Avast Softwareavast password and cleanup protection

I have been a customer of Avast for 3 years and twice in those years I have had to call customer service with THE SAME COMPLAINT. Avast has emailed me notification that my licenses will be expiring and i need to renew. However, the licenses aren't about to expire but I don't know how to verify and so take the email suggestion as HONEST, so i rennew. BUT AVAST is scamming me by charging me more than once for the same jproduct. I have talked with cs and told them that I keep getting emails that are disingenuous and the cs person is so hard to talk with and explain to due to the fact that English is not their first language. { or they fain not understanding so they don't have to receive my complaint}
I will be contacting Better Business Bureau if this happens again. If
BBB can't help then I will go on Social Media and start a campaign against Avast

Sep 28, 2019

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