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The experience that I had at autozone the other day was terrible. I went in to purchase a headlight & brakelight for my car. They gave me the bulbs. I had visited other autozones where they would put the bulbs in for you. I asked if they offered that, and they said yes, they will put the bulb in. The lady went outside to help me put it in, then she said "actually, another store associate has this type of car, he can help you better, wait right here" so I waited 15 minutes and nobody came out so I went in. They had forgotten about me and they sad "you got the wrong bulb, you need this bulb which costs 3$ more" I said okay. I returned bulb that was 10$ and paid 3$ extra for the new bulb. The guy who was going to install the bulb disappeared, and the manager asked me to hold on and that he would get it taken care of. He asked another customer "do you think you can install her bulb?" and the customer said sure. He asked where my car was at, I showed him then he said "okay i'll be right back" and never came back, and the manager came out and said "okay i'll fix it for you". He started working on it, unscrewing the light cover and started installing it. Then in the middle of his procedure, he went over and helped two other customers that came in after me, leaving my car half done and by this time i'm very angry. He finally finished, then he said that they had gotten the wrong bulb.. Again. He asked if I wanted to get another and I said "no I will just return this 13$ one. He said okay. I went to return it to the sales associate and she said she needed the manager's authorization, so I had to wait on the manager (Who knew I was coming inside to return it). He finally started to return it, but due to my previous transaction, he couldn't return my 13$. He said he could only return 3$ and the rest has to go on an autozone gift card and he couldn't override. I didn't want this card I wanted my money back.
They were very slow and didn't know what they were doing. They acted as if customers were a burden. They weren't nice at all and very unprofessional. I'm never going back again! I would have left sooner but they would act like it was about to be taken care of right away but left me waiting!!


  • Valerie Jun 06, 2008

    I want to tell you I have never been treated so badly in my life. I went to auto zone like I always do and bought a radiator for a little under 200.00 dollars. I put the part in and it had a leak. I went to the next auto zone to replace it. When I got there the manager of the store was the customer service rep I spoke to. Immediately told us this was not her fault 3 times. We explained the circumstances as she was on a personal phone call the whole time. She then states to whom ever on the end of the line she does not need to deal with people like us. From that point on it got worse and words were exchanged. I asked to speak to the manager and she then told me she was the manager. I then left. I want to make this complaint for only the reason that not only will I never go back to auto zone that I always depended on for all my auto parts but I will tell every one I know about the service I received. You see I am in customer service, I deal with customer (many upset customer) on the daily basis. I have never seen such bad service. I am sorry that you and I will not do any more service because of one individual who left a bad impression. My name is Melissa Fritz and my phone number is 480-649-2642 under my husband’s name of Jeff Fritz. The store is at extension and broadway in Mesa AZ and the person I spoke to is name is Trish, I believe it is Patricia stone but not sure if that is correct. Again I am sorry about all of this but I can’t allow myself to be mistreated by any one the way she did. I do plan on calling the dist manager tomorrow and thank you for your time.

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  • Do
    Donh Prince Jul 02, 2008

    Autozone in general. Since they changed the rewards program they have been shafting people. I realize points now drop off after 6 months fair enough. I spend thousands of dollars per year with Autozone. My nieghbor just went in to complain about the very thing I am upset about only he was smart enough to keep his reciepts back 6months. I never had to do this before to keep them from sticking it to me. He has paperwork showing awards credits in the last 6months. The latest update took some of them away from him even with addtional purchases. I had the same thing happen! I had rewards drop off just in the past 2 months that were only 60 days old! I tried to call customer service and held for 30 minutes!!! Must be busy?! So ok I will register my awardes card as they advertise on their website and get one addtional point for doing so then i can just email my complaint to customer service. Nope 3 times of trying "sorry we dont recognize your account number" Another way to avoid holding their offers to good standing. I spent 8 years working in a corporate customer service role for a national company and Autozone better wake up and smell the coffee and what time it is. They will go by the way of Autoworks here in the near future if they continue to treat any customers not just us that spend thousands a year there badly. I think I am over that company and will share that to everyone I know. I noticed the parts pricing climbed pretty high right before the heavy restrictions on the awards. I can now buy brake rotors
    at Advance auto parts 2 of them for the same price as Autozone wants for 1. Now they start ripping customers off and full well knowing most people are not going to hold reciepts on every purchase to argue their crooked schemes.
    I hope this just allows more people to come forward. If you have had the same issues and can login to the site Please speak for us that cant get on to let them know.


