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Return of a defective item

I registered at BRU and of course when I registered I was encouraged to put things on there that I will be...

poor customer service

My girlfriend is registered at babies r us. I thought I would pull up the registry online first to see what items she had registered for. I saw a diaper bag/backpack for $35.99 which was exactly what I wanted to pay for a gift for her. I saw that shipping was $6 so I thought I would just go to the store which is near me and buy it and save myself the shipping cost.

The only comment next to the item online said "Hurry this item is on sale only until 2/21/09". So I go to the store and just to make sure no one has bought one since I printed the registry at home I decided to print another one in store. I saw on the printout that the backpack was $44.99. So I asked the store manager what the price was and she told me that online prices are different than in store but they would match the price but have to charge me the shipping fee that I would have incurred if I had ordered it in the comforts of my own home! Even though they have it in stock and I could buy it there they had to charge me the shipping costs! I was in disbelief. Another customer was also arguing with a sales clerk during my visit there about the same lame policy. So I bought something else and went home. When I got home I decided to call the 1- 800 number to ask where in the registry does it say "This is an online price only" so the supervisor tells me yes it is there. She said first you have to click on sitemap and then click on help and click on pricing promotion disclaimer and then it says "However from time to time, pricing, promotions, and styles may differ between the online stores and our actual store locations." I can not believe this is how they treat their customers. I will never buy from Babies r Us ever again.

  • Je
    Jessica Bonaparte Sep 17, 2007

    On 9/13/07 I visited the Babies R US store in Holyoke MA with my 6 months old grandson to return an item received as a gift. As I stood in line with my grandson patiently waiting my turn, another customer came into the line beside me. When it became my turn to do my transaction, the sales clerk ignored me, and acknowledged the other customer beside me letting her know that she will help her. I politely pointed out to the sales clerk that I was next in line. This seem to upset the sales clerk and she continued to ignore me and did not apologized or say hello. In fact, she apologized to the said customer. The sales clerk only concern was questioning me about the return merchandise as if it had been stolen, and opening the sealed box (which was never opened) with the original packaging and tape. Suddenly, the sales clerk stopped what she was doing, and began assisting the other cashier who was by now helping the same customer from earlier. Again, I politely interrupted her, and asked why I was not being helped. I requested to speak to a manager.

    The manager to my dismay was very unfriendly. When I added that I felt I had experienced some discrimination by his staff, he totally became offensive. This manager argued with me hovering over my grandson, who was asleep, raising his voice in anger saying... “Well, if you want to hide behind being discriminated against because you are a minority that is your problem!”...“Look around can’t you see how diverse our store is?” To say hiding behind being minority, gay, handicapped, fat, or elderly when discriminated against is stereotyping. To experience any form of unfriendly customer service be it indifference or discriminatory is saying to a guest- "You are not welcome in the store." There should always be a friendly and courteous staff to meet and greet all guests, and make them feel welcome. Especially, a baby store.

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  • Mo
    Mommy Mar 14, 2008

    Get over yourself.

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  • So
    sophie May 05, 2010

    I went to the store to make an exchange and the cashier by the name of Danneisha asked me several questions including my name, which I spelled with a double r.she could not understand, so she tell me I should not say double.She told me I have an accent with an arrogance, I was shocked by her rudeness, which other customers in line notice.I immediately asked to speak to a manager, she answerd she was the manager.I then told she should not be talking to me that way if she is the manager.She then continue with her rudeness unapologic about her behavior.I was very upset about this incident.I would like to get a contact of the corporate headquater to further my complaint.I am expecting a reply from this complaint.

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  • Ri
    Rishvya Aug 22, 2010

    Babiesrus location: 545 ROUTE 17 SOUTH PARAMUS NJ US 07652, P: (201)251-3191

    I went to buy a baby shower gift for a girlfriend of mine. While the registry personnel was helpful, there was only one register open to pay for the item. On a Saturday afternoon?! When I asked a woman cleaning up one of the cashier lines whether her register was open, she simply said "hold on!" in an attitude and to my surprise walked away!

    She then walked up to another co-worker, pointed towards me as if there was a problem and then disappeared.

