daughter ordered a class ring from Balfour, paid our deposit, was to receive a printed receipt in the mail from company never did. I sent in remaining balance on ring, we are still waiting on ring and receipt. There are no company phone numbers on the web site or on anything the school gave out. How are you to get in touch with these people?

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  • Gt
    gtodd Feb 19, 2009

    I agree that their website is useless and their staff more so! You cannot contact them by email as far as I've been able to tell. If you call you get someone who doesn't care and barely knows how to fill an order. I have a student graduating from HS and one from college this spring so this monopoly is frustrating. They need competition in order to improve. It would be a great void for someone to fill.

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  • Li
    LizBee Mar 26, 2009

    Try to order your products. I was having an issue with as well.

    On the website, when you select your school, it should take you to view the products and it should list your sales rep's name towards the top-right of the screen. When you click the name, it should bring up a window providing your sales rep contact info as well as technical assistance contact info.

    I also had the same issue with a son that didn't graduate, but fortunately I still had my receipt from the order and luckily I had another son graduating the following year, so I was able to have them replace the old order with the new order with no extra out-of -pocket money.

    I can tell you, if you don't have a receipt of your purchase from them, you are SOL.


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  • Pe
    Peeved Parent Apr 21, 2009

    I just recently ordered my sisters cap and gown and am completely appalled at the poor craftsmanship and even worse material that it is made from! The zipper is not aligned with the other side, the back yoke is nothing but a huge puff and the center seam down the front of the cap is crooked! In my opinion this cap and gown aren't worth 5 cents let alone $25 dollars and I have tried in vain to reach our rep to no avail. Graduation is in May and I'm worried that she'll have to walk in this cheaply made piece of garbage! Balfour should be reported to the better business bureau and whatever other agancies there might be to prevent a consumer from being completely ripped off!
    -Natalie R

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  • Xd
    xdarkxangel2005 May 10, 2009

    ugh i hear all of yall. my graduation is in 2 weeks. and the cap and gown i got is horrible.. the stupid collar thing is not even the same size on the both ends. and they give u crappy tape to hold it on, which does not work. so u have to end up sewing it on. and they dont even give u freaking directions on how to sew it on.. i think after i paid $55 for my cap and gown, they should have atleast sewed the collars on for us. (by the way i think my mom sewed mine on wrong) and it takes them forever to send your stuff that u ordered. and they expect the money right then or ur screwed!!! i hate this company, and im glad i wont have to see them no more after i graduate!

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  • Ry
    Ryanchase May 20, 2009


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  • Da
    daniel wilcozx Mar 29, 2010

    balfour is a horable company I am a student at a high school waiting for a ring i ordered in december and the origonal due date for class rings for my school was in febuary 14 and it is now march 29 where they sdaid the rings would be delivered and given to the students to ordered their rings. this shows lack of consideration and a carless attitude. if the company had many to make for other orders but a dead line is an important thing to take into factor and for and student advisor or student consoul wanting to use balfour as tier ring provider i would say no not in a million year till daed line factors come into their minds in conclushion balfour is a horrable ring provider neverchoose this company ever ever ever!!!

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  • Ka
    Kathytx Apr 14, 2010

    I am not shocked at all the complaints. I have been forced to spend hundreds of dollars with this company, or my daughter doesn't get to walk the stage without their invitations. The website is useless and the people that you deal with are rude. I guess they don't need to have good customer relations since they are the only ones the schools ever use. I have another daughter graduating in a couple of years and she will not be getting her class ring or jacket( the one I did order for my oldest daughter started falling apart after a couple of months) from Balfour. I will search the ends of the earth if I have to, to purchase the items from someone else. I still have not received my daughters full order and was told that I would be notified when they had them in hand. I was made to sound if I was inconveniencing them by even calling and asking them about when to expect them. Very sad that they don't care about the consumer. I would highly recommend not dealing with Balfour if you do not have to.

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  • Me
    melinda garza Jun 23, 2010

    i ordered my sons invitations they are the worst and cheapest poor quality i have ever seen i will never use them for anything the other co signature a seems to be a whole lot better quality but its too late dont have time to reorder please people learn from my mistake dont get ripped off with Balfour they are the worst...

