AutoZonerude manager

K Aug 16, 2018

just had a horrible experience at this store tonight. The manager on duty was extremely rude. I called ahead to ask about the check engine light on my car and asked if i could come down to get them to plug into my car's computer to get me a diagnostic code, the guy on the phone was pleasant and said yes we're here till 10pm. I go there and wait on line for 10min and end up with the manager. I tell him why I'm there and he gets annoyed that I was told I could come down. He then tells me I have to wait until he helps his customers(referring to the people after me) am I not a customer? I'm shocked at this but say ok sure. I then wait as people come and go and once the store is empty I go back up to his counter and he walks away! the other employee there asks if he can help me. he rings up my purchase and I tell him why I'm waiting. he then asks the manager about plugging into my car. the manager replies with an irritated sigh and told his eyes. he grabs the hand held unit and rudely says let's go. I walk outside with him and he gets in my car and proceeds to check his text messages on his cell phone before plugging into my car. once plugged in it only takes under a minute for the reading. he yells out a diagnostic code as he walks away and heads back into the store. I cannot believe this person is a manager. I will never step foot in there again. Autozone has lost my business and I've been going there for years. So disgusted with this behavior.

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