    I just had one item so I just stood in the only *long* line to pay for the item. A few minutes later she opened a new cashier's line and looked as if she was bothered by the *long* line. When I got to her and observing her *I don't want to be here* attitude, I just left the item at her register and walked out. I ended up purchasing the item at amazon.com.

    Babiesrus, if your employees *don't want to be there*, cut them loose. It'll be better for you because I'm planning on registering at a baby store for gifts. Guess what? I'll probably be registering at buy buy baby or some other store where I feel the attitudes of people working at the store are friendlier.

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  • To
    ToriDC Jan 16, 2011

    Mommy- you make me sick. stick to what your MOMMY told you, if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all.

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  • I had purchased something from the website and went to the store to pick it up. The associate refused to give me my product without the confirmation email printed out. She would not let me read off the confirmation number. She said she had to see it on paper from the email I was sent. After telling me that what I was telling her was incorrect and being argumentative, she called her manager over and said told her manager in front of me that I was being combative. The manager would not give me my product but was more than happy to return it.

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horrible customer service and unfair return policy and poor quality of products

After spending $148.00 on the Beach Cottage Bedding, it had mildew stain on several pieces of the bumper pad...

return policy

I registered at Babies R Us. I got MULTIPLE items because for whatever reason the registry did not work. They...


We tried to return a high chair that we received as a gift before our baby was born. Still unopened, in the original box, we tried to return the high chair because we realized that we wanted a different and what turns out to be a more expensive one. We went to return it and they would not take it back even though it was on our registry but past 90 days. This same exact chair they had in their store and acknowledged that it had been purchased at Babies. We found this to be unacceptable. So we went to Buy Buy Baby and returned/exchanged the seat with no problem and they got our business since we ended up getting a different more expensive high chair. Kudos to Buy Buy Baby and I will NEVER shop at Babies R Us again. I have had issues with them before and they do not deserve my business and I will tell my friends about the same experience because I know that they will not want to be in the same predicament.

  • Co
    Courtney Jan 29, 2009

    I also have had problems returning items at the store. I have spent a small fortune on baby items -some of which were very cheaply made and broke shortly after my son was born. Our stroller wheel cracked off during the first use (Graco stroller). We purchased a baby monitor for $200 and it broke before my son was 1 month old. Babies R Us does not take anything back (electronics) after 45 days other purchases must be returned with a receipt within 90 days. I have tried to return items that were in perfect condition and still in the box and they will not accept them. All electronics must be in the original packaging. I think that their return policies are awful, and you should be informed of this before purchasing items there. Other stores that have strict return policies inform you at the checkout -some you have to sign acknowledging that they have informed you of their policies. I think that is the least that Babies R Us should do for their customers. It is very unfortunate that a store with such a great variety of baby items treats their customers so poorly. If anyone knows how to contact them on-line with complaints I would like to know- I don't see customer service on the website -only for on-line puchases. I am another customer who will be taking my business elsewhere and informing all of my friends and family about this so that they don't make the same mistake!
    Courtney L.
    Atlanta, GA

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  • Ha
    hariet henner Feb 13, 2009

    This store wellcomes new parents to be with lists and quantities of items needed for their newborn. They sign up for a registry as well as buy many items on their own. This week my daughter in law went to return items that were bought in too large quanties - 12 newborn onesies, she opened 1 package and the baby out grew them before the other package was used. The new laws tell parents not to use bumperguards for health reasons, she had purchased them as they were on her list from things needed from babies r us, she is now setting up her regular crib as the baby is 3 1/2 months old. She went to return these items and useless gifts she has received, she was going to replace them with other items from the store, they refused to allow this.

    They are taking advantage of inexperienced parents and are not following the quidelines set up by the medical field to prevent SIVS in newbornes. I as well as all of the other grandparents and people I know are going to get out the word not to shop there. They are running a scam taking advaantage of inexperienced young people.

    I am going to try to get in direct contact with them.

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  • Ja
    jaclyn Mar 19, 2009

    good luck! their new return policy is horrible. My daughters first birthday was saturday she got two of the same gifts and i tried to return one. they are the only store that sell the bouncin zebra and they refuse to take it back with out a gift reciept wich i dont have. The 1800 number is useless and the workers in the store are the rudest people i have ever met. i spend so much money their i am disgusted with them. i refuse to go their and i will never recomend even a worst enemy to go their. i would rather spend my money at walmart. I have been trying to find a E-mail i can send a complaint to but its impossible!