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  • Pc
    pcollins Nov 08, 2010

    Balfour is a company that should not be in the graduation supply business. graduation orders are to important to students. It is very disappointing not to recieve your order on time. I placed an order for my graudation invitations and did not recieved them on time because the representive put in the wrong information. I went over the information 3 times and had the young man to repeat the information. He still processed the information wrong. I have called several time concerning my order and it has not been resolve. I will have to graduate in December and just tell people by word of mouth. I think it is very sad that Balfour has so many unprofessional employees. There is no excuse for this type of poor service.

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  • Fr
    Fred Johnson Dec 13, 2010

    A friend purchased a graduation ring.The ring needed to be repaired. It was sent to the company.It was received as evidenced by the postal receipt.Balfour said the box was empty upon arrival.The response was they get "so many parcels arrive that anything could have happened." Having read the other complaints, it definitely disrespect being shown to the general public.Letters to the the agencies who authorize Balfour to "service the citizen " of this state to reconsider the license of Balfour.To end the complaint, the insurance company and the post office refused to positively respond to the after sale customer "service" of during business in Texas.

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  • 20
    2007USCgrad Mar 07, 2011

    OMG! We should all get together and sue Balfour! I had the worse experience when ordering my college ring from the University of South Carolina. I received a 10K ring but paid the price of 14K. I called an requested the refund of over $5o and they said it would take 2 weeks for credit to appear and I was NEVER refunded the money. These people are crooks!! Consumers should unit against companies that mistreat their customers!!

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  • Ci
    Cindy N of Arnold Apr 08, 2011

    Our school in Arnold Missouri recently used Balfour for there graduation announcements. The quality of paper and workmanship that Balfour presented is awful. They used plain 9 x 12 manilla colored paper with matching envelopes instead of using a special texture or linen type paper. The deluxe name tags are real flimsy, not like their advertised sample which is printed on a heavier card stock. Basically, its stuff you can buy in bulk from any Walmart or Sams, probably imported from China. Balfour, provides a disgrace, discredit and dishonor to the many students who deserve to be richly recognized and honored for their 12 years of hard work and major accomplishments. The High school in Imperial Missouri uses Jostens for their graduation needs. For the last 3 years, I have seen the quality and professionalism that goes into their work. They strive to honor each and every graduating student of Seckman High with their quality products. Try Jostens, they are more experienced and better in their field. I will be presenting my complaint to the School Board with hopes that next year Balfour is not used.

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  • Kg
    K.Giudici Apr 27, 2011

    Just got our daughters graduation invitations. They are CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, The writing is so small, you need a microscope to read them. They are printed on a cheap vanilla colored piece of paper folded in fours. I called and the rep. told me that that was their most expensive inviatation. I would hate to see the others. They wont refund my money. Im stuck with invitations that are too embarrassing to send to relatives. I also spent 325.66 for the deluxe package and there are no foil lined envelopes. The whole package looks like it came from Walmart. Balfour, you are a sorry excuse for a grad. company...Thanks for disappointing our kids!!!

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  • Ra
    Rachel Cortez May 13, 2011

    I just got my sons announcements in & OMG!!! This crap! I could have folding the paper off my printer & still made better ones. Wow I can't send these out!!! I wish I would have seen these reviews before i ordered.

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  • No
    nolas Jul 23, 2011

    After I received my daughters order I noticed that instead of announcements we received invitations even though the card stated that you must have ticket to be admitted, we were embarassed having to tell everybody we sent the cards to that they were not really invited to her graduation. After contacting her Balfour sales rep. I was told that it wasn't their fault that we were too STUPID to know the difference between the two. Why would we purchase 50 invitations when we only had 10 tickets per student?

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  • Ka
    Kay H Nov 12, 2011

    Just got my grad invitations in the mail and am very disappointed. I would have bought construction paper and let a kindergarten class design my invitations if I would have known they were going to look like this. Horrible quality and definitely not worth the money!!!

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  • Ja
    Jaci Escobar Apr 09, 2012

    I ordered my class ring from Balfour. It came 6 weeks later and the order was completely wrong! Wrong stone color SMS they forgot to engrave the scripture inside ( which I paid extra for) I paid $500 for this terrible piece of crap and I forgot to mention the scratch that's on ti right our of the box. I just happened to be in Walmart today and they have the exact same ring for $400 cheaper. Same metal and better quality. I ordered it and will call Balfour tomorrow to see if I can return the screwed up ring and get a refund. I wanted to wear the ring when I walked at graduation but now I can't. I won't have a ring in time.