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  • An
    Andy Jul 03, 2008

    So I jumped in my girlfriends car, and it didnt turn over, nothing just clicks. I got a jump and got the altanator tested @ an auto zone, it was a bad battery. I purchased a basic battery and installed it, started right up! no problem! couple days later... click click click, got another jump headed to auto zone to find out they sold me a new bad battery, and not the one listed on the reciept by the way. I had to call 3 different auto zones to find the right one with a working machine closest to me, went there replaced the battery got a new one and the next day it was leaking fluid from the top out of the covers, so to auto zone i went, they hooked it up to there computer, said everything was fine the altenator was running fine, and wasnt over chargeing the battery(that boils the fluids and over spills them) so another battery replaced. then it did it again, went back again, had checked again, and everything was fine again.. heres where the humor of these derilicked kids come into play... He told me since i live in arizona it is perfectly normal to have the battery boil over and leak from the top, cuasing an aweful smell... Normal? so they wiped it off filled it with acid and gave it back!!! I finaly went to a midas, where my ladies brother works, had him put it on his computer to find out my altenator puts off 18 volts and every battery it comes in contact with get a dose of 6 more volts and boils it over... Normal?
    so the end result is auto zone are a bunch of dumb ### we even went to all different locations, eneded up going to five different places to return again before we fix the real problem!!! If there machines worked normaly i wouldnt be going on the 4th or 5th battery Thanx auto zone you suck!!! Normal?

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  • Bo
    bob sossamon Jul 16, 2008

    I called autozone at 11 am needing a part. I was told that if I came in right now, it would be there at 5 pm. Well that's ok but I am broke down and will not have a ride until it is too late. I offered my credit card number to get the part ordered so I could it tonight. They said no to that too. Being 32 miles away, walking was not an option. I called another store and they told me it would be ready to pick up at 3 pm. I have spent thousands of dollars at autozone over the years but I will not buy there again.

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  • Bo
    bob sossamon Jan 09, 2009

    The strange emails from the Autozone employee have been pretty weird, but very funny!

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  • Da
    David Yen Jul 03, 2009

    I was in the El Monte, Los Angeles, CA
    Autozone part store. The assistence manager Juan M. is an idiot. He kept talking to other customer in Spanish when I was talking to him. Showing bad manners.

    Moreover, if you bought any part for them and came back in 5 minutes and they won't let you return for any reason. After looking at all the comments here I just realized that Autozone is just a bad bad place.


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  • Ma
    Marte_c Jun 12, 2010

    I went to Autozone in Buda today and when I got the product I wanted I went to the register and stood off to the side to be next in line and so that I was not standing in the way of other customers. Well, this woman comes in and she is standing at a rack which happens to be near the register and so she was standing there looking at products and so I stood and waited at least 10 minutes. Well of course there are 3 ppl who work in the store, but only one register opened and they one behind the register is running back and forth helping the guy already there. Not once did he look up and see the guy in the wheelchair behind me or the other 3 customers who came in so that he could call for assistance since he was running back and forth looking for product. Well after standing there for 10 minutes or more he finally finishes but the chick who was standing at the rack just walks up as if she was next. The guy behind me made a comment about her cutting and i turned back and said I thought i was next and she said no I was and I'm thinking how could she be next and she was standing at the rack. The Guy behind the register begins to take her defense, but mind you he not at one time looked up so how could he have known. Because if he was paying attention to detail he would have called for help. But, this guy insisted on telling me she was next and she insisted on talking so after 2 minutes I put my product back on their counter and proceeded out the door not without asking for the store number and his full name. This is not the first time that they don't have adequate registers opened when crowded and their clerks are not well trained in Customer Service...

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  • Ja
    jackson2007 Jul 28, 2010

    I entered an Autozone store in Los Angeles down the street form USC campus in need of front brakes for my Nissan 350Z. I had phoned earlier to see if they had them in stock and found out that for my car there were several different types of pads depending on the style of calipers on my vehicle. The employee on the phone seemed very helpful and asked that I verify the number of pistons on my caliper and call back with the information. Upon calling back I requested to speak with Andre, but the person answering the phone refused to let me speak with him repeating that he was the store manager and could help me with whatever issue I had. Finally I gave in and went through the tedious process of explaining the the details, but he didnt seem to understand what he was doing. Frustrated, he advised me to bring my car or the old brakes in order to find the correct pads. I decided to go to Pep Boys instead. Autozone constantly promotes managers who know little or nothing about cars and parts they put stock in sales skills but it I wanted to be lied to I would go to a used car lot.

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  • Aj
    ajmike Jul 28, 2010

    I've never been to autozone, but if what I'm reading on here is true, I would avoid these guys if you can, and go to a Pep Boys or Advance Auto Parts, I have been doing business with both of them for many years. The employees are always friendly, and I have never had a problem with anything I bought

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  • Az
    az~oh Dec 30, 2010

    That is NOT policy!!! If you have the receit you get cash back if you paid cash. If you used cc it goes back to cc.

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  • Ga
    gatortracks Dec 04, 2011

    Do you have any friends that know how to operate a screwdriver?

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  • Co
    Coda79 Jan 13, 2012

    You got mad that they couldn't put a bulb in? It's not their job to do that, they just sell parts. A mechanic installs parts, so getting mad that they couldn't do a job that everyone in the world CHARGES for, and were willing to try to do FOR FREE seems pretty stupid.

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  • Ga
    GARY ROBICHAUX Mar 15, 2014


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