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Babies R Us / customer service

Nov 09, 2017

All I wanted to know is if one of the employees on the floor names Asia could see if soemthing was in the back for me and I get a rude comment saying no we all know there wouldn't be any in the back and keeps on going and using fowl language. It made me whole experience at this babies r u...

Babies R Us / Heidi Klum baby bed

Sep 14, 2015

I ordered a baby bed for my son & daughter-in-law through babies r us layaway. I was told I would need to pick it up the day I paid it off. So I waited until my son had the room ready & went to make final payment & pick it up. I was told at that time the crib was not in stock & hadn't even...

Babies R Us / Sent wrong item

May 29, 2015

I ordered a mobile that was on my nieces baby registry with Babies R Us. They sent a small box of wall decals. I chatted online with one of their reps. He said a mobile would be sent and my niece could keep the decal since it was their screw up. Well then I get an email with a shipping...

Babies R Us / Rude staf[censored]

Sep 02, 2014

Today I went into Babies R Us with my son and my mom and I could not believe how rude the staff was. I have to say I come to this store often and the staff are never welcoming. They always seem to be irritated and distasteful in all ways. I love the Babies R Us store products so that i...

Babies R Us / $500 dollar survey

Jan 30, 2013

After what started off to be horrible shopping experience at babies R Us, I was help by a knowledgeable associate. Damon provided me with great customer service and after cashing out, he told me to fill out a survey that would give me the chance to win $500. The website provided on the...

Babies R Us / Slow service.

Jan 16, 2013

Every time I come in this store there is NEVER anyone working a register. You have to check out at guest services and battle to pay for items with the customers who have returns. I have been in line today for 15 minutes already, when there were only two customers in front of me with two...

Babies R Us / Horrible service and rude!


I currently have a baby registry with Babies R US and am expecting my first child in 11 weeks. I am extremely upset by the customer service I received from the BRU store and UPS when delivering an item. A shower guest ordered a dresser off my registry and had arranged for it to be...

Babies R Us / Survey


the register receipt says for a chance to win $500 to visit for complete rules and a chance to win. However when I enter that website it directs me to only shop and no portal to enter in the survey.

Babies R Us / Fraudulent return policy for gift registry


I registered at Babies R Us for the arrival of my first child. During registration I asked quite a few questions and in particular the return / exchange policy for gift items. The manager reassured me that they would take any back that was on my registry whether I had the receipt or not...

Babies R Us / Over-charged sales tax


I bought some stuff in a local babies r us store in July, 2011. The receipt shows a tax rate at 7.75% but they actually collected 9.5% for tax. They never gave me a reasonable explanation on this issue. Every time I wrote them emails regarding this, a different customer service person will...

Babies R Us / Service


Service is horrible at this store. My daughter is almost 2 and I have had so many issues with this store that I started shopping elsewhere when she was about 1. I went there again today for something I wanted to get quickly and had all my coupons. Well ... it has only gotten worse. The...

Babies R Us / Customer Service-Cashier


Was in this store on 02/21/2011 to purchase some items from a baby gift registry, first the gift registry machine was out of paper, no employee bothered to fill it up with paper, instead they just watched as me and others tried to print the forms to go and make out purchases, then went to...

Babies R Us / SURVEY TO WIN $500


Went to store today. When handed receipt clerk told me about 5 question survey online that gave you a chance to win $500. When I went to address... said no longer valid. Store 6446. Why would they waste printing on receipts and customers time for a contest that does not exist.

Babies R Us / Customer Service


I made a purchase from Babies R Us on Saturday, March 27, 2010 with a credit card and later discovered I had a couple of gift certificates at home. Not a week had even gone by when I went back to the store on Friday, April 02, 2010 to have the payment transferred over to the gift card...

Babies R Us / Terrible customer service


I purchased a toy chest for my 11 month old niece for Christmas. When we began assembling the toy chest we found that the hardware that was included was for a different toy chest. It has been a month now and my niece still does not have her toy chest. While everyone including the...

Babies R Us / Rude and uninformed sales people


I was a little surprised today by the rude behavior of a sales woman at the Schaumburg, IL Babies' R Us location when asked to print out a baby registry. She responded by ignoring me completely, and instead, instructed her coworker to deal with me as though I was somehow out of line...