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  • Di
    disgusted graduate Apr 25, 2012

    Ordered graduation announcements on March 28th for June 9th Graduation. Called on April 24th and was told there was a problem with the template. Called back and was told the school didn't give the date and they are awaiting the venue location because it changed!! It's been the same location for YEARS! Spoke to Victoria, Nicole, who told me they would call me back...I'm still waiting. Gabriella told me that I couldn't speak to the supervisor Yvette because it would tie up the phone line!! Not once did anyone call or email me regarding the order. Everyone knows you cannot send out announcements 1 week before graduation!! Go with FedEx Kinko's who has a 24-hour turnaround or Herrff-Jones.

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  • Hw
    hwcapexp Jul 17, 2012

    I really do wish that the market for official college rings wasn't limited to just one company. My experience with the customer service at Balfour has been nothing but poor. I sent my ring in to have it sized down a quarter size six weeks ago. I was originally told by one of the customer service reps that it would take four weeks size the ring down. Once Balfour had received my ring for repair, which was about a week after I sent it to them, I called to confirm the new ring size and they had recorded the correct size. I called last week to reconfirm the ring size and they had the incorrect size in their computer system and factory. If I wouldn't have called they would have re-sized it incorrectly. I was also told multiple estimates on when my ring would be done throughout the repair process. None of the representatives gave a straight answer.

    I paid $14.95 for return shipping plus another $25 for insurance at full value when I sent the ring to Balfour. I could have had the ring re-sized at a local jeweler for about $65 and it would have taken a week at the longest.

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  • Du
    Duquesne Mom Jan 14, 2013

    Ordered the famed "red ring" representing Duquesne University for my daughter. It is a 10K medium sized ring (there's a large one for men and a dainty) and it was $609.85. Sidenote: She worked so unbelievably hard to get into the university that we were both emotional when the ring arrived, due to its symbolism. I chose 3 equal monthly installments. I paid the first third when she ordered the ring and as I said, it arrived as promised. I believe she noticed "a little something" on it that we couldn't put our finger on, but she wiped the ring and all was well. She treated it like the Hope Diamond, only wearing it during the day and not in school as it was over holiday break. We owned the ring for less than 2 weeks when she noticed that a gold inlaid "D" on the top of the stone had lifted!!! I called Balfour and they said I have to send it insured and they will repair it. I am just sick. We ordered something we wanted her to have for a lifetime and it didn't last 2 weeks!!! After reading these reviews, I wonder if I should have it repaired locally and not deal with them ever again. They did say that I could get a refund, minus a $75 charge but now I just don't know if I trust them to refund my money. Here's a fun little ditty though - My credit card expired so they only got the first third of the cost of the ring! I got a letter in the mail asking me to call them or email them and when I called, they want me to leave a message and they will return my call in the order it was received, OR, email them at their website. The website, as others have stated, is a worthless joke. I WILL be complaining about them to anyone who will listen, and will follow up with my daughter's university as well. Perhaps we can stop this company from coming and selling this junky crap to our children!

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  • Aa
    Aaron Morgan Apr 27, 2013

    This company is a bunch of crooks. Stay away from Balfour. They are friendly until they receive your payment and then they disappear.

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  • Ca
    c_annie May 22, 2013

    I ordered my grad ring in early April. With commencement approximately two weeks away (June 7th), I decided to call Balfour to get a status update. I was told not to freak out, and that my ring was not in the shipment process and they didn't know when they would get it made. They guaranteed that it would be delivered before graduation when I purchased it. What good does a guarantee do if there is no penalty for not meeting the guaranteed obligation? Monopoly is helping Balfour to jack up the price and continue to have useless customer service.

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  • Ja
    jav490 Apr 21, 2014

    Worst Announcements ever. Do not order your announcements from this Balfour people. You are better off printing them at a one hour printer. Cheap paper, awful colors, I am very upset. I cant even send this out because I feel ashamed of the quality of this announcements. So much paid in tuition, and so many years waiting for the day that I was going to send out some amazing looking announcements, however, I made the mistake to trust the display that you guys show at school that by the way does not look like the crap I got today in the mail. If I would of have paid $ 30.00 for my order, I would of have been ok, the problem that I have is that I paid a lot of money for this ugly and poor looking announcements. Balfour, you have ruined a part of my graduation experience that I will never get back...