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  • Ke
    KellyD123 Jul 20, 2009

    Good Luck with trying to get ahold of them...I was on the phone with customer service on 2 seperate matters today and both times was told that they have up to 7 days to return a phone call...excellent customer service, wouldn't you agree???? I don't understand how a company is allowed to get away with this...perhaps we should all contact the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ol
    Olga F Aug 11, 2009

    I had a similar experience at Babies R Us in Anderson SC. I bought dipers for a baby shower gift, and 5 minutes after I payed for the gift, I realized that I have purchased the wrong size. I went back and the salesperson told me that I can just go back and get the right size without doing a return. I ended up not giving the gift, so a week later I came back to the store with a reciept and wanted to return the items. The salesperson and the manager refused to give me my money back because the box of dipers I had on my reciept was different than that which I wanted to return, even though it was the same brand, unopened, the only difference being the size. So I lost money because their employee was top lazy to do a return! I am never going back to that store again and will not recommend it to anyone ever!
    Olga F.
    Salem, SC

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  • Ik
    ikoala Nov 11, 2011

    I went to the BABIESRUS store at Rowland Heitghts today to returen 8 items from my 5 different online orders.

    When I arrive the store at 10:20 am, there is no one at the customers service, I waited for about 10 mins, still no one, and there are four staffs chatting at the checkout and no customers were there. I asked one of them to help me with the returns.

    A shop assistant named SONIA came to help me with returen, she scaned all recipets I broght, then told me she can not find anything in the system, therefore I can not return them.

    I showed her all the item I have and asked her to check again with the barcode, she found 3 items in the system and return them.

    The rest of them she sais there were no way to return.

    In the whole process, she had a extremely cold face and very impatience attitude, this is the most horriable shopping experience I ever had. She is so cold and insolent, I am 8 months pregnent and stood there for an hour, she never lift her eyes to look me in the face. Then she just walked away.

    I called 888-222-9787 to ask help and asked another shop assitant to help me.

    I can't drive and I don't know how to drop them off at UPS to send them back, therefore I followed the instruction of "Hassle-Free Returns" as online purchases can be returned to stores. It turned out that online orders can NOT be returned to stores, I am so frustrated and confused.

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Baby ProduCts

I was given a Papasan Butterfly swing that was quite expensive as a baby production to use in my household, the swing never worked on slow speed, only fast.. Imagine a new born baby swining at mock ten speed... not the best, might i add. So i brought the swing back, was given a new one after a long complaint made in person, and a bit of a headache as it was a gift and i had no reciept... Brought it home and didnt set it up for a month as i didnt feel like i needed it yet.. When i set it up with my mother in-law, it seems to work for around a month, then slow speed stopped working and the butterfly lights stopped working as well... they make a LOUD clicking noise like something is stuck, click, CLICK CLICK.. is all you can hear, i have sence tryed to have a manageer call me back, no calls were giving after hours to try to get through to their phone line, since its always ringning busy... today i finally was told that because its not showing up on my registry and i have no reciept that i am pretty much out of luck, i am not please as my child is 5 months, id propable only use it for a few more months and the thing cost over 200. dollars... I just assume to shop for used stuff online now as the quality verus expsence if propable comaprable and more pleasing, uGGHh

  • Al
    Alison Nov 26, 2008

    The company was nice enough to return it once for you. Sounds pretty good too me seeing as you didn't have a receipt. Now your child is 5months so you have probably had this product well past the 90days, so now your complaining that they won't do you any more favors? Call the manufacter, or you shoul dhave purchased their BPP which I have done for every product it covers.

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assembly instructions

The short version is poor preparation of product (the Babi Italia crib came without instructions) and then...

Sales associate can't be bothered

I have never had a pleasant experience shopping at Babies R Us. Lines are long and employees are indifferent. My recent experience was no different. I was looking at bibs while a young female employee was working on stocking the area. I kept looking at the vast selection up and down the wall and not once did she ask if I needed help, in fact she seemed annoyed I was shopping in her way. I finally picked the bibs I wanted and moved on to browsing another aisle. At this time the employee was pulled away helping someone else, as she came back, she rounded a corner and didn't look where she was going or who she could bump into and almost crashed into me. And her words mumbled under her breath pissed me off! She said "damn" as in damn I have to deal with you again in my way. My reaction was, what the heck just happened? I was livid but chose not to confront this obviously unhappy-to-work-retail employee.