Babies R Us / Return Policy and Poor Management


Be careful if buying items from BRU, particularly if items are gifts. If the items purchased were not on the person's registy, or if the items were on the registry but you failed to inform clerk at time of checkout of the person's registry number, the items cannot be returned...

Babies R Us / Unbelievable return policies


The return policy at babies r us is unbelievable. If you register there you have to make sure to ask all your guests to provide gift reciepts incase you get doubles, but how tacky is that? I myself find it rude it's like saying "Just incase I don't like it" They will not return...

Babies R Us / Reurn policy


My husband and I registered at Babies R Us. We recieved a stroller system for a gift however it was a different color than what we had registered for. We tried to EXCHANGE this (unopened) for the same exact stroller system but in a different color. We were told that they had to give us a...

Babies R Us / Poor service and defective products


Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to the Babies R Us complaint department: I am writing in regards to the unsatisfactory experiences I have had with Babies R Us and the gift registry, and the unsuccessful attempts I have made to resolve the issues with the store directly. My brother...

Babies R Us / Return of a defective item


I registered at BRU and of course when I registered I was encouraged to put things on there that I will be needing as my baby grows. I received a high chair from my registry and stored it away in my daughter's closet until we were ready to use it when she was about 4 months old. We we...

Babies R Us / poor customer service


My girlfriend is registered at babies r us. I thought I would pull up the registry online first to see what items she had registered for. I saw a diaper bag/backpack for $35.99 which was exactly what I wanted to pay for a gift for her. I saw that shipping was $6 so I thought I would just...

Babies R Us / horrible customer service and unfair return policy and poor quality of products


After spending $148.00 on the Beach Cottage Bedding, it had mildew stain on several pieces of the bumper pad. Babies R Us refused to stand behind their product because it was passed the 30 day return policy. We did not take the coverlet, sheet, and bumper pads out to wash them until the...

Babies R Us / return policy


I registered at Babies R Us. I got MULTIPLE items because for whatever reason the registry did not work. They were VERY unhelpful & rude telling me that due to retail fraud their policy had been changed. (As I was standing there VERY visibly pregnant). Even though the products had never...

Babies R Us / Returns


We tried to return a high chair that we received as a gift before our baby was born. Still unopened, in the original box, we tried to return the high chair because we realized that we wanted a different and what turns out to be a more expensive one. We went to return it and they would not...

Babies R Us / Baby ProduCts


I was given a Papasan Butterfly swing that was quite expensive as a baby production to use in my household, the swing never worked on slow speed, only fast.. Imagine a new born baby swining at mock ten speed... not the best, might i add. So i brought the swing back, was given a new one...

Babies R Us / assembly instructions


The short version is poor preparation of product (the Babi Italia crib came without instructions) and then extremely poor customer service trying to rectify the situation. In more detail: It's was bad enough that our crib to replace a recalled crib didn't have instructions in it, but...

Babies R Us / Sales associate can't be bothered


I have never had a pleasant experience shopping at Babies R Us. Lines are long and employees are indifferent. My recent experience was no different. I was looking at bibs while a young female employee was working on stocking the area. I kept looking at the vast selection up and down the...

Babies R Us / Return Policy Contradiction


Babies R Us stores contradict their official return policy posted here: Our unpleasant experience: We received a car seat from our registry that did not fit our car. We did not receive a gift receipt for it, which caused no immediate...

Babies R Us / Undeserved Sarcasm and Attitude


My wife purchased Diaper Gennie from Babies R Us before delivery. After delivery (when we started using it) we found out that it requires cartridge of bag (proprietary) for operation. Even though we realized that we were going after 90 days (over the period for which return policy work...

Babies R Us / Baby registry return policy


Do not set up a registry with babies r us. Yes, they will not accurately reflect which items have been purchased for you but even worse, they will not accept returns past 30 days-- hard to believe when you're talking about a baby registry. Also, if an item is bought online and you...

Babies R Us / Lost Christmas pictures


We spent well over an hour at the photo studio, most of which was picking out which photo package, which shots, which boarders, which sizes, which backgrounds, etc. etc. AND ALL THIS INFORMATION WAS LOST! They said their printer malfunctioned, and somehow the information was not saved...

Babies R Us / Terrible service and inconvenience!


On 28 February 28, 2007, I called the Babies R US store at 395 Gateway Drive, Brooklyn, NY [protected]) to inquire whether they had a Safari Babies Playard (Item # 640438) in stock. The customer service representative who answered the phone informed that, based on the information...