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  • Ke
    Keffiyeh May 27, 2014

    I bought a college ring from Balfour in January and was to receive it at a ring ceremony in early May. Everyone was to open it at the count of three and the look on my face when I opened the box was priceless. My school's encrusting was missing on the stone and a note was enclosed saying that I had to give it back to them after the ceremony. I did not have my ring during graduation and waited a full month for it to arrive in the mail. Got it yesterday and I can't read my engraved name due to heavy scratches on the inside and the stone is chipped. Customer service is unreliable and would only offer a $20 rebate for their poor craftsmanship. Hopefully, that $20 rebate will pay for the S&H when I send it back to them and that's if I get that $20 rebate in the first place. Balfour can...

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  • 10
    1022 Aug 01, 2014

    I totally agree with ALL of these people posting comments/complaints. Balfour is a horrible company. They virtually have NO customer service, or at least, no CARING customer service. Pay close attention to what they tell you on the phone. In 1 sentence they will tell you something and 2 sentences later they contradict themselves. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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  • Y0
    Y's mom Aug 06, 2014

    I totally agree with these comments. Balfour is a horrible company, and it unfortunately has a monopoly on class rings. My daughter tried to order her class ring at the end of her Sophomore year, around May 2014. I gave her the check for the down payment of $75.00. When she returned home, she said she could not finish her order because of some lame excuse by the rep. When I called the local rep, I was told that my daughter did not give them a check. I said she did...but I realized I was fighting an endless battle with a person that did not care about her or her order. This person then said to order the ring on line and put a stop payment on the check. I put a stop payment on the check and tried to order on line. Here is another boggle from this horrid company...her high school's emblem was not on-line. We looked everywhere...and since we could not finish the order we could not put a credit card payment in. So, I called the local rep AGAIN. I was then told that her school is not on-line...uhmmmm..."Why didn't you tell me that when I called yesterday and asked about the check...etc". This rep became EXTREMELY belligerent with me. (And here, I thought that they cared about customer service...not)
    So, I order the ring on-line and provided my credit card number. This all took place before school was out for the 2013-2014 school year.
    So, now my daughter and I think the ring order is settled...Oh, but we were grossly mistaken!!!
    Just this Saturday, August 2, 2014, I received a letter from Balfour's headquarters in Austin Tx, It stated that our credit card was declined, and if we do not provided a valid cc # and info, our order will be canceled in 10 days.
    Here is another example of their terrible service...I made this call in May...I get this letter, which is dated July 22, 2014. And, the next incredible thing...the post mark on the envelope is July 29, 2014. I received it August 2, 2014...THIS IS ALREADY PAST THE 10 DAY REQUIREMENT TO CONTACT THEM BACK BEFORE THEY CANCEL THE ORDER.
    During the lapse of time between May and August, Visa changed our expiration date and security code on the back. This is not our fault, it is VISA changing it because of all the scams recently...(another problem for another day)
    So, because Balfour did not run my credit card when I gave it to them, they then received a "declined" when they tried to run it. How is this my fault that they sit on this order for 2 months???????
    So, I tried to call the rep again...the same rep I spoke to previously to place the over-the-phone order. I have been called since this Monday, August 4, 2014 (I got the letter on Saturday). No, answer. I called several times Monday and Tuesday and left several messages. Late on Monday, I emailed the local rep. I called again on Tuesday. Getting pretty mad...I called the headquarters in Texas. I get a customer service rep and explained the issue. I was told to try to call the rep again... I said'.."No, what is your next suggestion." I also told her that my daughter's ring ceremony is in October. I asked how long does it take to make the rings...she said: "8 weeks". So, I ask if this order will be canceled because it is passed the 10 days, referred to in the letter. She said it has not been canceled yet. Great..."will you cancel this order even though I didn't know there was a problem? Now I know there is a problem that I have tried to fix for several days and I can't get anyone to help??? I then said..."take my new CC info now and settle the problem.: She told me that she is not allowed to take CC info over the phone. Great...another wonderful disaster!!
    I said, "Now, how are we going to get my daughter's ring to her in October, with an 8 week lead time, if I can't get the thing ordered?" I said that I will not try the local rep because he is not calling back. So, she said she will find out who his supervisor is and she will contact both by email before the end of the day.
    Ok, now we are at the end of the day Tuesday, August 5. And, not a phone calls or emails today from anyone today, Wednesday!!
    So, I called Texas again today at 4:15. I requested to speak to a supervisor...and got the same lady I spoke with yesterday. Great, I thought. No need to go thru the story again. She apologized (not sure how sincere) and tried to contact an Account Exec. But, of course, they are all gone..."They usually leave early...our day finishes at 5:00." They are in my time zone...she acted like I should know they leave early. Wow, how nice. After she said they left, I asked if I can have the AE's name and contact info. Then this CSR said, "let me check to see if she is gone." Like, she didn't really check the first time.
    So, now the saga will continue tomorrow. I told this CSR that I expect this AE to call...but if she doesn't, I will be calling back.
    Come on...really, if all companies worked like this, they would be out of business. But, because Balfour has a monopoly on Class rings, I'm stuck. Oh, and I looked on BBB webside... No surprise, they have not registered with the BBB. I guess I wouldn't either if I knew who poor the service was... No reason to get more complaints.
    More tomorrow I guess.