My question is, how is Babies R Us training these people? What happened to basic customer service? Employees should treat customers like how they would want to be treated when shopping. We all know working retail is no picnic, but c'mon! Just simply treat as you would want to be treated.

  • Ca
    Cara Jul 14, 2008

    I often ask myself the same question about many stores... Anyone who works in retail seems to HATE customers. They seem to forget that without us, they wouldn't even have a job. They should count their blessings that they are even employed, because these days it's hard to get a job anywhere. I know plenty of people who would love to have their jobs but aren't "qualified". Apparently you need a highschool diploma and college degree to get paid to be a jerk. I purchased a changing table at Baby's R Us a few months back. I was told as I paid for it that someone would bring it from the stock room out to my car any minute. I sat in front with my car running waiting for 15 mins, went back inside and noone even knew what the heck I was talking about. So after getting the guy who helped me to clear the situation up, I stood and waited while they paged the stockroom guy to come up... He comes up there beyond pissed and cussing at the girl because he's trying to "take his break in 5 mins" Not that he was on break, but he didn't want to do anything workwise because he wanted to be able to go ON his break in 5 mins... God forbid he should have to do his job and maybe start his break 30 seconds later than he needs to.

    And to be quite honest, Baby's R Us is ridiculously overpriced for things compared to other retailers... I wouldn't give them anymore of my business anyhow.

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  • Ro
    Roxy Oct 27, 2008

    it's ### people like you that make working at babies r us the worst working environment EVER. Imagine having to deal with people that only complain and treat you like they are better than you all day long. Please come switch places with me and then we will see if you still complain. Suck it up or shop somewhere no one wants to hear you ###.

    -1 Votes
  • Se
    Seattle Rob Apr 09, 2010

    Roxy, you are the perfect example of people who should be on welfare due to organic psychological damage. Please get on the system and enjoy the rest of your life on my tab. And have a nice day.

    0 Votes
  • To
    ToriDC Jan 16, 2011

    Roxy, your comment is ignorant and plain rude. why should we shop at a place where we are treated like [censor]? and by us telling people about our experiences so they can avoid being treated like [censor] is not [censor]ing its helping.
    I don't think that you should even be allowed to have a computer to comment on anything with that stupid of a comment you just posted.
    Hope me being rude to you is okay, seeing you think its okay that we go to stores where we are spending our HARD EARNED MONEY and get treated the way we do.

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Return Policy Contradiction

Babies R Us stores contradict their official return policy posted here: http://www5.toysrus.com/guest/storPoliGuarantees.cfm

Our unpleasant experience:
We received a car seat from our registry that did not fit our car. We did not receive a gift receipt for it, which caused no immediate concern as it was on our registry. Before visiting Babies R Us to exchange it for one that fits, I researched the above return policy to ensure a smooth transaction. The above policy clearly indicates the acceptability of, and even procedures for, returning items without a receipt. Also, note that this particular car seat is an "R Us Exclusive", meaning that only Babies R Us sells it. Moreoever, the car seat was manufactured only two months prior to this posting, demonstrating that it was purchased less than 90 days since.

Upon attempting to exchange the car seat, I was denied (and not politely). I was told that no returns or exchanges were permitted without a receipt - period - even after displaying the printed return policy to the contrary. I then called corporate customer service, who informed me that "we don't accept nothing without no receipt" (verbatim). I was then directed to a supervisor, who finally admitted that store managers can make "exceptions" to their (contradictory) no-receipt policy. Accordingly I asked for the store manager, who aggresively denied my return request.

At that point I invoked my own "squeaky wheel" policy, which motivated the manager to finally accept my return.

To sum up:
1) Do not trust any posted return policy from Babies R Us (and, by extension, try not to trust anyone at Babies R Us).
2) Do not register at Babies R Us.
3) If you continue to shop at Babies R Us, consider purchasing an addtional car seat to protect your purchase receipts.

  • Al
    Alison Nov 26, 2008

    I seem too see in that link that you posted, I see where it says "WE HAVE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DENY ANY RETURN WITHOUT A RECEIPT"

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  • Mo
    mommy1 Feb 19, 2009

    I had a similar experience. I can't believe that BabiesRUs has such poor customer service!!! I also registered at BabiesRUs and had a huge shower where people spent probably over $2, 500 at that store. I received a couple of outfits that did not fit my son because he wouldn't be that size during that particular season, so I took them to the store and asked for an exchange (not even a refund). Since I did not have a gift receipt or receipt and the outfits weren't on my registry, they told me they could only exchange it for the exact same item. I went and found the outfits in a larger size for the exchange, but when I brought them back to the service desk, they told me the UPC codes were different for the different sizes of the EXACT SAME OUTFIT so they couldn't exchange them. I basically had to call a manager and throw a fit in the store to get them to exchange it. It was ridiculous! The outfits even had BabiesRUs tags still on them. I told the manager that I definitely would NOT register at BabiesRUs again and just got a lecture defending their return policy...Whatever! That is my pet peeve... Poor customer service! I will shop at Target from now on even though BabiesRUs is exactly 2 blocks from my house!

    0 Votes
  • Bo
    Bob Frillman Jun 05, 2009

    Had the exact problem in Dublin CA. -
    Purchased a digital camera (should have known better)
    Opened the package to let granddaughter try it out - it was without question the poorest quality item I have ever seen.
    Will not even focus on a subject.
    Once the package is open you can only exchange for the exact same thing. (assuming you have the original receipt)
    How do you figure out how poorly something is made until you open it ?
    I do not ordinarily use credit cards however I wish I had in this case because I would have thrown it on the counter, walked away and contested the charge when the statement came.
    Maybe a few thousand other grandparents will read this and save themselves the hassle by NEVER entering a Toys R Us store.

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  • Ma
    mama1234 Jan 19, 2011

    I agree, how are you suppose to know if the quality of the item purchased is what you expected? It is very poor customer servie to never allow money back if an item is opened! I purchased a baby monitor, opened it and found out the static and interferance was so bad in my very small house i couldnt even hear my daughter in the next room over! But obviously since it was an opened box they only allow you to exchange for the exact same item! Why in the world would you want to do that??? Very disappointed in Babies R US!

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Undeserved Sarcasm and Attitude

My wife purchased Diaper Gennie from Babies R Us before delivery. After delivery (when we started using it) we found out that it requires cartridge of bag (proprietary) for operation. Even though we realized that we were going after 90 days (over the period for which return policy works), the treatement - sarcasm and attitude shown by the manager of the store was undeserved. The store is located on North Point Parkway in Alpharetta GA 30005.

Baby registry return policy

Do not set up a registry with babies r us. Yes, they will not accurately reflect which items have been...

Lost Christmas pictures

We spent well over an hour at the photo studio, most of which was picking out which photo package, which shots, which boarders, which sizes, which backgrounds, etc. etc. AND ALL THIS INFORMATION WAS LOST! They said their printer malfunctioned, and somehow the information was not saved. They didn't call us, just waited until we arrived to pick up the pictures. We paid $119, and got and invitiation to spend another hour answering all the above questions.

None of the above inconvience includes the challenge of dressing up a 2 year old, keeping them from getting dirty all the way to the store, then waiting for 30 minutes before the first camera snap.

Very unprofessional!

  • Re
    Renee Feb 05, 2008

    Babies R Us doesn't operate a photo studio. Another, unrelated company operates a photo studio in their store. While unfortunate, this problem happens at many professional studios. People are only human after all, and technology is far from perfect.

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  • Ro
    Roxy Oct 27, 2008

    Kiddie Kandids is a completely seperate business than Babies R Us. Maybe next time you should get your facts straight before letting everyone on the web know how ignorant you are.

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    joshua101 Mar 01, 2009

    Wow you were only in the studio for an hour during the christmas rush and you are complaining why?!!?!

    0 Votes

Terrible service and inconvenience!

On 28 February 28, 2007, I called the Babies R US store at 395 Gateway Drive, Brooklyn, NY 11239...