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  • Sh
    sheilasims Aug 20, 2014

    Getting your class ring us supposed to validate all the hard work a student has put forth to get to graduation. Balfour is sure to make this experience a nightmare for most. We paid 802.00 for her ring. Upgraded to white gold as she is allergic to some metals. We received the ring and it was horrible. The stone rattles, the music notes on the side are unrecognizable and the ring turned her finger green in 5 min and is a man's size ring. Have been trying to get a refund for 7 months and no one will talk to us. The manager at our local store (75 miles away) that we have been to a couple of time is never available. Never ever would I suggest this company to anyone! Rude and a bunch of crooks!

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  • Ry
    Ryn13 Nov 28, 2014

    I ordered my class ring through the school a few months ago, the remaining balance is due in a few days but I don't know how to pay it online, what do I do?

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  • Wh
    What's wrong with you? Nov 28, 2014

    Contact us by email: [email protected]
    Contact us by phone: 1-800-225-3687

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  • Jk
    jkzra Apr 14, 2015

    Terrible company!!! ordered announcements on january 14 2015, as of april 13, 2015, they still have not arrived!! was told in march "they could not be delivered to the school because it was the week of spring break" will be there the second week of april (they are only at the school once a month). today, my son went to pick up this order... not in yet... probably around may 2nd! contacted balfour, they will not be shipped until april 20th, 2015!! unacceptable!! almost 4 months (if we get them in may) to print announcements!! we are sending announcements to family overseas and they graduated may 30th!! do not use this company for anything other than the cap & gown! (unfortunately, you have no choice on that part).

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  • Jr
    JR Cat Apr 15, 2015

    I ordered for my graduation announcements and they sent me blank card boards. I paid $243.73 for blank papers? Nobody is answering in their 1800 number and even in email.

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  • Gr
    GradMom Apr 05, 2017

    Balfour is giving me the runaround about my son's graduation announcements. 6 weeks before graduation, and I just now received information about designing the announcements. The feature to crop and position an uploaded photo does not allow sideways movement, even though there are arrows for it. Assistance is only available when I'm at work and not allowed to do personal business on the computer. When I try to contact customer service, I get routed back and forth between the main website and the local reps. I'm in this useless loop between branches of a company that is not available for its customers. They are enjoying my money though. I just want my son's announcements. They had one job...

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  • Gr
    GradMom Apr 05, 2017

    @GradMom I cannot position my son's face so it is not covered by the text box, because the sideways movement arrows don't work. They should either be available to help customers after hours, or make the design sight user friendly or actually work right. I don't like paying someone for a product I have to spend hours trying to create myself. I may never get it to work right. Grrrrrrrrr...

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  • To
    Tommy Hayes Jan 11, 2019

    Our grandson worked hard to earn his letterman jacket. it was quite disappointing. they had him try on extra large and extra, extra large. he did this as a courtesy. he has never, never worn an xxl. he told them specifically to order xl. when he picked up his jacket... it was xxl. it looks
    Hideous. he will never wear it. it looks like there is a watermelon in the back. they lied and told him that it is supposed to look like that!!!, and that he signed the form acknowledging the size xxl. he told them xl... he was assuming they can take verbal instruction. I will take a picture when he is here, and it is comical the lie "it is supposed to look like that". they are blaming our grandson. they should listen to instructions from
    The customer... not what they assume is the best fit. longview, texas

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  • Ga
    Gabriel Morin Jun 25, 2019

    I paid in full and used a promo code to get my sons ring in 3 weeks. They tell me that his ring is special and would take up to 8 weeks. I paid alot of money in full to get told that i have to wait longer. That his ring was custom anddid not qualify for 3 week guaranty
    I am sueing for false advertising.

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